Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is a bad word...

Yesterday I got called in to sub for 7th grade English, with one 10 grade pre-AP class.
I have to say that some of the 7th grade classes I had didn't act much better than the younger classes I normally sub for. I also let them know it. Only one class truly taxed me , and they ALL got in trouble. Oh well, their normal teacher would be back, and they will get reprimanded for it.

One funny thing did happen yesterday though. Have you ever heard that country song by Tim McGraw called 'Back When'? he is talking about the difference in things from when we were kids compared to now; one such verse goes something like this

"Back when a Hoe was a Hoe, and coke was a coke, and crack's what you were doing, when you were cracking jokes; back when a screw was a screw, the wind was all that blew, and when you said I"m down with that well it meant you had the flu"....

get the picture?
well, I was reminded specifiallyof that song when one of the 7th grade girls came up to me with the packet I had handed out to them and told me there was a bad word in the vocabulary list - she pointed to HOE. I didn't laugh at her, but had to explain that the 'HOE" she was thinking of was spelled HO, and that eht HOE in the vocabulary words menat a tool used to get weeds out of a garden.

Anyway, I sub for 6th grade tomorrow, and I know some of the kids in this class before as I've had them in various other classes I subbed for before and I like most of them and they seem to like me so all will be well.

If you haven't entered our contest, you still have time to enter so CLICK HERE. My co-host and BFF NIKKI has some of the music on her blog from some of the movies that are answers if you need a bit of a memory jolt, so CLICK HERE to hear some of that music. You can see the prize up for grabs too when you look at the original contest post - it is from my friend Connie Dubois of Bayoumoon Candles.

Hope you give the contest a try, and have a great day,

Ya'll come back now , ya hear?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Love the Ho vs Hoe!!

Hallie :)

Lolosblog said...

All I can say is "OH, our poor children growing up today!"

This is really funny! Hope you have a good day today.

Anonymous said...

That is hysterical, how did you not giggle. The kids these days have so many new words they have to know! Ha!

Anonymous said...

Thats funny but kinda sad too!
A 7th Grade Vocabulary word is "Hoe".. Sad to think that in 7th grade some children do not know the meaning of "Hoe". Bet she does now.

Michelle said...

Wow. I really admire you. Remembering what my classes were like for subs and hearing your stories, you couldn't pay me enough to sub! :)

Nikki said...

Oh, those poor city kids who don't get to get out there and get their hands dirty playing in a garden! I'm in the Garden Club here in town and as a kid, would always garden with my cotton farmer grandparents, so for a child not to have that opportunity ... as MaBunny said, what happened to "Back When"?

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