Monday, June 30, 2008

Bubble Gum Yums

Afternoon to all! I'm at my mom's house and having alot of fun. We are visiting, talking and doing lunch and breakfast with some of her friends. Today we went out to lunch with my aunt and cousin. Afterwards we went to where my aunt works. She is currently working for my other cousin. I think I have mentioned this in the past, but my cousin John got together with a fabulous street artist that goes by the name of Tex, and created a brand new shoe company called Yums. When I toured the warehouse and offices today , I actually got a pair of the Bubble Gum Pink ones. They are totally awesome! Click here to go to their website. All the shoes are named after foods, such as sugar, watermelon, blueberry, strawberry-kiwi, cupcake and smores. They are totally awesome shoes. I couldn't imagine how comfy they would be , but I wore mine home and can tell you I love them. I got the size I wear without my leg braces on, and they don't make my legs hurt. They have good solid support in the ankle and foot.

While touring the warehouse I also discovered they have come out with flip-flops, t-shirts and baseball caps with the yums logo on them, all in the same kinds of colors as the shoes!!

Ok, now for the hardest thing to write about. Uncle Charley took Nicole to camp yesterday. She called me when they were waiting for the gates to open. I asked her what she saw and she told me high mountains and what she thought were cabins, lol.

Last week, with her gone I realized wasn't so bad because I wound up talking to her two or three times a day. This week I won't be able to talk to her at all. She has her cell phone with her but they are not allowed to keep them on them. the counselors take them and lock them up.
They can be used in emergencies and such, but not if the child is homesick or anything minor like that.

I know we are going out with my moms friend Shirley for breakfast Wednesday morning, but not sure what we are going to do tomorrow.

Will try to post some pictures I took with my phone when I get home later in the week. My mom has a dial up connection and I don't have the uploady thingy ( don't you just love my technical verbiage???) to get the pics off my phone.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ehhh, What's Up Doc?

So, good morning to all out there in blogland:)) Hope everyone is doing well.
A few things to say...
First, I would like to apologize to Michelle at Semblance of Sanity. She was doing a 48 hr open order window for YOU to put in a custom order for her one of a kind Namesakes and she asked everyone that could to post it on their blogs. I had alot of other things floating around in my head and totally forgot to post it!! If you haven't checked out her blog, please do so and look at the beautiful creations that flow from her fingertips. Half the price of every namesake is donated to her pediatric cancer fundraising efforts .

Mainly what I had floating in my head was Nicole in CO. We have heard from her and she is having a wonderful time. The house is very quiet though without her but I have gotten used to it. She has been with her great aunt and uncle all this week and then they are taking her to camp tomorrow and will pick her up on the 4Th of July. The last day the camp is having a big barbecue and all the different cabins full of happy campers will be putting on a skit for the families. I soooo wish I could be there, but we have threatened Uncle Charley with physical harm if he doesn't video tape it!! We can just keep our fingers crossed that he remembers that, lol.
They took her shopping yesterday at some huge outdoor mall and when she called us last night she was so excited to tell us what she had bought. Chris said what she bought sounded great but that she could get that stuff here in Texas and she should buy something that she couldn't get here in Texas. Wanna know what she bought? A bag of marbles and a bag of rocks , and the bags had Colorado printed on them, hehe. Now in all fairness she loves looking at and searching for Geodes so I'm sure all the rocks are really shiny and stuff but still.
They were also going to take her panning for gold, and she is really looking forward to that.

I also had my yearly check-up with my neurologist Thursday and a repeat nerve conduction test yesterday. That had also been weighing on my mind. The doctor confirmed that my nerves and muscles in my legs have gotten a bit weaker, and that's why my thighs, hips, and back hurt when I walk very long distances or when I try to do some sort of strenuous activity, because my feet and ankles are getting weaker so my midbody has to compensate for that loss. She recommended doing water aerobics or a stationary bike. I am currently checking into those two activities.

