Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Ok, this is the last time I will try to do a post today.. Since I am now frustrated, this post will notbe as longnor as funnyu as I originally intended. It kept giving me an error message every time I would hit Publish post.

So for all you Harry Potter fans, I found this on youtube.com , and thought you might enjoy. We are HUGE HP fans, so we gota real kick out of this, although these people have WAY too much time on their hands:

HEHE ( hope this goes through:))

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun Weekend

Ok, here are somepictures from this weekend. Will add more later. This first one is my mom opening her birthday present,and myaunt Donna, her twin sister isholding her lapghan that I made her. Sorrythie picture is a bit blurry .

This picture is of my mom, along with my Aunt Betty and Uncle Glen. they camedownfor my moms birthday. they've beenhere since Tuesday and left todrive backhome to Minnesota yesterday.

Thsi picture is my mom holding her lapghan . Sorry the glare from her 2nd bedroom window got in the way a bit.
And here is me with my aunt and uncle.

We wound up having such a good time visiting with them. Last time I saw them was January of '05,so we were due for a visit. We only had one bad thunderstorm while they were here , but no tornadoes. We went to eat Saturday at Saltgrass Steak House and YUM!! Ihad chicken and shrimp, with steamed veggies and half of a baked sweet potato. Since it was my moms birthday they didn'tsing toher at the restaurant, but they brought her a pieceof strawberry cheesecake and then we sang to her, so she did get a bit embarassed but it was all good natured fun:))

Will try toget the other picture off my phone that had Nicole in it. The others we took were blurry, so I'm not adding them.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Also, if you haven't visited Hallies Blog , please do so. Her husband is still in the hospitalandhaving a very rough time after his 3rd surgeryin 15mos. He needs all the prayers he can get atm. Also, Hallie has a link where you can send a card to him through the hospital. please do so. Prayers as well as a show of love help in healing.

Oh, and here is the picture with my mom and aunt holding their lapghans up soyou can see them.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Moment You've all Been Waiting For....

As soon as Chris finished his dinner tonight Itold him he had to read all the Wedding Story entries and chose 3 finalists, after which the names would be written on a piece of paperand shaken up ina bowl and Nicole would chose the random winner. So here she is:

The 5 finalists in a bowl ( Chris couldn't chose just 3)...

Shaking them up reeeeal good

And the winner is :

If you can't read that , the winneris COFFEE BEAN! she entered two stories and the second one just cracked him up.

Coffee, if you will email me , we can decide on colors and what not. I believe you mentioned shades of green??? I have to make a green camo baby blanket, perhaps you want me to make it to match that brides maids dress?? lol

In case you are wondering, the five finalists were: Coffe Bean, Manic Mommy, Lena, Peach and Hallie at Wonderful World of Weiners.

Thank you to all who entered. You gave Chris a good de-stressing evening with all the laughing he did while reading these stories. He said it was very hard to chose 3 finalists, thatis why he made it 5.

I will post the two lapghans I've made recently on my blog probably this weekend. I'll explain why I haveen't done it yet when I do post the pictures.

If anyone else wants a lapghan, let me know. Haven't figured out how much to charge for them, but I know how much the yarn costs to make them:)))

Hope ya'll continue to visit my blog , as I enjoy "visiting" with you . Take care andhave a great day:))

I spent the afternoon with my mom, and my aunt and uncle. Iforgottobringalong my camera when we went sight seeing, but I willhave pictures Saturday from my moms birthday.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Several Things

Good Morning all:)))

First of all, I want to thank all of you thatentered my funniest wedding story contest. Today is the official last day, since it has been two weeks, however if you or someone you know has a last minute story go ahead and enter it since hubby won't be able to read them till tonight or tomorrow. Just go down to my April 9th post celebrating my 100th post, and enter your story in the comment section. The prize is a lapghanmade by me:)) I will put pics up of the two I've made here in the next day or so. If you win, you can choose the colors andwhatever, it takes me 2-3 weeks to make.
I alsohave a hat and some baby stuff to make before my firends baby shower on May 18.

