Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Yoplait Giveaway Winner

The Yoplait "Keeping Cool in School" giveaway that I hosted last week ended this past Sunday at Midnight. Had a really busy day yesterday so finally got down to sorting out entries and picking a winner:

Congratulations to Ashley!

I need you to email me your information so that I can get your prize pack on its way!

I will be hosting another giveaway for fun stuff soon, so stay tuned!

Monday, August 16, 2010

It's Hotter Than A...

Finish the sentence anyway you want !

Here in Dallas ,Texas we are suffering through the third straight week of triple digit temps. You break a sweat going from the house to your car. You take the dog for a potty walk and pray that they make it a fast one.

You would like to walk around naked, but that wouldn't help and NO ONE would like to see that.

I received this via e-mail the other day and I think it is an accurate description of just how hot it is here...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back to School Giveaway!

* In the interest of full disclosure I was provided a Keeping Cool in School gift pack and a coupon for a free Yoplait product through Yoplait and My Blog Spark. I received no other compensation.*

Wow! It's that time already! Nicole starts back to school this coming Monday the 16th. We had her orientation yesterday, where we found out who her teacher will be. She didn't get the one she wanted but the one she got seems nice.

I always have a problem with what to put in Nicoles lunches for school. Very rarely does she want to eat school food and I really can't blame her there... but she is a pretty picky eater. One thing she does like is the Yoplait GoGurts. If she eats nothing else I pack for her, I can usually count on her at least eating the yogurt.

If you have never tried the Yoplait Gogurts , they are really good for school lunches. They can be eaten soft like regular yogurt, or as a frozen treat! It won't hurt to buy this and then put them in the freezer till you are ready to have a nice cool treat. They come in cool flavors that kids love too, such as Strawberry Splash and Chill-out Cherry.

So, when asked if I wanted to participate in this My Blog Spark giveaway I agreed! I received a coupon for a free Yoplait yogurt product, along with a Keeping Cool in School prize pack.

The prize pack includes an insulated lunch tote, a sandwich container, two pencils, a flexible calculator, a flower highlighter with 5 colors, a water bottle, and a fan pen ( which might come in handy here in the 100 degree Texas heat when she is going from class to class! lol).

Yoplait and My Blog Spark were nice enough to give me an extra prize pack to give away to one lucky reader! It will contain all of the above items, plus the coupon for a free Yoplait yogurt product.

1-The mandatory entry is to tell me how you handle school lunches. Do you let your kids pack their own? Do you pack them a nice nutritious lunch and hope they don't trade it? If so, what kinds of things do you pack? This might help some of us who are challenged with coming up with new ideas that our kids will eat.

The following are good for one entry each. ( Please leave a seperate comment for each! )

* Follow this blog
* Friends on Facebook

This contest will end at Midnight CST, Sunday , August 15.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Catch- up with Pictures

YAY!!! I'm finally able to get pictures off of my phone again! Nicole found the blue tooth key that links computer to phone!

So, here is a ton of pics that I have wanted to share with you for a while!


Here is Nicole and her favorite teacher Mrs. White on the last day of school. She was Nicole's homeroom teacher as well as her science teacher.

This is Nicole with the rest of her Battle of the Books team. They made it through the first two elimination rounds, but got beat on the third. They had to read 10 books each for this competition. They did a great job!

One of the many sets of baby booties and a hat I made last school year. Several teachers had babies. This was for a baby girl.

This is a baby blanket I made for a baby girl. It turned out really pretty.

This was another baby girl blanket I did in more traditional colors. This one actually went to Michelle of My Two Army Brats for her new baby Mackinley.

We got a ton of snow dumped on us in late January. This was Nicole all bundled up while we played outside a bit.

Korie romping through the snow - she loved it!

This pic was from when Nicole's school went to greet the troops at the airport the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

Patriotic Nicole at the airport waiting to greet the troops

This picture is from my younger cousins graduation party. Mollie, on the left, will be leaving this coming Friday to go to the University of Arkansas at Monticello. On the other side of Nicole is her other cousin Kimberly, who is a sophmore this year!

This was Korie on the day of her graduation from obedience school. See the little graduation cap next to her? We tried desperately to get her to wear it, but it was a no go.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those! I've held on to them hoping I could show them off soon! I can finally delete them from my phone now that I have them on the computer.

Will write more tomorrow, hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WINNER - Penguins of Madagascar DVD

Howdy to all out there in bloggy land:) I was planning on having this drawing this morning, but as always real life interfered a bit.

I printed out each comment that was left as an entry to this contest and Nicole drew the winner, which is...


Congratulations! If you would please e-mail me your address so I can send you your Penguins of Madagascar gift pack, I will get that right out!

Have fun, and I should have a back to school give away here pretty soon!

Happy summer!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Volleyball Camp Fun

Nicole came to my moms last Tuesday to spend the last few weeks with us before she goes back to school. The first night she was here, she went with my cousin Julie and her oldest daughter Mollie to watch Mollie work some Volleyball games that evening. She stayed on the court with Mollie for a bit, but then decided she didn't like the balls coming at her that fast, so she switched to working in the concession stand. She wound up having a great time, so Julie asked her if she wanted to attend the Volleyball camp there for the next five weeks. She decided it sounded like fun.

This past Friday night was her first time. She had played a bit of V-Ball at her school in gym, but that is nothing compared to how these girls play. They had placed her with the younger kids because she hadn't played much, so she learned how to serve and volley. She worked muscles she didn't even know she had, so she was a bit sore, but still had a lot of fun.

She can't play any sports at her school until 7th grade, but she says she likes volleyball and she wants to try it some more :) The camp is the next 4 Fridays. The next two won't be bad, but since she starts back to school on the 16th, we will have to see. We will try our hardest to get her here.

Here is the picture of her that I took when she was ready to get on the court

Isn't she getting big? She is so pretty, smart , and funny. (but shhhh, I may be just a bit prejudice)

And speaking of Volleyball, Mollie was awarded a full athletic scholarship to the University of Arkansas at Monticello. She will be a Cotton Blossom::)) She leaves for college on the 13th, so only 11 days away! ARGH!

Last Wednesday my aunt and uncle had a cookout. After all the good food was done with, Kimberly, Nicole, my mom and my aunt sat down to play Scrabble and Julie and I got into a Wii match. She kicked my butt in bowling and tennis, but then I wiped the floor with her while boxing:) Told her it was the first time ever that I'd kicked her butt. We had a lot of laughs over that for sure. ( not counting the time we were little and I beat her over the head with a Barbie doll!) I know in the past we had some problems, mainly stemming from miscommunication, but we have worked all that out.

Well, that is about enough for today. I will announce the winner of my Penguins of Madagascar DVD review tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a great week:)

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