My MIL is out and about traveling and will be here tomorrow for a day. My mom is also coming here tomorrow. However when she leaves I will be leaving with her for a few days to spend them visiting with her and having a bit of my own get away time. She says we will be going out to lunch and swimming and stuff so I'm looking forward to that. That way Chris can spend most of the day with his mom alone and enjoying her company.

While I'm at my moms I will be searching through some of her old photo albums to come up with some pictures of my soul sister Kristen and I so that she may be the subject of an upcoming post. She told me she got tickled to see her name mentioned on my blog the day I posted the game of Scattergories so I thought I'd tickle her some more and have her be a whole post!
Haven't heard a comment back regarding that one, lol.

Well, I am cleaning up around the house is anticipation of our company. I don't have much more to do , just a few loads of laundry and the bathrooms and vacuuming the den. If I get away from the puter here I just might be able to get all that done within the next hour or so and then have the rest of the day to crochet , read, play EQII, and just enjoy the day with Chris.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend! If you want to, go check out Hallie's blog. Her beloved son Airman Schmoopy came home for his birthday this weekend, and she is ecstatic!


Okies, after I finished posting the above blog, about an hour later and I'm STILL not done with housework. I have been visiting my other blog friends and catching up on whats been happening with them. About every couple of days or so I go to visit Maria. She is a SAHM to three boys, shes lives in San Antonio, Tx, and her husband just came back from his first tour in Iraq.
I just got thru reading her latest post and it brought a small tear to my eye. You see she has three adorable, amazing , wonderful little boys. However Matthew, her middle kiddo is known as Miracle Matthew. When he was born , she was given a poem that helps people who don't have a child with a disability understand those who do. It is beautiful and I encourage you to
click here and read it. It is absoultely beautiful , heartfelt and well I just don't know what else.

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ok,now that I have that out of my system, did ANYONE watch the new show that aired lastnight called Baby Borrowers? OMG, it was freakin' hilarious!
They advertised it as "IT'S NOT REAL T.V. - IT'S BIRTH CONTROL" !!!
Basically I'm all for the waiting till your married till you have a baby thing, but am not hypocritical of those who had babies before getting married - hey , I mean I know life happens, and not always the way you planned, so please don't leave a comment about any of that!!
The basis of this show was 6 young, teenage couples who think they are ready to be parents ( but NOT pregnant yet), and might plan on getting married in the near future.
Each couple was put in a house, and given a mini-van. The first day they had to settle in and get familiar with the house. The next morning, the girls were given a sympathy pregnancy belly to wear to make them look 8-9 mos pregnant. Then they had to go to a class to learn how to hold a baby, rock /burp/feed a baby, bathe a baby, etc...
Then when they came home frm the class, one seperate room was filled with cribs, strollers, highchairs and essentials that they had to assemble themselves!
Then the babies came. Six couples who VOLUNTARILY handed over their babies to a young couple. ( the REAL parents were in a watching house, with six video cams set up to see everything and they are allowed to intervene if necessary...)
The babies ranged in age of 6-11 mos.
By the end of the first day, the babies were frazzled, the teens were bickering, mad, sad, frightened, or just plain flipping out. By the end of the hour long show three parents had intervened ( two moms and one dad). Only one of them acted snitty, the other two basically told the teens wheat should be happening, why the child might not be quieting down - that sort of thing.

Chris and I think its a wonderful idea. Gives them a taste of the real life, and showing them that although babies are cute, cuddly and fascinating, they can also be nerve-wracking, loud, stinky and drive you to the brink...
I'm all for this show. Here central-standard time it airs at 8 pm on Wednesday evening, channel 5 or NBC.

I know having Nicole when I did at the age of 27 was difficult, I can't imagine going thru being 17 or 18 and raising a baby. Congratulations to all who have done it.

In the next week or so I have some really great stuff to talk about, so stay tuned, and have a great day!


OOps! forgot to tell you and update on Nicoles trip.
After Uncle Charley picked her up Monday they spent monday night and Tuesday night in Abilene , Tx, with his dad ( Nicoles great grandfather). They drove the rest of the way to CO yesterday, and Chris told her to call him when she first saw the mountains. She called him around 6pm lastnight and said " wow daddy, the mountains are HUUUUGE!". Also, they stopped when the got to the 'Welcome to Colorado' sign and got pictures of her there, lol.