Also, while at the last parent night for the year at Nicoles school lastnight, I got a call from my mom that my Aunt Betty and Uncle Glen arrrived safely. I got to talk to my aunt for alittle bit and invited them to our house tomorrow. So today I'm going to clean like a made woman.

I also colored my hair. I haven't done this very often andwas looking for a bit of a change. Chris also said I was getting a bit gray around the roots, so maybe I threw a bit of vanity in there.

I know forsome the week got off to a rocky start, so hopefully day are getting better.

Also, I'm not into reality TV much, but I do watch Dancing With The Stars. I love any movie or show with dancing. They announced that Def Leopard will be on DWTS next week. OMG!! Not sure what songs they will sing, but can you imagine how hot the dance floor would get with "Pour Some Sugar on Me"? or "Foolin" or even "Love Bites"?
Im a big fan of theirs, with Pyromania being my favorite album.

So good luck to all who eneterd the contest, willletyou know more very soon!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Thoughts and Prayers

Sometimes we all need a little extra something in our day. Mondays are notorious for being crappy. Today is Monday, and I personally know of three people that need a little extra something today. First, pop on over to Manic mommy's blog. She is feeling a bit in the dumps today due to some people she knows that are very sick. Next, go to Hallies blog. The same gal who hosted a fun blog pet contest is in need of your extra thoughts and prayers because her husband John is going in for major surgery for the 3rd time in a little over a year I think.

Last but not least my pastor was brought to tears yesterday during her sermon telling us about a friend of a friend that is 40 years old, has breast cancer, and has been given two weeks to live. She has stopped all chemo and treatments. Just pray that she is taken home soon , soshe no longer has to suffer.

I know when i've been down and have posted about it or whatever I alwasy feel a litle better reading comments people leave me. It reminds me I'm not alone. For everything that is happening tome that I think is so bad, I have tostop and remind myself that someone always hasit a bit rougher or worse than me.

For all of you who know what I've been struggling with at work, you will be happy to know that most of that is now water under the bridge. It has been discussed, and although no big changes have been made, some small steps have been taken to rectify the situation(s), and I hope all will be well again soon.

Have a great day!
My blog contest is almost at an end. I will be re-reading the stories submitted and then will have Chris and nicole pick three finalists. Those names will go intoa bowl or whateverand one will be chosen. If its a close tie there may be a small 2nd place prize:))

If you haven't entered,it is open to all who want to leave a post! It HAS to be a funny wedding story that either happened to you sor someone you know.
Scroll down to my 100th post and leave your story inthe comment section!

Also, Judy did not win the cutest blog pet contest. The cut epuppy with the big ears won instead. Oh well,congrats to Anneliese!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Please VOTE!!!

for my baby bird Judy:)) She is a semi-finalist at Hallies Blog in the Cutest Blog Pet contest. She has gotten a few votes, but she is being beaten out by a cute puppy named Anneliese. The poor cat hasnt' gottenany votes, lol,although I'm not a cat person . YOu know the saying "so ugly its cute'? well imho that is what applies to the cat. His cuteness is ona different lvl. I voted for him because noone else had,lol.

But please go vote! Today is the last day.
Everything else going great. Went to our freinds wedding yesterday , had a great time. Worked on nicooles social studies project yesrday evening. We just have toput the finishing touches on it tomorrow, it is due tuesday.

Have a great day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Stupid Drivers Part Deux

Ok, ya'll read my ranting about stupid drivers yesterday. I have more:)) Lastnight Chris wasn't able to ride home with the friend he usually does so he took the bus home. No biggy. The bus stop is at the local college about 2-3 miles down the main road. However when Chris got home he was limping. He was not limping when he left for work, and didn't mention that he had gotten hurt at work so I was curious. He announced when he got home that he had been hit by a car.
He said it was a dumbass driver going only about 3-4 miles an hour making a turn, talking on his cell phone. Chris was in the middle of the street crossing, and when he had stepped into it there were no cars coming, then all of a sudden this care bumped him. If the guy had been going any faster Chris would have been seriously hurt or killed. I don't even want to think about it.
He didn't get the license number and was pretty sore this morning.
I'm making a minor plea. If you have a cell phone and need to use it while driving PULL OVER or get a handsfree bluetooth set or whatever, that way both hands stay on the wheel.

