Friday, September 12, 2008

God Was Crying

Yesterday when I wanted to blog I had to work. I remembered well what day it was. I just didn't know how to put it in words.
Lastnight, as a family , we watched a documentary entitled "102 Minutes that Changed America Forever".
Real life videos taken of the planes crashing into the towers.
I remember I was getting dressed, when Chris yelled to me from living room. I listened to the broadcasts on the news on the way to daycare to drop Nicole off, and I watched TV with everyone at work because we didn't want to work - we couldn't.
Nicole has heard us talk about it, but doesn't remember that day very well - she was 2. She wanted to watch it with us. We sat as silent tears sometimes escaped down our cheeks, for the looks of utter horror on the faces of those people standing there watching it happen.
We watched as home videos caught people jumping from 90th floor windows.
It was very humbling - and God was crying. I believe that. He was opening the pearly gates trying to receive all those people that died way before their time, he was crying for the ones about to come to him unknowingly. I believe that. I have to believe that.
We recorded that show for a friend who doesn't have cable and as much as I rewatch movies, that is one that I know I will never want to watch again.
If you would want to watch that documentary I'm sure the History Channel will air it again.


On a bit brighter note, but not by much, I subbed again yesterday. This time a 2nd grade class. This time was the worst of all the classes I've had so far. Their teacher was actually there , but she had to do individual testing, so she needed a sub. I never quite figured out if because I was their first sub of the year or whatever, but I never want that class again.
When we went thru Sub orientation, we were told the procedure if we had trouble with one or two kids, how we were supposed to handle it. First go to the lead teacher for that grade. Have that child or children sit in that teachers class for a bit. If they still gave us trouble, then we were to call one of the counselors down. If still trouble the vice -principal was to come down.
Wanna guess how bad my class was? After I removed 3 students to the lead teachers room, I got the VP next - totally skipped the counselor. Guess the lead teacher called him, not sure.
I was following the teachers lesson plan exactly, trying to give them their work , and get their folders ready for the end of the day, trying to get them to their specials class, do rest room breaks, lunch and recess ( which they almost lost completely). I was losing my voice , but I did not yell which was hard for me to not just tell them to sit down and shut the hell up.
As of lastnight, after I had gotten home and decompressed a bit, my voice was squeaky and you could still hear me. Today? can't hear me at all, which I'm sure Chris and Nicole are enjoying ( haha).


On a much brighter note, Nikki and I will probably launch our contest next week. The lady that was putting up the prize was affected by the last hurricane and just recently got power back.

Hurricane IKE is headed straight for Galveston. They are saying by lunch time tomorrow, the rain will hit here in DFW, along with the winds. My friend Christi, just outside Houston, said they are predicting when it gets there , there will still be 70-100 mph winds still.
It will be cooling the temps down tremendously, into the low to mid 80s at the most. YAY for that.

Check out my BFF Nikki's blog - her son Nathan just played his first football game lastnight and they won! WOOHOO! Stop by there and give him a thumbs up , he was so excited, after being so nervous about playing.

Have a great day!


Lolosblog said...

Yesterday was such a somber day. I still pray for all that happened on that day, and our men and women fighting overseas.

Sorry you had such a terrible class yesterday. Sometimes kids are just stinkers no matter what we do!

Anonymous said...

OMG Marcy, that's so ridiculous isn't it? I feel sorry for all the good kids in that class whose year is going to be ruined by the disruptive children. Terrible.

joanne said...

I too believe that God was crying that day with all of us.

Sounds like a hella day yesterday. Hope you don't get that class again! Hope Ike doesn't cause too much trouble around doesn't look good for the coastal cities. I'll be praying....take care.

Nikki said...

I'm so glad I had something else to occupy my mind on Thursday night (Nathan's game) or I would have probably been watching that special too. I remember I was watching Good Morning America when they cut in on themselves and were showing their live skycam view of the one of the Towers with smoke pouring out of it when the 2nd plane hit. OMG, I still remember that shock of realizing that it all wasn't just some terrible accident.

Ok, enough of that, can't wait for our contest! And I'm so happy your friend got power back. Get with you more tonight or tomorrow on the contest. Oh, and thinks for the plug about Nathan and the football game!

And, good luck with the remnants of Ike, know how you are about storms. Later!

Anonymous said...

Marcy, I totally lost in on this one...Granted there are so good children...& well behaved children. My BF has one of them..but most of the kids I know, run wild, are disruptive, and their parents just let them run wild in my house..HENCE I have no children, so NO i don't want children standing in my chairs and on my couch. WHen you said you wanted to Yell, and tell them to shut the Hell up..Sounds so much like me..Guess it's the reason I chose not to have any!

Kay Bratt said...

I subbed a class of 4th graders in China and they totally freaked me out! They were quiet, polite, attentive.. looked like little soldiers-- all 40 of the packed into a room that should only hold 20.

What a difference from here to there... what is missing?

Serious Discipline by Parents...


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