Monday, June 2, 2008

Ahh Monday

Well, today is Monday - the firstdayof the week, the first official Monday of June, and the first official day I have Nicole home for the summer. We had mighty plans for this morning. We were going to take Chris to bus stop, come home , make pancakes, go to the post office to mail Coffee Bean's laphan, go to Walmart topick up my meds, put gas in the car. After all that we were going to come home, bathe both dogs, wash Chris' bike, and de-flea the den.

That is sooo not what happened.

We dropped Chris off at the bus stop, came home, was in the middle of making our pancakes and my cell phone rings. Nicole answers it and its Chris demanding he speak tome NOW. Iget on the phone while flipping the flapjacks and he informs me that we have to come get him NOW, and take him to the bus/train station about15-20 minutes away because he watched his bus turn the other way and totally not pick him up. Needless to sayhe was not happy. We needed gas, so he walked to the gas station and we met him there ( after turning off the oven, leaving the dogs outside, and leaving the batter, butter, syrup, and sausage on the counter...) and we drove tothe station, and pulled in right behind the bus that he should have been on! So Chris goes up to the platform and tells the station master that the driver totally skipped that stop, and the driver looked right at chris and the S.M and said 'no, I didn't, I was there andyou weren't''.

It was his word against Chris', but what that lying little turd does not know is that the head of the bus line comes in to shope where Chris works, so Chris was going to tell him, since we got the bus number and such. Nice to know people in high places. Even after all that as he was talking to the idjit driver and station master, we watched his train pull out!! So he was late to work,by no fault of his own, buthis Monday didn't start out well. Also, someone stole the copper outof there air conditioner, and a few others along that route, so he has no air conditioning, and its been in he 90s for the past 10 days.

Nicole and I came home after all that, rescued our pankcakes from the fridge, the dogs from outside, finsihed making the sausage, enjoyed a good breakfast, and then bathed the dogs, went to the post office ( Coffe Bean will post a picture(s) of her laph\ghan when she gets it , and de-flead(sp?) the back room. so all in all our day was good.

We still have to have our reading time and do some other little things. All in all I"m glad Nicole and I are getting this time together before she goes to camp becaue Iwill miss her terribly.

Have a great day!!

If you haven't checked it out yet, please go by our pediatric cancer fundraising site, and sign the guestbook, buy something or just read about all the special little people there!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Going to FINALLY head over to the fundraising site today and check it out!

JOhn's still loving his Judy pic!

Another contest started today if you and Judy are interested!


Anonymous said...

Don't you love it when life just goes on...Not as we planned.

That bus driver is a turd and a liar.

Lena said...

I do not understand how people can lie right to your face like that! Poor Chris having to work w/o AC in this heat!! Did they bring in window units at least? Yikes.

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