Ok, enough of that now. Here is a fun tag I found this morning on Coffee Bean's blog.
All you have to do is find a book with at least 123 pages in it. Turn to page 123, find the 5th sentence down and post the next three sentences, lol.

Should be interesting to see what our fellow bloggers are reading. I'm currently reading a bodice ripper, or as my mom calls them, historical slut novels, lmao.

Here is mine:
It became necessary for Patrick to remain in London and see the plans completed.
Meg chose to return home to Glenkirk. She had seen enough of London.

Hmm, wasnt' a very juicy part of the novel. Oh well:)) It was from Love Wild and Fair by Bertrice Small.

There is still time to enter my Funniest Wedding story contest. Thanks to all that have already entered.

I'll tell a shortened version of what happened at my wedding. It was on a hot August night, in the town we are currently living in. Storms come to hot August nights in Dallas Texas.
In some of my wedding photos you can see the gray/green clouds building behind the gazebo where we were married. We no sooner got through saying "I do", then the sky opened up. Luckinly most people were already on their way to the reception a few blocks away. Needless to say we didn't get alot of pictures right after the wedding.

The reception went well , althouh I didn't get to eat alot. Tons of well wishers and pictures.
Plus the champagne toast. It was also my best friends birthday that day and my dad's two days later so I had baked each of them a birthday cake to be given to them before we cut our wedding cake. The whole reception sang happy birthday to them. It was fun.
I still hadnt' eaten alot, and had already had 2 champagne toasts. Keep in mind I don't drink alot. Don't drink at all now. After this reception we took the wedding party and went to the local dance/bar that we always frequented the Crystal Chandelier. (We had not been allowed to dance at the hall where we had the food reception ). So, more drinks, no food, lots of dancing. I was getting drunk. Didn't realize it. Was having way to much fun.
Finally all that was over and Chris and I went to our hotel room. We had our wedding night:)) however, by this time we were starving and our wedding party had snuck off and left us some food, cake and more champagne. Along with a bottle of Champagne bubble bath. So we decided to get in the huge jacuzzi style tub in our bedroom with lots of hot bubbles. The heat and the champagne didn't mix. I got sooooo sick , I barely made it out of the tub. Was sick the rest of the night. when our friends started pounding on the door very early the next morning, Chris was up and dresssed. I however was laying in bed with a pair of dark sunglasses on due to the brightness of the flourescent room bulbs, lol.
I did get up and all of us went out to eat breakfast. The smell of all the food at the restaurant did little to calm my stomach though so I didnt' eat much.
After that we went back to the hotel room to get ready to go to my moms. She was having a brunch with all the family and we were supposed to open our wedding presents and such before leaving for our honeymoon.
We finally got to our honeymoon destination, New Braunfels, Texas about 6 that evening.

I guess nothing real bad happened but it was funny. Chris still likes to remind me of that.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Stupid Drivers

Ok, I'm not trying to make anyone mad if you do this thing (I hope you don't !).
I had to take an actual driving test when I got my driver's license, right down to the parallel parking. Nowadays I've heard you only have to take a written and prove you took Driver's Ed.
I'm very surprised at the amount of people that think that stick on the left side of their stearing wheel is for decoration. It is SUPPOSED to signal to the person behind you or whatever that you are turning, swithcing lanes or whatever. So many people don't use them anymore, I don't even think about it. I do it automatically because that is the way I was taught.
Also, no one is in such a big hurry or is so important that you cannot stop for one cotton pickin moment while the person in front of you is stopped to make a left turn or is slowing down to make a right turn. DON"T pass them! You can stop for a second... I've actually seen 3-4 cars do this. Sometimes they give no warning so they all of a sudden swerve to go around the stopped car and i'm left to hit the brakes because I have no idea there is someone stopped in front of me.