I just got thru talking to her and she is having an absolute blast. She says she misses Chris and I , and loves us, but you can hear the fun and excitement in her voice. I told her we miss her too, but we are so happy for her. So far we haven't heard anything else from the camp regarding them NOT going ahead with her session. The camp said they would let us know via e-mail or phone if they couldn't reopen the camp for her session and so far so good.
okies, well I don't have anything else after that update.
Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Ok, this is different kind of meme. My friend Kristen e-mailed this to me, and it isn't as easy as it looks! Its like the game SCATTERGORIES where you have to think of a word in different catergories beginning with the same letter, in this case the first letter of your name...They have to be REAL places, names and things, and you cannot use someone elses answers if their name begins with the same letter as yours!

Here is mine...

1. What is your name: Marcy
2. A 4 letter word: Malt
3. A vehicle: Mustang
4. A city: Minneapolis
5.A boy's name: Mark
6. A girl's name: Mindy
7. Alcoholic drink: Mojito
8. An occupation: Mechanic
9. Something you wear: mittens
10. A celebrity: Mandy Moore
11. A food: manwich
12. Something found in the bathroom: mud mask
13. Reason for being late: Monday
14. Something you shout: MOVE OVER!
15. An animal: mouse
16. A body part: mouth
17. Word to describe yourself: mellow

I'm not tagging anyone in particular, but it would be fun to see some other answers, so if you decide to do this, just let me know in a post with a link;))
Have a great day!

P.S. I survived my first day with Nicole gone on her trip. We did talk to her, she is having a blast with her Great Aunt and Uncle.

I also got some e-mails and comments about wanting to see my new crocheted stuff, so I will try to get some pictures up soon:))

Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm A Total Loon...


I'll tell you why I have come to this conclusion.

You knnw when you dream at night, and sometimes the dream seems so real that you wake up but feel you are still in the dream?

This happened to me early this morning, around 4 am.

Because Nicole was leaving today for her two week trip to Colorado, she wanted to sleep with me lastnight, which is usually not a big deal. However, the last time she slept with me she threw up all over my bed. I joked with her before going to sleep to not snore, kick me, or throw up in my bed. We laughed and went to sleep.

Heres what I dreamed:
That she woke me up saying she didn't feel good. She ran to the bathroom saying she got so hot that she was making herself sick. Then she threw up. I took her into the living room where my mom was sleeping on the sofa hide-away bed and I woke my mom up and told her she could sleep with Nicole the rest of the night.
That was settled, so when I went to go back into my bedroom, but couldn't find it. I was lost in my old bosses house. The office manager from like 9 yrs ago, lol.
then Nicole coughed. In real life. I sat straight up in bed, wide awake, and flipped the light on to make sure she wasn't really getting sick.
It was about 4:15am, lol. I was wide awake for the rest of the morning.

Have I not completly flipped my lid? lol the dream seemed so real. Chris just laughed at me. I mean I know I don't do vomit, lol ( when she gets sick I'll help her, but Chris usually has to clean it up, so I don't add to the mess), but does that not sound like a bit of paranoia? lol

Anyway, she is now on the road with Chris' uncle Charley, and her Aunt Tammy. They will be staying overnight in Abilene with Charley's dad ( nicoles great grandfather).
Then its on to Colorado. Uncle Charley brought binoculars, bird books and foliage books and all sorts of fun stuff to let Nicole experience nature. She is excited , although a bit nervous about the plane ride home. I told her not to be nervous about that because that wasn't for about two weeks.

She will be fine. Me on the other hand I have doubts about, lol.
I have absoutely no problem sending her off with relatives, its the fact of how far away she is:)) She will be fine though. This is a first time expereice she won't forget for a very long time. She has a camera with her so I will post pictures she brings home to show you how fabulous a time she had.

