Friday, February 26, 2010

Everybody Loves Brad

Good Friday Morning to all:)) Nicole is off school today, so I'm off work too. Hoping to get some chores done around the house.
The other day when I was off I had a bunch of things planned that didn't get done. Instead Sue and I went to renew her truck registration , then we went to Petsmart to register Korie for obedience school, then on to Sams Club and found some great food bargains. Of course while Sue was busy shopping for food, I got lost in the book section. Weird, huh?

Anyway, from there I dropped her off at home and met Chris who had gotten off work early. I had a meeting with Nicoles teacher that day and he wanted to come. Now Nicole isn't having any actual school work problems, just problems with some kids in her class. I mean come on, 5th grade boys are soooo immature. She has just let it build up till she comes home crying for an hour. That is not my baby. I'm trying to tell her she is growing up and as much as I would like to tell her it will get easier, I can't.
She wanted to have this meeting with her teacher because she is Nicoles favorite. She trusts her, so she wanted to talk to her , with us present. The teacher , after hearing Nicole out, put her mind at ease, and said she would watch said boys a bit more closely.

What memories of 5th grade do you all have , or any words of wisdom for my sweet girl?

Ok, that had NOTHING to do with the title of my post, but this does.
Did you watch Everybody Loves Raymond? I did, and LOVED it. Loved Brad Garrett as Robert. Loved him too as Jackie Gleason in the movie about Jackie's life. I about fell out of the chair laughing when I saw this 7-up commercial:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday oh Sunday

Wow, what a weekend this has been. Friday was my only day off that week. I was supposed to work Monday, but we didn't have school due to no power. Then I had more kinder kiddies on Tuesday, Music on Wednesday, and 4th grade on Thursday.
I have 4th grade again tomorrow and 6th grade Tuesday. I happened to run into one of the 6th graders I know on Friday - she told me good luck , they don't listen very good at all - oh joy...

After experiencing pretty good temps here this week, we have a 70 percent chance of more snow Monday night into Tuesday evening. They are predicting approximately 2-4 inches. That is what they said last time and we got the 12 inches, so I guess we will see...

I'm excited to be doing this post, only because I'm typing it on our brand new laptop. We got our income tax refund on Friday and Chris went shopping. Big boys and their toys, lol. Except in this case I like the toy he bought. Its fun to be multi-tasking; that is watching tv and being able to do a blog post, and be with my family.

Sue was pleasantly surprised today. She got home from church and her friend called asking if she wanted to go to the Dallas Opera house to see Phantom. Since she had never seen it on the stage before she happily agreed. Since she has gotten home she said she had a great time and loved it.

Nicole will be going to camp again in Colorado this year, and hopefully we will get to take her and have our very own vacation! Considering we haven't had much of a real vacation in like 10 yrs, this is something to look forward to. I have also never been to Colorado so I'm really excited.

Well, I'll sign off for now, and here is to hoping that everyone is well. I've read that several bloggy friends have been ill with either food poisoning , or the tummy bug going around. Either way they've been really sick. I think we have finally gotten rid of that bug here in the Able household.
So here is to hoping everyone has a great week!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Which Generation Are You?

I've always wondered about this myself..& now I know.

People born before 1946 were called (The Silent generation)
The Baby Boomers, are people born between 1946 and 1959.
Generation X, are the people who have been born between 1960 and 1979.

And Generation Y, are the people born between 1980 and 2009

So, why do we call the last group Generation Y? I never really knew until I saw a cartoon which explained it very eloquently below...& sure makes sense doesn't it!!

LOL, this was another funny e-mail I received from Sue. It makes sense though, doesn't it?

Heres to hoping ya'll are having a great week!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Snow Days

We don't have many snow days in Texas. Yes we got a bit of snow on Christmas Eve, but that was more ice than anything, yet it was pretty and mostly all gone by Christmas Day.

When they had been predicting snow off and on since then in our area it was a no show. But this past week, they moved it back a day or two but said it was definitely coming and we were to expect anywhere from 1-4 inches. The whole week was a bit strange though.

