Thursday, October 25, 2007


Good Morning. A quick note to say I'm still around , but bzzzy:)) Anyway, today I'm helping to get our Church ready for the bazaar this saturday, and I have to go to the library to return and recheck out some books and then go pick the kiddo up at school. This week she is having her TAKS benchmark tests, and yesterday when I wen to pick her up I was there until 4:45pm, cause thats when she finished it. Today is her math test and I'm hoping it won't take her as long.
Then we get to go pick out a pumpkin this weekend and decorate it , so that should be fun. Nicole is going to be a medieval princess and I haven't quite decided what I'm going to be, but I'm thinking along the line so of a gypsy. At our church this Halloween we are having a Trunk or Treat. All the ladies of the church ( and some men) get in costume , and load our trunks with bowls and boxes of candy, then the neighborhood kids come and trunk or treat:)) it's fun and a safe way to trick or treat. Not alot of people in my neighborhood actually go door to door anymore, which is a sign of the times I guess. I loved trick or treating when I was younger.
Then we are having a Blessing of the Pets on November 3. Our Minister is involved with animal rescue groups ( mainly dogs - Pomeranians), so we are inviting all neighborhood pets to come and be blessed in our small ceremony. We are also having treats for the pets, and humans alike, so we just ahve to be sure to keep them seperate.

Well I gotta get going more later

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