Some news we got last Thursday was a bit disturbing though. Uncle Charley called the other night and told us that he had gotten a copy of his daily newspaper. In it was an article that the camp that Nicole is supposed to be going to was closed down for the rest of last week and all of this week due to alot of campers and part of the staff coming down with that Noro virus - basically a bad case of the stomach flu.
They are doing a deep cleaning of the entire camp grounds and dorms/bathrooms and such and are scheduled to reopen for the last session, which is when Nicole is due there. Pray that they get it all:)) They said that it happens when you congregate a bunch of kids from all over together. I figured its just like when school starts up in the fall. Within a few weeks kids are gettting sent home with the stomach flu.
It just happens. I will just try not to think about it:))

I'm currently trying some new crochet projects. I'm trying a small purse atm, but have learned to do cell phone cases and cases for you glasses. I'm staying busy and will post more later.
Hope ya'll have a great day!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Relay For Life

Michelle over at Semblance of Sanity is walking this weekend for Pediatric Cancer, and all who have earned their wings battling this horrible monster. Please go check out her site, and donate if you can.
If money is tight ( which it is here and everywhere due to the rising cost of everyday stuff cause of the rising cost of a gallon of gas), there are other ways to help, please go check out the website here, for ideas on how you can help !

Anyway, here is another Blue Collar Comedy Video featuring Ron White.
Have a great day:)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ok, just had to tell ya'll what happened this evening. It was just hilarious. After dinner, we ( Nicole and I ) were channel surfing to see if any good LifeTime movies were on or anything when we came across National Lampoons Vacation. The one with Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo. I've seen it too many times to count, but Nicole has never seen it, so we decided to watch it. It was only like a half hour into the movie, so she didn't see the whole explanation of why they were going to Walley World AMUSEMENT park. She just kept hearing them say that they were headed to Walley World.
Now here is where the funny happened, and I just cracked up. Nicole, serious as can be, turned to look at me and asked "Mommy, why are they driving all the way across the country just to go to Walmart?"
At first I looked at her and then just absolutley lost it. We do frequent Walmart alot, its reasonable and you can get tons of stuff there, and sometimes we do call it Wally World. When I stopped laughing long enough to explain to her that it was a fictional amusement park like Disney World, she laughed too.
When I told her I was going to tell the blogosphere her little mis-understanding she got upset with me telling me I was making fun of her. I told her no, I wasn't laughing at her, I was laughing with her... and I was not making fun of her. I told her compared to what some people write about there kiddos, I'd been pretty easy on her.
Here is a few clips from the movie. I remember road trops with myparents when I was a kid, but nothing as bad as this, LOL!

So hope you enjoyed that little tid-bit. Will post another Blue Collar Video tomorrow. Probably Ron White since he is one of our favorite.

Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday while blog surfing I read Dawns post and one of the SSO questions was about Dawn saying 'jammies' instead of PJs, or Pajamas. They asked her if that was a northern thing. This lady said she was from Texas and she could tell Dawn tons of southernisms.
In honor of that, here is a Jeff Foxworthy skit from their Blue Collar Comedy Tour.
Please hit the stop button on my playlist, and hit the play button on this video and listen. Will have to post Bill Engvall, and Ron White here too this week.

Lots to do today , since Nicole leaves in 6 days for camp! Ack!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Memories, Sweet Memories

Good morning to all.

Let me start off by saying I've been pretty down in the dumps lately. Father's Day is this Sunday and my father is gone. It will be three years this Thanksgiving, and it occassionally feels like it was last week.

Please don't feel sorry for me, just bare with me while I go through some memories.

My father wasn't perfect. I try not to think about things that he did , because he is not here to defend himself. He was my daddy, and I loved him, although I'm sure there were times when I didn't like him very much. Every kid feels that way about a parent every now and then.
When he passed away my mom and I went through alot of heartache together that made us closer than ever.
So here are some memories, that made him daddy to me...

