Monday, October 29, 2007

Good Evening All

Well, we just got thru watching Dancing with the stars again, and our favs are still in the running, so we will see..
Our Church bazaar went great saturday. There was great food and alot of visiting from friends, it was a long day but all worth it.
We have finally planned a small bday party for Nicole, and it will be this coming Sunday, the day before her birthday. We are cleaning the house like made until saturday evening, preparing for 6 tweens to overrun my den for movies and pizza :)) But Chris and my mom will be here to help , as well as another mother of one of Nicoles friends.

Lastnight my friend Christi and I took the girls to a fall carnival they have every year at the Baptist Church. It was fun, till someone thought Nicole was a boy TWICE, granted her paige boy is growing out a bit, but nothing so drastic as to make her look like a boy. Once the lady apologized profusely and told me Nicole as so sweet,, I was like heh no dice lady, u already messed up , but we just finished the carnival game and walked away.
Oh well, I am about to go finish the book I am currently reading ( James Patterson's The Quickie), it is very good with alot of twists and turns. After that I have Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil which I've heard about but never read, so I am looking forward to that.

More later, I do have a small rant to put up tomorrow so keep an eye out:))


Thursday, October 25, 2007


Good Morning. A quick note to say I'm still around , but bzzzy:)) Anyway, today I'm helping to get our Church ready for the bazaar this saturday, and I have to go to the library to return and recheck out some books and then go pick the kiddo up at school. This week she is having her TAKS benchmark tests, and yesterday when I wen to pick her up I was there until 4:45pm, cause thats when she finished it. Today is her math test and I'm hoping it won't take her as long.
Then we get to go pick out a pumpkin this weekend and decorate it , so that should be fun. Nicole is going to be a medieval princess and I haven't quite decided what I'm going to be, but I'm thinking along the line so of a gypsy. At our church this Halloween we are having a Trunk or Treat. All the ladies of the church ( and some men) get in costume , and load our trunks with bowls and boxes of candy, then the neighborhood kids come and trunk or treat:)) it's fun and a safe way to trick or treat. Not alot of people in my neighborhood actually go door to door anymore, which is a sign of the times I guess. I loved trick or treating when I was younger.
Then we are having a Blessing of the Pets on November 3. Our Minister is involved with animal rescue groups ( mainly dogs - Pomeranians), so we are inviting all neighborhood pets to come and be blessed in our small ceremony. We are also having treats for the pets, and humans alike, so we just ahve to be sure to keep them seperate.

Well I gotta get going more later

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Dance, Dance, Dance

Well, our family is still watching Dancing With The Stars and its getting down to the nitty gritty. We are all very happy that our favorites are still in the running. But it is about time to get the ones out of there that are making an effort , but not really making the grade, such as Mark Cuban. Now mind you, I am not against him in any way , except that there are much better dancers on there, and he needs to go. But I do have to applaud him his effort due to him having had a hip replacement only 6 weeks before the show started for the season.

Anyway, everything else is going well, we have our Halloween decoarations up at the house and are planning on buying a pumpking this weekend, but instead of carving it we found these lights at Walmart, they look like he lights you put in a lite-brite toy, but you hammer them into the pumpkin and then put a little light in the pumpking and it lights up in color. It really is kind of neat looking. I'll try to get a picture and put it up after we do it.

more later:))

Dance, Dance, Dance

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Its Been a Busy Busy Week

Howdy to all:)) Gosh I would love to blog a few days a week, but this week was not conducive to that. I worked my normal hours then did tons or running around on my two days off. I'm helping the other ladies of our church get ready for our Fall bazaar that is this coming Saturday , the 27th.
I took a ton of crafting supplies from the church storeroom last Saturday and have been making Christmas wreathes to sell at our bazaar, plus selling raffle tickets to whoever I can, lol.
Also tomorrow is Minister Appreciation at our church, so I've had to write a small something to say about my minister and boss , the Rev. Melissa Bitting. Nicole and I also baked brownies today for the reception tomorrow after service. Next week shouldn't be as crazy, but then again, if it has to do with the upcoming fall season and holidays i"m all for it.
What I'm not up for is the coming weather. Mind you I don't like it when its 100 degrees in the shade, and I like cooler temps, but when its 90 one day and then drops 30 degrees for the high the next day, and is 60 degrees, thats a bit drastic, add to that rain, and northerly winds and its yucky, hehe.
Reminds me of when Nicole was born, which btw , her birthday is November 5. Inside the hospital room I was happy, tired and wxcited all at once, while outside the wind howled, rain poured and everyone walked in to visit the new bundle of joy dressed in heavy jackets and such, but I would have none of that , I was hot ( blame the hormones), I didn't understand just how cold it was out until the day we had to take her home from the hospital and it hadn't changed much . I was scared that she would get sick just going form the car into our house but she didn't (Thank GOD).
Since I honored my parent anniversary with their picture and such I will do the same on Nicoles birthday.