Ok, enough complaining.
If you have never been to Haillies blog, you need go . She is having a contest that ends tomorrow I think. All you have to do is e-mail her one photoof a cute animal that you own. You may only submit one photo. Then her hubby will pick three finalists. This is the photo I submitted for the contest. This is my gray cockatiel Judy. Isn't she cute? I think she deserves at least an honorable mention:))

I am also very excited because my Aunt Betty and Uncle Glen are coming down here next week. they should be here by the 24th. Just in time for my mom's birthday. I haven't seen my aunt and uncle since January 2005, just after my father passed away. Aunt Betty was my dad's slightly older sister. They live in Maplewood, MN. Iwill get some pictures and put them up in the blogosphere during their visit.

Today is my 2nd day off , I have to go back to work tomorrow morning, then we have to finish Nicoles social studies project that is due Tuesday. Saturday we have a wedding to go to , so it is business as usual.

Hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, April 14, 2008

WOOHOO!! I got a present in the mail:))

YAY! I got my second place prize fromKaren Deborah in the mail today.. it was ... BUBBLEWRAP:)))) Thanks you so much for this fun yet economical stress realiever:))


Ok, so I either suck at taking digital pictures, or there is something wrong with my digital camera. Which one do you think it is?? LOL
The gift, pictured here ( sorry Deborah) to not do it justice... is
a box of Celestial Seasonings Green Tea in Blueberry Breeze, a packet of freshherbs from the market and a candle in the scent of Amaryllis and orange
and OMG, when my daughter and I opened the box it smelled absoutely HEAVENLY!!

This was the sweet note that was inside the package

( and she even remembered I'm on Weight Watchers!!)

This was the pretty card that the note was written in:))

Thank you so much Karen Deborah. I will definitely sit back with one of the two books I'm reading right now and enjoy of cup of tea or take a hot bubble bath and use my new candle as aromatherapy:))
And I gotta do some searching to make an awesome recipe using my fresh herbs:))

BTW I watched Oprah today with Mariah Carey , and it was a good show, but Ikept trying to spot Mimi, Dawn and Michelle, but didn't see them, oh well, hope theyhad a good time.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

Scarborough Faire Renaissance Festival

We went to the local ren fest yesterday. Carson had never been , so her and Nicole decided to dress up. Chris and I did not.

Aren't they cute? Nicole is on left , Carson on the right

This is from the Bellydancing show. One of my favorites that I go see every year

Click here if you want to learn more about this troupe of fabulous dancers!

This is Carson trying to climb a rope ladder and subsequently falling on her butt

The girls got a little pooped out about halfway through the day and decided to chill out in rope swings.

The girls got sworn in as Official Ladies of the English Court by Queen Ann Boleyn

We had an absolute blast. We had some really good food, and saw some good shows.

I know people that aren't real familiar with ren fests think the ones that go are an odd lot. Admittedly some are. Carson's parents wound up going out there too for the first time ever. They had Carsons older brother with them, he is in fifth grade. At one point we met up with them and Yvette remarked to me thatLorenzo had seen more boobs in the few hours they had been out there then the whole time he was being breast fed! It is true that some women could have a serious wardrobe malfunction, or give themselves a black eye if they hit a rough patch in the road, but most don't take it that far.

All in all it was a great day, although I got sunburnt pretty bad on my face and neck but i will survive with aloe and lidocaine:))

The girls were so tired lastnight we had to referee. They didn't seem to realize just how tired they were and kep snipping at each other, but after a good nights sleep they were fine.

Hope ya'll had a great weekend! Don't Forget my contest if you haven't already entered. It is three posts down!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

To that tune I was singing a bit more of tornado tornado go away. I've mentioned previously how scared I am of tornadoes or the threat of them. Wednesday night I awoke about 4:00 am to thunder. I turned on the news and saw this tremendous line of red / purple and signs of rotation on the radar. The weather guy says "This just in, at 4:01am the Nat'l Weather Service in Fort Worth has issued a tornado warning for northern Dallas County. "
I thought cool, we are in southern Dallas Cnty. That thought no sooner entered my brain then the tornado sirens started going off. I ran into the kitchen and screamed at my husband that the tornado sirens were going off and to wake nicole up. The he grabbed a dog , i grabbed one and we headed into the middle bathroom to cower in the tub. He then brought my bird in there too.
So for half an hour we sat listening to the storm outside and the weather on the TV.
It was scary. It all passed within a half hour. The storm was moving very fast. However yesterday we did find out that an F1 tornado had touched down in the next town over from us.
Whole ISDs were closed yesterday due to no power. It was a nasty storm. Even though our town didn't get hit with a tornado, they said we were having winds up to 80-mph.

