Monday, August 31, 2009

It Didn't Get Done...

Not sure I mentioned this, but Chris went out of town this weekend to his cousins funeral. That meant that Nicole and I were fending for ourselves this weekend. No biggy, I had big plans for Friday Movie night, and then spend the rest of the time working on stuff that needs to be done before my MIL moves in.

Friday movie night was fun. We ate pizza and popcorn, and watched the new Wizards of Waverly Place movie premiere on Disney.

Saturday NOTHING GOT DONE!!!! It was a good day though. I woke up early, thinking I'd get some Facebook time before Nicole woke up. I ate breakfast, fed the dogs, and was playing on the computer when the phone rang at 845. It was my BFFs hubby William who I knew was coming through town later that day. He said he was nearly to our house and needed final directions. Um, ok, but Nicole is still asleep and I'm still in jammies.
So I gave him the directions, told him to drive slow so I had time to hop in the shower, and get dressed. I did so very quickly, then woke Nicole up to get her in the shower. He stayed and visited till like 11 or so. Still no biggy, we were doing great, and enjoyed his visit. BUT. ( you know there is always a but), when he was on his way here, my phone rang again. I didn't recognize the number, and it was a male voice, saying HEy there! i was like Hey... he asked if i recognized the voice. NOPE. If I had had my mind on the phone call at that moment I would have recognized it - it was our friends from OK, calling to say there would be coming through town on their way to the new Cowboy stadium for the Cowboy/ 49ers game that evening and would we like to meet them somewhere. YUP we would!

So by the time Nicole and I headed out to do the grocery shopping, we had just enough time to come home, unload the groceries, sit for about 30 mins or so and back out we went to the restaurant. We had a great time visiting with them, and they were sorry that Chris wasn't with us, but we called him on the phone and took a picture of them for him to see.

Yesterday we did wind up cleaning and doing the stuff that was supposed to get done Saturday, but then what I had planned for Sunday went to boot. oh well, seeing old friends was fantastic and made for a great day.

Here is the picture of Dawn, Tony and NIcole. Too bad they look like they have no faces, since I took the picture with the sun behind them:))

Hope ya'll had a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catch - Up

Well, Nicole is halfway through her second week of 5th grade and so far she is LOVING IT!!
She really likes all her teachers and is slowly making new friends. She is very friendly and sweet so she shouldn't have any trouble in that area.
I'm horrible though, I didn't take a picture of her on her first day, so I took this one this past Monday - isn't she a cutie? and for her to have that big a smile that early in the morning , well, for her , that is just downright amazing!

I subbed a half day on Monday and all day yesterday. I loved being back , and seeing alot of the kiddos that I worked with last year. Most of them recognize me which is a good thing. I have like 7 more days scheduled already, so there should be plenty of work for my MIL when she moves up here , which is only like 5 weeks away!

A couple of things have happened over the last week or two , and some people needs thoughts and prayers if you please:
Laura aka Peach lost her beloved pooch Squirt the other day. Seems she went to sleep and passed peacefully, but for anyone of you that has ever lost a beloved pet - it is hard, since they quickly become family.

I had previously asked that you keep my friend Christina and her family in your thoughts and prayers as her MIL got seriously ill on a recent vacation and was hospitalized. They are back home and her MIL is now in a local hospital there , being taken care of by her own doctors. Anyway, after numerous tests it was found that her MIL has a brain tumor on her frontal lobe, and will need surgery.

My husbands cousin passed away early yesterday morning. He had not seen this cousin in a long time but they had been very close a long time ago. Since my hubby is so wonderful with words he was asked to write the obituary and eulogy. He will be leaving for Abilene Friday afternoon with some other family members. Nicole and I had never met this particular cousin, so we are staying home this weekend.

and last but certainly not least, my younger cousin Mollie , the Volleyball champ ( 17yrs ol, 6'2", being sought after by tons of colleges, played VB in Junior Olympics, kicks major VB butt), anyway, she hurt her shoulder this past weekend at some games they went to in another city. She can't play this week, so hopefully she won't be out of commission to long ,as it is her senior year of HS, and she made the Varsity team!