More later, gotta run her to her first keyboard lesson:))

Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween Fun

Good Morning:)) I found some fun quizzes by going to Lena's blog this morning so I'm putting up the link to it so that you might find out all sors of fun stuff about yourself.
I love this time of year. I think of warm pajamas, and hot chocolate with mini marshmallows, also hazelnut/cinnamon coffee. Reading a good book ( ALWAYS!!), and trick or treating with Nicole. Then comes Christmas, which I feel is a very special time of year.
Anyway, enough rambling for the time being, here is the post:


Saturday, October 13, 2007

This is my mom and dad, Tony and Diane Endlicher. They were married October 3, 1964. They celebrated 40 yrs together before my father passed away shortly after there anniversary. This past october 3, would have been 43 years. Aren't they cute? my father probably looks a little upset on his wedding day, it didn't get off to a real good start. He had a throat infection, and the best man dropped the transmission out of their car on the way to the church that day. Pluse my mothers maid of honor ( her twin sister Donna) wasn't feeling well and couldnt' be her maid of Honor, so my mom had to find a last minute replacement to fit into Donna's dress! Talk about things not going right, lol. All in all it went well though.
My mother is now retired from her payroll job and lives in Arlington, Tx. She is very active, and this past August went to Colorado with her sister Donna and her husband for a month. She works out almost daily and is the sweetest person you'd ever want to meet. She is alwasy ready and willing to help out her friends and family if she is able.
My father worked as a Jail Guard in downtown Fort Worth , Tx until his medical retirement in 2002. He loved to hunt, and fish.
I am very thankful to have grown up with both of my parents in this day and age of divorce. I'm glad they got together , for if they hadn't I woldn't be here, and neither would my cutie of a daughter Nicole.. so Thanks Mom and Dad for everything.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Sorry to not have kept up this past week, it has been very hectic.
We are currently trying to work out driving schedules between my work, Chris' new job and nicoles school so I'm learning how to juggle:)) ( we only have one vehicle atm). Sorry to not have gotten my mom and dads wedding picture up yet. With Chris' new schedule he hasn't had time to scan it, but he promised me he would gt it done today. This is my day off and so far I've gone over to a friends house to help her pack to move, and painted 5 boxes for our church. Our pastor is also chaplain at Baylor Hospital and we make bereavement boxes for the Labor and Delivery Wing in the unfortunate instances that a baby does not make it. They are medium heart shaped boxes painted in pastel baby colors and trimmed in lace and have little baby like trinkets glued to them..
The grieving parents seem to take some comfort in these that someone cares enough to have put the time and thought into personally making them.
I'm also selling raffle tickets for our upcoing CWF bazaar on october 27. We have 3 quilts up for raffle and one hand made clock. There will also be a stew luncheon with pie and a drink, (usually the pies are homemade and yummy), and we also have a trunk or treat for the kids on Halloween night.

Alos, amidst all that I am trying to figure out what to do for Nicole. Her birthday is November 5, and she hasnt' really giving me any idea of what she wants done. So I may just take her and a few friends to a movie and pizza. That , along with having family over should be ok..
Well lunch is ready and when Chris gets my parnest picture up I will work on that post ..
Till Then.

Friday, October 5, 2007

End of a (busy) week

Well, it sure has been a hectic week. I am so looking forward to tomorrow where I don't have to go anywhere and I can accomplish some things around the house. Chris is liking his new job at the car dealership, but because he had to work today we were unable to go to the State Fair. We will try to go next Sunday though. Its only in town another 2 weeks. We try to go every year ,but try to wait till it is a bit cooler out, since it is still in the 90s here!!

Nicole got her first report card of this school year and made straight 'A's so we are very proud of her. As a mini celebration we took her out to eat for breakfast this morning.

This past Wednesday, October 3, would have been my parents 43rd wedding anniversary. My mom is still alive ( see pictures below), however my father passed away shortly after their 40th anniversary back in 2004. I'm going to try to get Chris to scan the picture of them I have on their wedding day as a little tribute in a later post. I'm happy they had those 40 years together and I hope Chris and I have that many or more together. My parents were born, raised and wed in Chicago, Il. We didn't move to Texas until 1979, after both my aunts and uncles had already moved down here. It was kind of funny, my dad was living in the land of the Dallas Cowboys but still cheered for the Chicago Bears. When they faced each other in a superbowl, boy did we have a party, lol. But I will post more on my parents at a later time along with their picture.

Hopefully this weekend will prove to be a bit more relaxing then the week, and Monday will start a (hopefully) much slower week.

More later:))

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

A Couple of Busy Days

Well I didn't get to write Sunday afternoon, but everything has been going good. Our bean luncheon at Church went very well, although my pot of beans turned out looking more like split pea soup.. not sure how or why , but it was still edible:)) All the proceeds went to the North Texas Food Bank.
We also found out today that Chris got a new job , selling cars at Doug Stanley Ford, so if you need a new used car call me and I'll tell which one he's at!!
Everyone else is doing great, and tonight we are going to watch the elimination round for the second week fo Dancing with the Stars, so far our favorites are still in the game.

Talk to you later
Have a great day
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