Monday, April 7, 2008


Sorry coudn't think of any other title for this post as I just came back from the fruit sand. As I type this I'm pausing occasionally to crack open some fresh peanuts I just bought, along with zucchini, golden apples and sweet red grapes. i will probably fix the zucchini tonight with the chicken I am going to make.
Can you tell I'm hungry atm? But instead of stuffing my self with not good for me snacks, after I eat a few more peanuts i'm going to go do my 10 workout tape from Weight Watchers.

I'm soo looking forward to this weekend. I will definately get some exercise come Saturday. We are going to go to the localRenaissance festival. This is something we do every year. It is a blast. If you would like more info on the faire click here.

The weather is suppopsed to cooperate Saturday and be in the mid 70s. We have gone out there before when it was 90 + and that is not fun. That is just plain too freakin hot!!

Nicole's friend Carson will be coming with us and both girls want to dress up as princesses. I promise to take lots of pictures and post them early next week.
This is post # 98. At post #100 my contest will be announced so stay tuned!!!!


Karen Deborah said...

way to go. Take it 5 pounds at a time! I'm going to get a pair of short running shorts when i loose my weight, dimples and all. aren't ya glad you live in another state?

Karen Deborah said...

mabunny you won second place and you'll get a little surprise!

MaBunny said...

YAY!! I won during a blog contest:))
Thanks Deborah;))

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