--the time I was around 5 years old and we went to a haunted house for Halloween. It wasn't supposed to be really scary, but when we got inside and stuff started grabbing at me and I was screaming bloody murder , my dad picked me up and instead of going forward to get out of the h.h, he told everyone to get out of his way he wanted out NOW, his little girl was terrified. He carried me out with my head buried in his jacket, crying.
He was my hero...

--the time I was at ice skating lessons and it was after practice, and he was skating too. I fell down spread-eagle in front of him, and to keep from hurting me he scissored over me , knicking my leg with the teeth of his ice skate ( it tore thru my jeans, leg warmers and socks and I have a scar to this day), but he would have hurt me alot worse if he had fallen on me...
He was my Guardian Angel...

-- all the times he came to see me in special events. At school, church or whatever. He wasn't a religious man, but my mom raised me in church and that was ok with him, but he did come to the Church when I was baptized, confirmed and made my first communion.
He was my cheerleader...

--playing bubble-gum poker with me and my friends when we were in Junior High/High School.
( my two best friends would spend the night, and he would stay up late with us playing poker with bubble gum, jolly ranchers and hersheys chocolates taking the place of poker chips; when he passed away, and my bestest friend in the whole world - Nikki- showed up , she asked me if she could place something in the coffin to be buried with him, curious I said yes. She laid a deck of cards and a bag of jolly ranchers in there...)
He was fun...

-- when I gave birth to Nicole, and he didn't know how I was doing, because he could hear me screaming, he was rushing down the hall trying to get into my room, he was scared that something bad was happening to me. ( this was particualrly hilarious because he was in his Jail guard uniform, gun and all, and came tearing up to maternity like a mad man, freaking all others out along the way. I'm sure someone thought someone was getting kidnapped, or murdered or that there was a psycho loose in the hospital , with him running to the ward like a crazy person)
He was my protector...

--On my wedding day , before he walked me up the aisle, telling me I was beautiful. ( let me just say I did not respond to that comment, as I was trying desperately to keep my makeup ON, not have it running down my face during the ceremony)
He was my father...

-- all the love he showed to Nicole, his only grand-child. How when my mom was still working and couldn't come to all of her little school programs and stuff , there was my dad, proud grandpa with the video cam, sitting in the front row.
He was my daughters papa...

--The wooden cradle and rocking horse he made Nicole before she was born
He was an artist...

Ok, I can't think of anymore atm, although I'm sure in 33 yrs there are a ton more. I can barely see the screen right now as I am crying as I type this. As soon as I'm done crying I'm sure I will feel a little better, but will be ok by Monday for sure.
After all , Nicole and I are making Chris breakfast and dinner on Sunday, so I have other things to think about:))

Love You Dad

P.S. This seems to be a pretty common theme today, although I didnt' mean for it to be, lol. Go check out Hallies blog post for today to see what I mean

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

How Well Do You Know Your FRIENDS???

Friday June 13th..

Ok, not alot of people tried to answer these. I'll give the answers just so you can still get a good laugh:))
No, not the friends you talk to everyday, the TV show FRIENDS!! haha.
I am a major friends fanatic. I have the trivia game, all 20 best episodes, and the first 5 seasons on DVD. I just recently acquired a FRIENDS trivia book that I found at a library book sale, YIPPEE, so here are some questions, see if you get any right.. There is no prize for this contest, it is just funny, please post answers in comment section...

( I will post answers probably by Friday)

1. Phoebe to everyone: " I did it! One mile on a Hippity Hop! Thats's it! Thats's everythingI wanted to do before I was 30!!

2. To what did Phoebe change her name to once she was married?
Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock

3. What was Monica's nickname when she played field hockey?
Big Fat Goalie

4. What role did Joey play in a porno?
Copier repair man

5. What was Chandler's response when Monica told everyone , " The Camera adds ten pounds"?
Ok, so how many cameras are actually on you???
( if anyone did answer this was the one they got right, lol)

6. When Monica asked Phoebe to cut her hair like Demi Moore, who did Phoebe think she meant? Dudley Moore

7. When Rachel made the dessert for Thanksgiving, she made a traditional English trifle... what was wrong with it? She made half trifle, half shepherds pie

8. What happened to Joey when his health insurance lapsed?
he got a hernia

9. What did the little candy hearts say that Janice gave Chandler for Valentines day?
Chan and Jan 4 ever

10. What is the significance of Lawrence of a Labia? Sex Toy Story 2? and Inspect Her Gadget? These were the titles of the pornos that Phoebes twin sister Ursula did using Phoebes name...