Needless to say I"m glad I didn't have to work yesterday since I only got back to sleep 30 mins before my alarm went off anyway to start my day.

Hope everyone is doing well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't forget to enter my CONTEST two posts down celebrating my 100th post! It is easy , open to everyone and off to a hilarious start!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Same day, different post

Hiyas all! Thanks so much to all my blog reders, looks like mycontest is getting off toa smashing success!

I just got back from the Shakespeare Club tea that I was invited to by my friend Jackie. the pictures aren't that graet but you will get the idea, lol.

And Iactually got my picture taken with Janie Fricke who is from around here in Lancaster, I was a bit awestruck, asked her if I could have a picturewith her and put in on my blog she said that would be great! She is soooo nice. Got a video off of youtube for ya'll that don't know who she is...

Ok, and here are the pictures :

Me and Janie Fricke
( sorry the personwhotook this didn't center quite right)

Billie turned out to be the villan in the play:))

The Blouse Scrap Cast, that is my friend Jackie kneeling in front...

All the actresses on stage during the play, it was Hilarious!

The play was set in 1927,and they had really done some research as tothe dress of that period , the lingo, and everything. They even did researchon what candycame out during that time that sold for a penny and ordered a bunchof it, and gave it away. Among some of the candy there was Charleston Chews, Lemonheads, Bit o' Honey, and candy cigarettes!

The ladies all did such a wonderful job. I really had a good time and it cheered me up immensly (sp?).

Don't forget to enter my contest that is celebrating my 100th post!!

Look just below this post to read rules and then ENTER!!!

HAPPY 100TH TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is my 100th post,I never thought I'd get this far or have over 1000 views on mycounter! Thanks to all of my loyal readers!

Now if you will allow me a small rant, I will announce the contest shortly.

I work at my Church as the secretary. I'm in the Bell Choir. I'm also acting head of the Diaconate. I"m on several committees. I am active with our Church women's group. Does this make me a Christian? NO! It makes me nuts, lol.

I'm up at my churh alot more often than someone that only goes on Sundays. I used to enjoy doing all that. I'm at the point where I'm beginning to dread going to church. Only because of a few people that I feel are personally trying to sabotage me. For one reason or another of which I am unaware, I feel these people are out to make me lose my job, and are lying about me. Is that Christian? NO it is very very very very petty. I should be waking up on Sunday morning happy to get up and go to God's house and rejoice in a new week.

Right now my heart is very heavy. I'm hoping to confront these people, or one person in particular and find out the reason behind it. I know I can't please everyone all the time, and if it was just a few things occasionally Iwould ignore it, and just chalk it up to that person being ignorant or just plain inconsiderate.

If someone has a problem with me I wish they would tell me, confront me about it , ask me about it or whatever instead of going behind my back. That is what hurts the most. I'm hoping this will resolve itself soon. Hubby is behind me one hundred percent, and is going with whatever I decide. I am just praying hard for some guidance in how to handle this situation. Please give me a bit of support.

OK, now that I have that off my chest, I need some laughter!!
This CONTEST is easy:
There have beencontests about birth/adoption stories and some about sticking your foot in your mouth , and some really easy ones where all youhave to do is leave a comment or mentiona blog.

This is just as easy and my mom gave me the idea:

Leave a post/comment in the next two weeks regarding your funniest wedding shenanigans. It could be something gone horribly ( but hilariously) wrong at your wedding or a freinds wedding. This is open to men and women alike.

After those two weeks are up, my daughter will help me choose a winner. Not exactly sure if i will have ya'll vote on the funniest or what yet. will let you know ,and will probably depend on how many entries I get.