I yanked these photos off of FB from my Cousin Julies page - ( she is their mom):

( These are their Volleyball pics )
This is Mollie - isn't she a beaut? She has a very weet smile, but watch out if you are on the opposing VB team as she will whip your butt!

This is my other cousin Kimberly. She too plays VB, in a different position then Mollie, but wow, she too will kick your hiney if you are not on her team! She isn't old enough to be on the Varsity VB team, but she made the starting team!

And the very last picture is of our puppy Korie - and just how big she has gotten - she is now close to 30 lbs, and loves to play keep away with her rope bone or ball, stick, your fingers, whatever ... she is starting to lose her puppy teeth, so she is chewing more than ever, but she still has yet to ruin any shoes - she just chewed a hole in the corner of a couch cushion...

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Words to Live By ( For Women)

Since I have to work all day Tuesday I thought I'd do this post tonight. I actually got called in to work a half day which was cool. I enjoyed seeing kids that I saw last year - they are now big 2nd graders and they have grown - they were cute! I sub 2nd grade again tomorrow but a different class.

Anyway, my mom emailed me these words to live by - take them to heart and have a good laugh!

Subject: Words for Women to Live By :)
> 1. Aspire to be Barbie - the bitch has everything.
> 2. If the shoe fits - buy them in every color.
> 3. Take life with a pinch of salt... A wedge of lime, and a shot of
> tequila.
> 4. In need of a support group? - Cocktail hour with the girls!
> 5. Go on the 30 day diet. (I'm on it and so far I've lost 15 days).
> 6. When life gets you down - just put on your big girl panties and deal
> with it.
> 7. Let your greatest fear be that there is no PMS and this is just your
> personality.
> 8. I know I'm in my own little world, but it's ok. They know me here.
> 9. Lead me not into temptation, I can find it myself.
> 10. Don't get your knickers in a knot; it solves nothing and makes you walk
> funny.
> 11. When life gives you lemons in 2009 - turn it into lemonade then mix it
> with vodka.
> 12. Remember where ever there is a good looking; sweet, single or married
> man there is some woman tired of his bullshit!
> 13. Keep your chin up, only the first 40 years of parenthood are the
> hardest.
> 14. If it has Tires or Testicles it's gonna give you trouble.
> 15. By the time a women realizes her mother was right, she has a daughter
> who thinks she's wrong.
After its all said and done - we ALL need a reason to smile and laugh!

Hoep everyone is having a great week so far!

H.A and H. B


Happy Anniversary to Chris and I - 13 wonderful years!!!!

Second -

Happy Birthday to my BFF Nikki! Gplease go give her a big birthday 'hug' here

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Well, this post isn't going to be very long at all. I didn't sleep well, partially due to the fact that between my hubby and I we were up about every two hours because the puppy had an upset tummy. She was a good puppy though and would whine and cry till we took her outside quickly. She never did get sick in the house, but it made for a very long night. After dropping Nicole off at school I may lay back down for a bit but Chris doens't get to do that , so I hope he will be ok today.

Anyway, two quick things I"ve found lately that I'm posting about.
First you know I love to eat. Second, one of those places I love to eat at is OUTBACK Steakhouse. Been there? love it? Well here is a chance to win a gift certificate, so you can go have a bloomin' onion, ribs, steak, shrimp, chicken or steamed veggies! YUMMy!
Click here to enter that giveaway!

The other thing that I found recently is from The Mommy Files. I love reading her blog and she does great reviews and always has something to give away. Well she has come up with a fun idea for one of my favorite holidays - a Halloween Blog or Treat! Click on the new button near the top of my sidebar to check it out!

Have a great day!

oopsie - trying to put the Halloween Blog or Treat button on my sidebar and it didn't work - let me try here...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

One Week Later

Here's my mom as she was this morning! See? no more bruising, but there is still some swelling around the incision site, and under her eyes, but doesn't she look great?
She commented how wonderful it was to put on a baseball cap and actually be able to see the rim! she also told me she could see her WHOLE building outside now, instead of just what was right in front of her.