Think you know the answers? Post what you think they are in the comments section... this is just for fun... no prizes , just alot of laughs!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

What A Day so far...

Well I usually post in the morning, but could not get my butt in gear today. I took yesterday and did basically nada , just had some down time with the kiddo.
Today however I'm not that lucky. There is alot of stuff to do around the house that could qualify as spring/summer cleaning so that is what I am doing. I'm about to start my second load of laundry, and I just got thru doing half the base boards in my kitchen, then Nicole and I took out the trash. I need a shower. Badly, lol, so as soon as I'm done posting and cooling off I'm going to go take one. Wouldn't want Chris to come home and see me looking ( or smelling) like this, although I'm sure in almost 14 yrs he has seen me this bad or worse:))

Coffee Bean had a lot of positive comments on her post that showed the lapghan. That makes me feel pretty happy. If anyone is wanting one for a gift to give someone , I've been thinking of prices, so you would just need to e-mail me and we could discuss it. I know Christmas is 6 months away, (seriously??) , but I can't spit one out in a week, so if you think you might want one, then please just e-mail me.

I will try to get Chris to pull the few pictures I took of this past weekend off of my phone. I know how to blog, search the Internet , check my e-mail, and play Everquest II, but I do not know how to take pictures off of my phone. I learned how to take them off our digital camera, but can't do that atm, since drivers not downloaded.

Oh, and when we were driving down to San Antonio Friday evening, and the girls were playing in the backseat, Chris and I were talking up front, I mentioned that since our 12 yr wedding anniversary is coming up toward the end of August that maybe we could leave the kiddo with my mom for the weekend, drive down to Waco (I think), go to the Heitmiller Steak House, or go on the Brazos Belle for dinner or something fun and romantic like that. He got a ponderous look on his face and said he had an idea but would have to think a bit more on it and that it was to be a surprise to me...I love surprises, and Chris is pretty good at them, so can I take a mushy moment and say just how much I love that guy:)))

Ok, I"m cooled off for the time being, going to go get in the shower.
Ya'll come back now ya hear!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Home At Last...

Well, we survived our weekend trip to my MIL's. Nicole and Carson got along great on the 5 hr or so car trip, we stopped and ate some really good food in Waco on the way down there, and arrived aroudn 1045 or so Friday night. The girls were keyed up I guess because aroudn 1 am or so they were still giggling away.
Saturday first thing after they woke up and we went to eat breakfast, they headed to my MIL's next door neighbors house. They have a daughter a year older than Nicole, so Carson , Nicole and now Haley were running around, giggling and having a blast. We decided to take them simming at Landa Falls. It is a huge pool, and then ties into the Commel river, where they had a zip line, huge slide and stuff to go into the (cold) river. I like the idjit I sometimes can be forgot to even pack my bathing suit, so I just dangled my feet in the water... yippee. Sweet hubby offered to buy me a suit but I said no, I have 2 perfectly good ones at home, and it wasn't his fault I forgot to pack it, lol.
After the girls swam for a few hours, we were ready to go , so again, we headed out to eat at a buffet type style restaurant, and then went home. Chris and his mom headed off to Home Depot and Walmart to get a few things he needed to do chores around the house and left me with the girls ( Haley was spending the night too)... after they played for about 30 mins they said they were going to Haleys to get a board game or something for all of them to play. They cam home with her Karaoke machine... and wound up playing Diva Singer , and whatever else, lol. I just stayed in the living room watching rerun movies and reading my book.Heard lots of giggling and off key singing, but they were just having fun.

