Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hohum Wednesday

Not much happening here today.
The sixth graders were great yesterday, but LOUD! So far I haven't had any problems subbing and it has been fun. The only thing I don't like is waiting till the end of the month for my paycheck. Oh well, it will be of alot of use when I do get it.

I'm off today , but sub tomorrow for either K-2, won't know till I get there. Today I'm going to a meeting of the Shakespeare Club with my friend Jackie. I've always enjoyed the programs when I've gone with her so far, so looking forward to getting out of the house today.

Chris is doing a teensy bit better. He worked all day yesterday and was in alot of pain when he came home, but he took a nice long hot shower and I gave him a good dinner and he was able to sleep some a bit better lastnight.

Nicole got her progress reports the last two days, its hard to believe shes on her 4th week of school already, while some kids are barely into their second. I'm proud to announce that she got straight A's so far, the lowest being a 91, which is absoutely fantastic.

The Dallas /Fort Worth area is currently psyching themselves up for another influx of hurricane evacuees from the Corpus/Galveston area. My MIL lives about an hour outside San antonio and she said if she could she'd be up here by tomorrow since San Antonio area and whatnot will probably be flooded with people fleeing to safety. I'd enjoy having her here since I haven't seen her since Easter or so.

Well about to go get cleaned up, then gotten straighten the living room before Jackie picks me up.



Karen Deborah said...

you are brave being a sub, and way to go Nicole!

Nikki said...

Glad that Chris is doing better and it's so great that Nichole is doing so well in school, hope my 2 are going to get progress reports that are as good as hers!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for work, glad the kidos have been good!

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