Her eyes still aren't totally fixed yet, as she has been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration in both eyes, but we are working on getting all of that taken care of.

In other news today, Nicole has survived the first two days of school and is on her third. She likes her teachers, and is trying to make new friends... She was really bummed about starting this school year without her BFF Carson. Carsons mom and dad have decided to homeschool her and her older brother , so it was kind of a bittersweet back to school. They still keep in touch though and I'm sure there will be many sleepovers.

Wow, I had to break there for a sec and answer the phone. I already had sub days scheduled for the first week in September, but I just got asked to sub first gradenext Tuesday! WOOT!
Also, the other day one of the other Lifeschool campuses called and asked if I would like to be one of their subs too! I really can't do that until my MIL moves in , so there would still be one of us to pick Nicole up at her campus.

Thats about it for now, except that I ask all of you to keep my friend Christina of RantRavenRoll and her family in your prayers. They were on one last short vacation before school starts , and while on this vacation her MIL had a stroke ( they think) while they were at Sea World. She is in a hospital there in San Antonio , and the doctors and nurses aren't giving Christi and her family the kind of information they need.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 17, 2009


hehe , Thanks Rick! If you like this doodle, (which I have saved since school started LAST year), go find it and many more from blogger/artist Rick Green.

Actually school starts TODAY for the school that Nicole attends. The public schools around here start next week , on the 24th.

Have a great day ya'll!

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Last Few Days Via Pictures

Ok, here are the pictures I promised you over the last few days:

When Nicole and I went to Uptown Village last Friday, we found some really cool stores. I thought this was a really cute bracelet - and we found it at Charming Charlie

Nicole messing around with headbnads and such, striking a pose
Really cute picture of Nicole near a fountain:)
Ok, Now this is when we were in Arlingtong , at my moms house. This is a picture of the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium , which no longer resides in Dallas. I took this from the parking lot of Walmart across the street.

This is my mom, right before her surgery. No, she was not given any good drugs to look like that - that is what her eyes looked like, hence the surgery to remove all that excess skin from her eyelids. She was awake throughout the entire surgery.

This is her about 2 hours AFTER surgery. ( The bruising hadn't started yet). But look how wide her eyes are now, she looks great!

This picture I took about 3 days after her surgery. The bruising was in full swing here. Nicole commented to her that it looked like she had the NIKE checkmark under her left eye.

I promise to post some pics once the swelling and discoloration go away so you can see how totally awesome she looks! Thanks for all the well wishes:))

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Still Here

Yuppers, I'm still at my moms house. See, chris was supposed to pick us up lastnight, but he is now sick. The other guy he works with didn't bother to share the little tidbit if info that his whole family got sick over their vacation , so when he came back to work feeling poorly, he shared it with my hubby. Now Chris is coughing, barely has a voice, and feels like crap.

Since Nicole starts school this coming Monday we are staying here till at least tomorrow evening. Hopefully he will feel better enough to come get us. Otherwise maybe my aunt will run us home.

Anyway, my mom is doing fantastic. her eyes look really puffy, but the discoloration is starting to go down. She is very pleased with the results, but they said it would take a few months to really see how she will look, after everything is totally healed.

As a thank you to me for coming and staying with her my mom send Nicole and I for a manicure yesterday - it was nice. We both got French manicures and look beautimous. Of course, more pics of that will be posted probably Monday now, since I won't be home till tomorrow evening.

Hope everyone is doing great. I am despereatley missing Facebook at the moment. I can't play any of my games! I can log into FB, but my mom doesnt' hae Flashplayer or anything for me to play. I'll try to download it;)

Take care everyone and have a great weekend!

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Moms Ok!!!!