That Sunday I watched the Super Bowl with Sue, because Chris went to his friends house. We made pizza and she went and got her and Nicole Chicken nuggets, and we just ate and watched. I hadn't felt all that great most of the day, but just passed it off as it was almost that time of the month. It wasn't... I went to bed around 10 or so and woke up around 11 and was up all night sick. It really wasn't pleasant to be shivering with chills , not being able to get comfy and not being able to stay out of the bathroom for more than 10-15 mins at a time. Needless to say I wasn't able to work on Monday - didn't even eat much solid food till Tuesday. I did go to work Wednesday, then Thursday too. We all got sent home by 1pm that day though due to the snow.

It had started snowing around 4am Thursday morning, and by the time we left for school that day, it hadn't stopped. It was really coming down and they were now saying we were going to get up to 7 inches, instead of the original 4. The kids at school were ecstatic - some of the little ones had never seen this much snow. Nobody wanted to do any work. I was working with 6th graders that day and I had them for lunch duty, so after they cleaned up, we all went outside and had a good ol' fashioned snowball fight. I had a blast since I hadn't done this in a long time. It was really good packing snow too. If you did it right, they didn't fall apart when they hit their target. Boy did I give as good as I got. the Vice Principal, was just standing at the window telling them not to hit anyone in the face, and laughing.

Well, the 7 inches came and still no end in sight. They closed the school at 1pm due to the inclement weather. Now my parents had taught me how to drive in this stuff, but I had only done it maybe 3 or 4 times. The cars in the lot had been sitting there getting snowed on for close to 5 hours by the time they let us go. I couldn't back out of my space - all my wheels did was spin. So finally Nicole and I watched the car parked in front of us maneuver their way out and I just pulled through and kept going. We finally got home safe - it took us almost 45 minutes for a normally 15 minute drive. I wasn't taking any chances and drove no more than 30-35 mph the whole way home.

When we got home it was still snowing, so Nicole and I went out to try to build a snowman but to no avail. We thought we would try it the next day after it had stopped snowing. We wound up getting 12 .5 inches that day - which was a record for this area in one 24 hr period. We didn't have school Friday, and today we still don't have school. The snow is mostly gone from the roads, now there is just ice, but the school doesn't have any power, and hasn't since Thursday night. Hopefully it will be restored , and we will have school tomorrow.

I took some great pictures and am going to look for a new bluetooth key today so I can get them off of my phone to show you! There are so many pics I have to share!

Now I know my friends in the North are laughing at me saying "twelve and a half inches? BAH! That's nothing" but believe me - there are no snow plows in this part of Texas! We don't have round the clock sand trucks. They were going to try to put some anti ice solution on the roads, but with all the rain, it was just going to get washed off. So all this snow was definitely news!
I hope I can get our pics up, if not I will link to our local news channel so you can see our snow!

Heres to hoping everyone had a great Valentines Day! I got a box of Reese's PB cups and a really cute card, so my days was a good one. We didn't do much for the day though, but Chris and I had gone shopping Saturday and had fun just being together.

Will blog more tomorrow!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Writers Workshop

This is something I haven't ever participated in, but am giving it a whirl. My bloggy friend Hallie usually does this on Thursdays , and I too thought of something to write after seeing it. It is a writers challenge from Mama Kat at Mamas Losin' It. I'm going to try to do this from now on , since it is a challenge...
( heres the button , if you want to go check her out:

Mama's Losin' It

One of the challenges you could choose, was to make up a Do's and Don't list. This one I thought I could handle pretty well since I just happened to be talking about this to someone the other day.

so here are the Do's and Don'ts of Pregnancy Bedrest:

( This also comes from personal experience)

DO take your doctors advice and keep your ass in bed/ on the couch or whatever he/she says. It is not only for your health, but your unborn baby's as well.

DON'T decide there is one more load of laundry to do, or you just HAVE to vacuum the furniture because you saw a crumb. STAY IN BED!

If you are a friend of a pregnant bed-ridden woman, DO call her, visit her as often as possible, bring her things she might enjoy reading. If you accidentally wake her up, so what - she was probably sleeping due to boredom! She would be delighted if you called!

If you are that friend DON'T tell her anymore pregnancy horror stories - she's probably heard enough by now to give her nightmares!

DO catch up on watching movies you have missed, or books you haven't had time to read.

DON'T read all the horror stories on the internet, or books about what can happen to your unborn baby if the person in the story had your diagnosis, ( like pre-eclampsia)

DO at least read enough to be informed of your condition, and the warning signs of something 'not quite right'.

