Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday oh Sunday

Wow, what a weekend this has been. Friday was my only day off that week. I was supposed to work Monday, but we didn't have school due to no power. Then I had more kinder kiddies on Tuesday, Music on Wednesday, and 4th grade on Thursday.
I have 4th grade again tomorrow and 6th grade Tuesday. I happened to run into one of the 6th graders I know on Friday - she told me good luck , they don't listen very good at all - oh joy...

After experiencing pretty good temps here this week, we have a 70 percent chance of more snow Monday night into Tuesday evening. They are predicting approximately 2-4 inches. That is what they said last time and we got the 12 inches, so I guess we will see...

I'm excited to be doing this post, only because I'm typing it on our brand new laptop. We got our income tax refund on Friday and Chris went shopping. Big boys and their toys, lol. Except in this case I like the toy he bought. Its fun to be multi-tasking; that is watching tv and being able to do a blog post, and be with my family.

Sue was pleasantly surprised today. She got home from church and her friend called asking if she wanted to go to the Dallas Opera house to see Phantom. Since she had never seen it on the stage before she happily agreed. Since she has gotten home she said she had a great time and loved it.

Nicole will be going to camp again in Colorado this year, and hopefully we will get to take her and have our very own vacation! Considering we haven't had much of a real vacation in like 10 yrs, this is something to look forward to. I have also never been to Colorado so I'm really excited.

Well, I'll sign off for now, and here is to hoping that everyone is well. I've read that several bloggy friends have been ill with either food poisoning , or the tummy bug going around. Either way they've been really sick. I think we have finally gotten rid of that bug here in the Able household.
So here is to hoping everyone has a great week!

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Michelle said...

Oooo so what kind of a laptop did you get? I so need a new one. The one I'm using now (work) has a mouse that umm isn't so reliable anymore!

Good luck with the snow. We're forecast to get a foot, and I'm hoping they're WAY wrong. I scheduled a performer into the preschool tomorrow am!

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