Saturday, June 19, 2010

Too Early and Too HOT!

It is too early in summer to be this HOT! We are already reaching temps with a heat index of 101-105! YUCK! Just to take my moms dog for a quick walk we come back way too hot. If I want to workout, I either do it here in the house, or go to the gym here on site. I would love to get out and walk in the fresh air, but again too freaking hot.

Nicole has been here at my moms also, for the past two weeks. We have kept busy. We went to the movies, and my mom and I took her ice skating, but she was happiest because there are three pools here.

I was back at home on Wednesday, and when I was on my way back here to my moms, Yvette ( mother of Nicoles BFF Carson) called me to see when Nicole was coming back home since Carson wanted to see her. I talked to her and we decided she would bring Carson over to my moms the next morning so they could spend the day together. She wound up spending the night and they had so much fun. A couple of hours at the pool and they were pooped. Added to that, chicken for lunch, along with the peanut butter cup cookies we made and they were out by 11pm. Usually when the two of them are together they don't go to sleep much before 2 or 3 in the morning!

When we finally got them up around 830 the next morning I made Crepes and sausage for them and her dad came to get her. My mom, Nicole and I watched movies the rest of the day where we stayed cool.

Today we will round up Nicoles stuff and wrap Chris' Fathers Day presents. He will be coming here tomorrow to celebrate and we will make him lunch and go swimming, and then he is taking Nicole back home with him.

All in all it has been a good week. Hope everyone has had a good week as well.

Will write more later!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Blogging Buddies

This isn't a bad note, it is an apology.

An apology for not blogging the last month or so, and being lax when I was blogging. I know all of us get in that kind of rut now and again, or real life interrupts and blogging gets put on the back burner.

I've hinted that I had a lot of stuff going on in my life right now and I wasn't kidding. Most of the stuff is quite personal and I still am not ready to reveal all. What I will say is that physically I am doing a whole lot better than I have in a long time. I've been consistently working out in one form or another and am totally loving the results! Right now, its hard for me to see the results and my friend Flea suggested that I start measuring the main parts I'm trying to whittle down and then I could see the results. That was a great suggestion and I will probably do that this week.
Emotionally I am getting to a better place too, and that is all I'm going to say about that.

Since the Sunday after Nicole and I got out of school I've been staying with my mom in Arlington. It has been so much fun. Granted I talk to her every day, sometimes twice, but I am finally getting to spend time with her. While I am here I plan on learning on how to make Noodles and Dumplings. Those are both things that my grandmothers could make from scratch, and that they taught my mom and now it is time for me to learn. It should be interesting if nothing else:)

Nicole has been here with us for the past week and we have had fun too. We've done a lot of swimming,( with SPF 50 sunscreen), and we went and saw the new Karate Kid movie on Friday. Today we all went to the mall so Nicole could ice skate after I came home from my 40 mins aerobics class.

Good times all around.

More good news on the homefront is that Chris got a new job. He liked is old job, but this one is a bit more money and we now have benefits ( read INSURANCE)! YAY!!! So hopefully things will continue to look up, and get better with time.

I'm hoping all of you out there are having a good , fun and safe summer! When I get home, or when I am able to get to the library and get on a computer I will catch up on all of your news. My mom has a computer which I'm currently using, but it is a dial up dinosaur and I am unable to load Facebook and blogs, due to the amount of time it takes to do so :P

I haven't forgotten ya'll, and I hope you haven't forgotten me:)

( oh and a side note - A big congrats goes out to our family friend Lacy, who graduated on June 8! and my younger cousin Mollie who graduated on June 4, had a party on June 5 and left on June 6 for Paris for 9 days with several of her friends. She just got back home yesterday so I haven't had a chance to talk to her, but ugh I'm just a bit jealous! lol.)

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Have You Ever....

Time for another edition of Mama Kats Writers Workshop. I've been trying to do this weekly, to try my hand at writing different types of posts. She comes up with , or finds interesting prompts weekly, so if you haven't tried it ,please go check it out!

The prompt I picked this week was #4 Begin each line of your post with “have you ever”.

I chose this , and I'm not sure I can come up with a long post, but I will try to make it interesting. However, by writing this I'm NOT admitting to anything!

Have you ever wanted to pull your hair out... then thought that you would look good bald?

Have you ever wondered what planet your child hailed from because he/she acts so weird... but then realize that ALL kids that age act weird?

Have you ever gone to work having forgotten to put your make-up on... then have everyone you run into ask you if you are feeling ok?

Have you ever been trying two different shoes on with an outfit to see which looked better... then got busy, went to Church and only then realized you still had two different shoes on?

Have you ever worn a new pair of heels to an event where the floor was slippery... and then slipped on said floor in your new heels and fallen on your butt showing everyone what you had on under your skirt?

Have you ever had time alone with your spouse where he/she was trying to get romantic...and you were so tired that you fell asleep?

Have you ever laughed so hard...because your significant other farted so loud in their sleep they woke themselves up?

Have you ever been to the movies watching a serious movie...and busted out laughing instead of crying and had everyone staring at you?

Well, Have you????

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Win Free Groceries

* In the interest of full disclosure, I was given a $30 gift card to Kroger's Grocery Store, provided by General Mills, Krogers, and My Blog Spark. I received no other compensation, and any opinions expressed here are strictly my own.*

Recently My Blog Spark contacted me to see if I would like help in eating healthier and losing weight. This couldn't have come at a better time, since I was starting to work out more and snack less. I knew I couldn't get swimsuit ready, but I could do something to feel better about myself.

Since Krogers is a big supporter of The Biggest Loser show, and provides a lot of the General Mills healthy products used on the show, they would provide me with a $30 gift card to try some of those products out.

When I recieved it in the mail I went shopping. There is a big selection at my local Kroger store of General Mills cereals, of which I chose Chocolate Cheerios, since they are low in fat and may help reduce my cholesteral levels. I also chose Fiber One Granola Bars, which are filling and taste great too!

As for cereal, you could also choose Total. It comes in a variety of flavors that can also help keep you on the healthy track. Those are just a small sampling of the variety of food that General Mills offers.

Now once you have decided to take off a few pounds and eat a bit healthier, you can go to the Pound for Pound Challenge website to help you even further. For every pound you pledge to lose, they will donate 14 cents to the local food bank of your choice to help those in need. I won't tell you how muchI pledged to lose, but just let me say that I feel great that my local food bank will be getting a substantial amount of food!

However I did not pledge an unreasonable amount. I kept my weight loss goal realistic, as I'm hoping you will.

General Mills, Krogers and My Blog Spark was also kind enough to provide me with another $30 gift card to Krogers for one lucky reader of my blog! Who wouldn't like free groceries??
I hope that you will buy and try the healthy General Mills products, but if you don't, we won't come get you!

Ways to Win:

1) MANDATORY - tell me what you do to stay healthy, and which General Mills product helps you with that.

the following good for one additional entry each! and they MUST BE in seperate comments!

2) follow my blog
3) blog about my giveaway, and the pound for pound challenge.

Good luck, and this contest will end at Midnight (CST) on Monday June 7, 2010.
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