DON'T get mad at your significant other if he doesn't fold the laundry exactly the way you do, or if the dishes don't sparkle quite right. At least he's doing them, right?

DO thank him for doing the best job he can, both at work and at home.

DO try to positive during this time and DON'T become depressed

and in the end, when all is said and done, DO enjoy your baby. After all, most of that bedtime is going to be between you and him/her. Talk to your baby, they will hear you! Listen to music together, make plans for when they are finally here. Tell them all the things you will teach them.

DON'T lose your mind:)
( That will come AFTER they are here!)

Ok, thats my say on that matter. Any thoughts? or things you would add to this list?

( I know I haven't been around lately, and I'm sorry, I miss everyone, I miss posting. I've caught up on ya'lls blogs, and I promise to blog more in the coming days! )

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

2010 MDA Stride and Ride

Ok, unfortunately I only got one picture and I will scan it into the computer tomorrow to post, but for now you'll just have to deal with me telling you about it.

Saturday we woke to below freezing temps, but thank goodness it wasn't into the teens and our area did not see the snow and ice that fell north of us in OK. We bundled up in sweatshirts and jeans and headed to the new Arlington Stadium. We had never seen the inside as of yet and were overwhelmed by the enormity of it all. Once inside it was hard to move. We were ALL on the concourse looking down onto the field. And by all of us I mean the hundreds of people that turn out each year for the victory lap celebrating the funds raised for MDA.

In years past as a team captain I was never able to raise enough money , but I always showed up to walk. This year with the help of my BFF Nikki, my family and the fabulous people I work with , I was able to raise $100. That may not seem like much, but I was very proud of it. Especially since $82 only covers ONE MINUTE of research. We could designate what we wanted the funds to go toward ( i.e. Duchennes MD; general research; Limb - Girdle MD ), so I put my funds toward CMT , which is what affects my mom and I.

Some of the people that said they would walk on my team were unable to show that morning due to unexpected circumstances, so it was just me, along with my mom, Nicole, Chris and Sue. They had local highschool bands performing, along with dancers, cheerleaders and the like. One thing for sure - it was LOUD! Once the walk actually started, about a half hour after it was supposed to, one of the H.S. bands kicked it off with a drum roll and off we went. Once victory lap around the concourse. There were so many people, and we were actually very near the front of the whole thing, once we got around the entire concourse and looked back, there were people filling the entire circle. Some were just coming around the first bend. All along the way they had people waving pom poms, flags, and signs cheering all the walkers on.

Now my mom can't walk that fast, so her and I held hands. She had her cane in the other and boy were we walking proud. It felt good, and the total length we had to walk was just under a half mile. That may not seem like much to someone with legs that work right, but to us it was fantastic! I can walk more than that, but my mom is having a harder time getting around now, and falls more than I do , because she can't feel her feet that much anymore, so she thinks she is picking them up, but really doesn't, so she is more at risk of falling, but she still exercises 3 days a week and I can barely ever catch her at home!

I even saw some girls from the drill team from my old high school. They were walking in honor of someone in their class I think. I caught up with them, and thanked them and they gave me a big hug - it was awesome:)

Afterwards we went to my moms to warm up. We chowed down on some chili dogs and fritos. While we were eating lunch , Nicoles BFF Carson called and her and her mom asked us to meet them out at Barnes and Noble, so we went there, the girls did some American Girl activity while all of us adults browsed the bargain tables. We had gift cards from Christmas to spend so we had fun doing that. We all came home with at least 2-3 or more new books.

It was a wonderful day, it never really did warm up, but with having walked for something I believe in, being with family and friends AND spending time in a book store, well, my weekend was pretty well complete, and I still had one more day to go!

Heres to hoping ya'll had as great a weekend as I did!

Monday, February 1, 2010


Saturday we participated in the MDA Stride and Ride, along with a bunch of other stuff. We had a great time, and I promise to tell about it after work today. This weekend was fun and interesting if nothing else.
Heres to hoping everyone had a great, safe and happy weekend. I will catchup on everyones blogs here within the next few days, but right now I'm off to get ready for work. I have Kindergarten today - should be a fun day:))
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