For example, heres what happened at my moms wedding:
The day before the wedding her twin sister had a miscarriage and was in the hospital. My mom had less than 24 hrs to find another Matron of Honor that could fit into her sisters altered dress.
The day of the wedding my father had a gland infection and was running a fever.
The day of the wedding the best man was driving my fathers car to my grandmothers house to pick up my father and dropped the transmission out of the car.
At the reception something ( coffee I think) got spilled on my mothers wedding dress, but instead of taking it get it cleaned, while my parents were on their honeymoon, my moms brother threw the dress out!! Needless to say I didn't wear my mothers gown on my wedding day.
My parents survived that day but my mother still has to laugh at all the things that wentwrong, and what should have been a beautiful day started out very shaky.

the prize? I will personally crochet you a lapghan in any color you want. The pattern I use takes three colors so you could tell me colors to match just about anything. If you aren't sure what a lapghan is, its a smaller version of an afghan. Just goes from your waist to your feet when you are huddled on couch watching tv or reading a good book. I know it is getting warm down here in Texas, but I also know that up north there is still some snow.

Have a good day and I hope to be laughing by this afternoon.!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

First of all I have to say YAY! I checked my messages this morning and found out I won second place in a blog contest from Karen Deborah at FreshFixins. Will let ya'll know what I won when I receive it in the mail. THANKS DEBORAH!!

Also , my little fingers are about to fall off. I'm so busy crocheting my third lapghan. I have about two weeks left to finish it. I will post pictures of the most recent two here in the next week or so.

The next post I do will reveal my contest. It will be fun and funny. It will be open to anyone, and will run for two weeks. I hope you will like the prize!!

Also, on top of spring cleaning, Nicole has a school project we are working on for social studies. They have to create a business of their own. Something that an 8-10 yr old will be able to do that an 8-10 year old will want to purchase. We are making fun jewelry, colorful decorated pencils and whatnot. It has to be on a 3-part open display board and is due on the 22nd. That night is the last parents night of the school year and they will be on display.

If you live in Texas you know what the TAKS tests are. They are the standard tests given from 3rd grade and up to assess the childs skills with Math and Reading. Nicole took her Reading one last month and we just got the scores back. She missed one. Yes, just ONE, and got a commended score. We are very proud of her. Her math taks is coming up at the end of April. These tests determine whether they progress to the next grade or not. Teacher said we have nothing to worry about. We are so very proud of her. As much as Chris and I love to read it is a blessing that she has the same itch for reading. She is always bugging me to order books, or go to the used book store. :))

I'm also excited that my friend Jackie invited me to an afternoon tea tomorrow that is being put on by the local Shakespeare Club. I went to the one last year and it was very nice, so I'm happy to be coming back this year. The women are all so nice. One person that I was excited to meet last year that is a member is Janie Fricke, the Country Singer. She is such a sweet lady.

I will try to get some pictures up tomorrow night to show you how much fun we had.

And last but not least, I found out the other day my Aunt Betty and Uncle Glen are coming for a visit the week of my moms birthday , which is April 26:)) I haven't seen them since January of 2005, just after my father passed away and my mom and I went up to Minnesota for my grandmothers 93 birthday. ( my aunt Betty was my dads older sister).

I can't wait, lots of exciting stuff going on and coming up soon.

Monday, April 7, 2008


Sorry coudn't think of any other title for this post as I just came back from the fruit sand. As I type this I'm pausing occasionally to crack open some fresh peanuts I just bought, along with zucchini, golden apples and sweet red grapes. i will probably fix the zucchini tonight with the chicken I am going to make.
Can you tell I'm hungry atm? But instead of stuffing my self with not good for me snacks, after I eat a few more peanuts i'm going to go do my 10 workout tape from Weight Watchers.

I'm soo looking forward to this weekend. I will definately get some exercise come Saturday. We are going to go to the localRenaissance festival. This is something we do every year. It is a blast. If you would like more info on the faire click here.

The weather is suppopsed to cooperate Saturday and be in the mid 70s. We have gone out there before when it was 90 + and that is not fun. That is just plain too freakin hot!!

