Monday, June 30, 2008

Bubble Gum Yums

Afternoon to all! I'm at my mom's house and having alot of fun. We are visiting, talking and doing lunch and breakfast with some of her friends. Today we went out to lunch with my aunt and cousin. Afterwards we went to where my aunt works. She is currently working for my other cousin. I think I have mentioned this in the past, but my cousin John got together with a fabulous street artist that goes by the name of Tex, and created a brand new shoe company called Yums. When I toured the warehouse and offices today , I actually got a pair of the Bubble Gum Pink ones. They are totally awesome! Click here to go to their website. All the shoes are named after foods, such as sugar, watermelon, blueberry, strawberry-kiwi, cupcake and smores. They are totally awesome shoes. I couldn't imagine how comfy they would be , but I wore mine home and can tell you I love them. I got the size I wear without my leg braces on, and they don't make my legs hurt. They have good solid support in the ankle and foot.

While touring the warehouse I also discovered they have come out with flip-flops, t-shirts and baseball caps with the yums logo on them, all in the same kinds of colors as the shoes!!

Ok, now for the hardest thing to write about. Uncle Charley took Nicole to camp yesterday. She called me when they were waiting for the gates to open. I asked her what she saw and she told me high mountains and what she thought were cabins, lol.

Last week, with her gone I realized wasn't so bad because I wound up talking to her two or three times a day. This week I won't be able to talk to her at all. She has her cell phone with her but they are not allowed to keep them on them. the counselors take them and lock them up.
They can be used in emergencies and such, but not if the child is homesick or anything minor like that.

I know we are going out with my moms friend Shirley for breakfast Wednesday morning, but not sure what we are going to do tomorrow.

Will try to post some pictures I took with my phone when I get home later in the week. My mom has a dial up connection and I don't have the uploady thingy ( don't you just love my technical verbiage???) to get the pics off my phone.

Hope everyone is doing well!


Anonymous said...

She is going to have a blast at camp! Sounds like you are having fun too!

Anonymous said...

oh Im so lovin the SMORES! Till I seen the price $95 OUCH! I wonder if they have them local in my area..I would at least like to try them on before I bought some! But LOVEN THEM!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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