Yesterday's trip home was relatively uneventful. Got home JUST in time to see the season 2 premier of Army Wives on Lifetime. I am totally hooked on this show. If you have not caught it , you are missing a great show. If you watched it, and have followed it from the first season, OMG was that not SAD as all get out ! I was actually tearing up a bit at the end.. I so did not expect what happened to have happened.. did that make sense?

Anyway, Kelly Jean at Coffee Bean got her lapghan that I made her.. Click here to see it. She actually said it had been a bit chilly yesterday and she cuddled up in it..

Well hope everyone has a great Monday, I will writing more later, take care and have a great day!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick Hello

Good Morning to all. I've got a busy day ahead of me , having to finish packing for the weekend. Not just apacking clothes either. I'm currently working on a new crochet project pattern that I've never done before, so I'm pakcing that, hoping my new Glamour magazine comes in the mail, ( I know my Better Homes and Gardens won't come till next week), and making sure Nicole packs colorng books, crayons, cards and the assorted Hannah Montana CDs to entertain her and Carson. I'm sure Carson will have her own bag of stuff too.

Thankfully when we decided to go out of town, we have some friends who we trust to watch our other babies, aka the schmutzes and the bird:)) Cooper and Cher adore my friends Jackie and Nannett, and they both know Judy, but shes not that social, I know she will hiss and sqwack at them when they change her food dish.

Not much else going on here. There are a few contests running thru the blogosphere atm, I think one ends tonight ( WWoW), and the other ends Saturday ( Coffee Bean). Pleae go by and enter if you have not.
Also, Im still crocheting hats to raise money for pediatric cancer awareness. Check out the site here. If you have any questions about a crochet project , or want to know if I can make something for you, please email me at Half the proceeds from ANY crocheted project I sell will go toward pediatric cancer awareness!

Have a great day ya'll:))

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

National Dystonia Awareness Week

Kelly Jean of COFFEE BEAN, is holding a contest in honor of National Dystonia Awareness Week. All you have to do is leave a comment and you will be entered. Leave a link on YOUR BLOG and be entered again. She wants to see how many people the blogosphere can reach.
So if you go over there to enter, make sure you tell in the comments section where you heard of the contest !! I think that gives me another entry too, lol.

Not much else is going on, except another contest that I mentioned one post below this one. Even if you don't want to enter it, be sure to go check out the other entries, they will keep you in stitches!!

We are going to San Antonio this weekend, and taking Nicole's friend Carson with us. A five hour road trip with two giggling 9 yr old girls.. Can I get a sleeping pill NOW please? I really don't think it will be that bad though, they are good girls, just LOUD, like any other 9 year old, lol.

I know for certain that Nicole thinks farts are funny. The word fart is even funnier, and anything that grosses a normal person out , a 9- yr old will find absolutely hilarious, including my 9 yr old!
Anyway, let me know what your kid laughs at and you think is gross, and have a great day!


Later on in the day...

Hi guys, I don't usually post two times in one day, but had to let you know I just got an e-mail from Kelly , and she got her lapghan, here is what I saw when I opened my e-mail....

I got it!!!!! I LOVE it!!!!! Oh, my gosh do I ever love it! WOW!!! Okay... I need to go get my son and run some errands... I've got a little bit of a dilemma... I need to keep my contest up on top through Saturday. I can take a picture and post it under that.... but, I want it to be up top!!! So.... you tell me what YOU would like me to do! Do you want me to post it now, under the contest or on Saturday night after I pull it??? Oh! I am just tickled, tickled, tickled!!!


I think she likes it, what do you thing? LOL
I e-mailed her back and told her it would be fine to post it on Saturday. I will be out of town as I mentioned above and not sure I will be able to check my blog ( GASP!) for the whole weekend.
But like I told her I will be fine. Honest. Really I will. I will be fine. did I mention that already?????

Tuesday, June 3, 2008



New Contest ( but not from me...)