Nicole's friend Carson will be coming with us and both girls want to dress up as princesses. I promise to take lots of pictures and post them early next week.
This is post # 98. At post #100 my contest will be announced so stay tuned!!!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Bank Brat

I'veseenthis commercial twice now on TV. Itcracks me up everytime I see it, becasue you can actually imagine a little kid doing this.. Makes me kind of leary to go to the drive thru window of a bank now:))

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Keychain

So, I did receive my really cute keychain that I ordered with the gift certificate I won off My mommysbracelets.com. Unfortunately my digital camera is being tupid and I can't get a good picture of it to post on here. It is heart-shaped and has four stone danglies on it with the tag of Family. iI really love it, and I didn't use my whole gift certificate so I will be back there soon ordering more!!
She has bracelets , keychains, and necklaces. For all different occasions too. Check it out. The owner/disigner is Vanessa Younts. She has beautiful work.

Anyway, today was my day off and I got some stuff accomplished. Have alot more to do tomorrow though.

This weekend begins the Renaissance Festival down here in Waxahachie.

It is called Scarborough Faire. We have gone out there every year just about. It is the size of three football fields. If you like that period in time you would enjoy this one. I promise to take pictures to share with everyone. Sometimes we go out there in costume. Not sure if we will be going like that this year or dress as ordinary folk. The food out there is fabulous, so definitely gotta take care with all that I eat, lol, else I'm liable to weigh in and not do so good.

Will post more later, and I'm getting closer to my 100th post, which will be the announcement of my contest!!

Stay tuned!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Twistah, a Twistah!!!!

Ok, flashback to the Wizard of Oz, sorry.

Well, I thought this this would be an appropriate post for this time of year in Texas. Tornadoes. They scare the bejeebies out of me. Even the threat of tornadoes. I hear we are under a tornado watch, or the sky has that eerie gray/green color and I panik. So do my dogs. Any storm comes up with thunder and lightening and you can bet I will find a stinky pile in my den from Cooper. That kind of weather literally scares the poop out of her.
I've never actually been in a tornado. I love to watch the movie Twister. But I've been close before and I guess that just fuels my fright.
Anyone around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex will remember back in 1994 when two F3 tornadoes struck the same part of Lancaster two nights in a row. I now live in Lancaster. I know I'm in Tornado alley. It scares me to death. This part of spring and the first part of fall is our best chance at getting weather that might turn tornadic ( is that a real word??).
the first spring we lived here, we knew that storms were likely late in the afternoon. We checked the radar and it looked like stuff was moving in so I ran to the store earlier than I had planned. The sky looked eerie but wasn't doing anything. My hubby called me and told me to hurry up there was a tornado a few towns over. I got the heck out of the store and was half way to my car when the Tornado sirens went off. I threw my bags in the car and ran back into the grocery store. I was freaking out. All these other people were walking aroudn looking normal, acting like the sirens weren't even going off. I got to the manager of the store and was totally freaked out. He was trying to calm me down. I called chris and Nicole back and there was no answer which scared me more. Finally chris called me back , told me to get in the car and get homeASAP, the sirens had stopped. I must have driven about 50 mph down a 30 mph street to race home. Just as I was turning onto my street the sirens went off again. I was shaking and scared out of my mind. Chris had the frame of mind to have the door open for me so I could just run into the bathroom and sit in the bathtub. No sooner did I get home then the sirens stopped again and the sky cleared within about 15 minutes. N o thunder, lightening, wall clouds, NOTHING.
A favorite saying in Texas is if you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes it will change.

We went through something similar yesterday. I got home from work abut 215pm. I thought I might surprise hubby and mow the grass. then I looked out at the sky and it was turning grayish. I thought no biggy since they said we were going to get scattered storms, some possibly severe. I checked the radar on the tv a little while after that and there were full blown tornado warnings popping all around us, and they were moving our way.
Thank God all we got was a bit of wind, rain, thunder /lightening and a pile of poop from Cooper.
All that had popped up within one hour. At 2pm, nothing, by 245/30opm tornado warnings and hail all over the darn place.
If you have a fear of something, like I do with tornados, share it here. Would be interesting to see what others are afraid of.
Have a great day!!

for all of you who were hoping my daughter is ok, she is, just one day of the barfies. She went back to school today.

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A Twistah, a Twistah!!!!

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