Sunday, June 1, 2008

Lazy Weekend

Howdy to all!
Well, Nicole is out of school as of this past Thursday. She didn't really even go to school the last day. She was supposed to go with her friend to her after schools out birthday bash at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine. I didn't get her home till arudn 5pm Friday, tired, hungry and sunburned. She had a blast though. I haven't looked this place up online but apparently it is a hotel tht is one huge amusement park, with a water park. i know they had fun.

If I haven't mentioned this before, she is leaving with her great uncle around the 23rd of June, and staying with him and her great aunt in Lakewood , CO till the 29th, when they will take her to summer camp at the YMCA of the Rockies in Granby, CO. She will spend one week there and then they will pick her back up and fly her home on July 8th.

I've never been to Colorado, although Chris has lived there. This is a great opportunity for her. All we have to get is get her a hiking type back pack, and she's ready to go . Of course I have to get after all her clothes with a sharpy so she at least comes back with what she went with, lol.
She is ecstatic. This next weekend we may be going to San Antonio to see my MIL, and we may take Nicoles friend Carson with us. My MIL lives about an hour outside of San Antonio in a small town called LaVernia. Chris likes to joke that his mom doesn't live at the end of the world but that you can see it from her back porch:))

Lastnight, while we were watching National Treasure 2, I put all the finishing touches on Kelly Jean's lapghan. I would love to show it to all of you, however Chris had to reformat his computer and he forgot to save the drivers for the digital camera, so he has to go find them on the internet again. Kelly Jean promised to show a picture of it on her blog though when she gets it.

Not much else happening today. I'm going through my official FRIENDS trivia book and will probably put a small quiz up tomorrow. No prizes though just fun:)) I still like to watch reruns. The book has some tough questions on it though, so get ready and have fun.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter is not going to be all that far from us! How fun for her! Colorado is amazing! I love it (well, right now... I don't when it is snowing on Easter).

I will definitely be posting pictures of the lapghan and linking back to you! I cannot wait to see it! I know from other pictures you've posted of others you've made that it is going to be gorgeous! I am so excited!

Karen Deborah said...

SHOES, make sure she is fitted with good exercise shoes to avoid blisters and sore feet. that is the most important. hope she has a ball!

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