Hiyas all, couldn't think of much to blog about today, busy around the house, but I did check out Hallie's blog and she has a new contest running celebrating her 300th post! Wow! So get on over there and have fun with the contest. She is not sure what the prize will be but it is sure to be a doozy:)

Hope ya'll have a great day!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Ahh Monday

Well, today is Monday - the firstdayof the week, the first official Monday of June, and the first official day I have Nicole home for the summer. We had mighty plans for this morning. We were going to take Chris to bus stop, come home , make pancakes, go to the post office to mail Coffee Bean's laphan, go to Walmart topick up my meds, put gas in the car. After all that we were going to come home, bathe both dogs, wash Chris' bike, and de-flea the den.

That is sooo not what happened.

We dropped Chris off at the bus stop, came home, was in the middle of making our pancakes and my cell phone rings. Nicole answers it and its Chris demanding he speak tome NOW. Iget on the phone while flipping the flapjacks and he informs me that we have to come get him NOW, and take him to the bus/train station about15-20 minutes away because he watched his bus turn the other way and totally not pick him up. Needless to sayhe was not happy. We needed gas, so he walked to the gas station and we met him there ( after turning off the oven, leaving the dogs outside, and leaving the batter, butter, syrup, and sausage on the counter...) and we drove tothe station, and pulled in right behind the bus that he should have been on! So Chris goes up to the platform and tells the station master that the driver totally skipped that stop, and the driver looked right at chris and the S.M and said 'no, I didn't, I was there andyou weren't''.

It was his word against Chris', but what that lying little turd does not know is that the head of the bus line comes in to shope where Chris works, so Chris was going to tell him, since we got the bus number and such. Nice to know people in high places. Even after all that as he was talking to the idjit driver and station master, we watched his train pull out!! So he was late to work,by no fault of his own, buthis Monday didn't start out well. Also, someone stole the copper outof there air conditioner, and a few others along that route, so he has no air conditioning, and its been in he 90s for the past 10 days.

Nicole and I came home after all that, rescued our pankcakes from the fridge, the dogs from outside, finsihed making the sausage, enjoyed a good breakfast, and then bathed the dogs, went to the post office ( Coffe Bean will post a picture(s) of her laph\ghan when she gets it , and de-flead(sp?) the back room. so all in all our day was good.

We still have to have our reading time and do some other little things. All in all I"m glad Nicole and I are getting this time together before she goes to camp becaue Iwill miss her terribly.

Have a great day!!

If you haven't checked it out yet, please go by our pediatric cancer fundraising site, and sign the guestbook, buy something or just read about all the special little people there!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Howdy to all!
Well, Nicole is out of school as of this past Thursday. She didn't really even go to school the last day. She was supposed to go with her friend to her after schools out birthday bash at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. I didn't get her home till arudn 5pm Friday, tired, hungry and sunburned. She had a blast though. I haven't looked this place up online but apparently it is a hotel tht is one huge amusement park, with a water park. i know they had fun.

If I haven't mentioned this before, she is leaving with her great uncle around the 23rd of June, and staying with him and her great aunt in Lakewood , CO till the 29th, when they will take her to summer camp at the YMCA of the Rockies in Granby, CO. She will spend one week there and then they will pick her back up and fly her home on July 8th.

I've never been to Colorado, although Chris has lived there. This is a great opportunity for her. All we have to get is get her a hiking type back pack, and she's ready to go . Of course I have to get after all her clothes with a sharpy so she at least comes back with what she went with, lol.
She is ecstatic. This next weekend we may be going to San Antonio to see my MIL, and we may take Nicoles friend Carson with us. My MIL lives about an hour outside of San Antonio in a small town called LaVernia. Chris likes to joke that his mom doesn't live at the end of the world but that you can see it from her back porch:))

Lastnight, while we were watching National Treasure 2, I put all the finishing touches on Kelly Jean's lapghan. I would love to show it to all of you, however Chris had to reformat his computer and he forgot to save the drivers for the digital camera, so he has to go find them on the internet again. Kelly Jean promised to show a picture of it on her blog though when she gets it.

Not much else happening today. I'm going through my official FRIENDS trivia book and will probably put a small quiz up tomorrow. No prizes though just fun:)) I still like to watch reruns. The book has some tough questions on it though, so get ready and have fun.
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