As you may recall , I mentioned that I was going to spend the weekend with my mom and she was going in for eye surgery on Monday. They said the surgery would only be around an hour or so and we could go home shortly thereafter.
She came through it well, but the meds are starting to wear off so she is hurting a bit, but she looks totally different! She wanted me to photo document it, but I can't post the pictures from her computer, so I won't be able to post them until Thursday.

What did she have done you may be asking. Well, all her life she has had a bit of extra skin over her eyelids. Growing up she was unable to ever wear eye makeup due to the fact that you wouldn't be able to ever see it! So basically she had an eye lift? but due to it being deemed medically necessary her insurance paid 100 percent ( always a good thing:))

Chris dropped us off here Saturday after he got off work, and yesterday we went to my aunts house where Nicole and I went swimming. I hadn't been in a pool since last summer so it was a treat for me. Needless to say I was a bit stiff this morning, but not too bad.

The doctor said by this Wednesday my mom will look like she went a few rounds with Mike Tyson and lost. Right now her eyes are starting to purple up a bit, but you can see her eyeballs, which is totally amazing! I've taken the before pictures and right after - so you will be able tosee the difference.

More good news was received yesterday - remember my little fundraising button on my upper left sidebar? the one for organ donation being led by friend Hallie? Well in addition to raising over $5600, she is giving a prize package away everday for 25 days. This started on August 3rd. Well, yesterday, my MIL won the prize package for Sunday! She won a Blockbuster gift certificate, an FM shower clock radio, a necklace and some awesome prints that we can frame and hang in her new room when she moves in with us! I've still got hope that I will win something, however she had over 7,000 virtual raffle tickets, so I'm not going to hold my breath. I will however wish everyone that wins something a big congrats!

I will try and blog more while I'm at my moms, but as I said won't be able topost pics till Thursday. Heres to hoping everyone had a great weekend, and a great Monday kick off to the new week!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm A Morning Bird

I am. I can't help it. Rarely do I fall off the wrong side of the bed and get up cranky. Now I know when I run into NON morning birds I know to expect a bit of grumpiness and or downright nastiness. Usually this can be cured with a bit of java. Obviously this was not the case this morning when I did a quick jaunt to 7-11.

I wanted some apple juice and we were out. I was craving apple juice and you know how some of those cravings go - I HAD to have apple juice this morning. Anyway, I drove up there in our new Volvo, and nothing bad happened. I pulled into the parking lot , noticed a prime spot righ in front of the door and go to pull in when I noticed the car in the next spot ( a big ass SUV) still had their door open while they fiddled with their wallet, coffee and or makeup. There was another car in the other space on the other side of me, and I still had enough room to squeeze my little car in there.
Open door realized it and shut her door. Ok.

Then as I go to open my door and the two occupants of the black truck come out of the store and instead of waiting for me to get out of the car ( ladies first), the non morning person just walks to his door totally oblivious to me with my door partially open. I had to close it so HE could get to his door. Then after he gets in and I go to get out of my car, two pidgens ( aka two guys who have NOTHING better to do in the morning but stand outside , people watch and smoke) say " hey baby ( talking to me) he's getting ready to back out" - um DUH and NO he wasn't - his truck wasn't even running yet. I mumbled I know and continued into the store.

I was reaching for the handle of the door and if I hadn't been paying attention I would have been knocked on my butt. Yet another non morning person came busting out of the door, not even seeing me, as he never looked in my direction, cell phone to his ear and xtra large java juice in his hand. He was looking toward his vehicle parked at the gas pump but was totally unaware there MIGHT BE someone coming in the door he was busting out of.

HOW RUDE!!! I swear that was the most unpleasant way for a morning bird like me to be greeted in a whole maybe 5 minutes. OMG!

People need to get a grip....


Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Today is :

- nutso
- hot
- Tuesday
- (nutso - did I mention that already?)
- 12 days before school starts
- the day Nicole goes to the doctor to see if she needs any shots for school
- the day after we took the puppy for her last set of shots
- (nutso)
- the day I'm making a meatloaf and some scalloped eggplant so I don't have to cook much else today or tomorrow
- the day it is supposed to reach 102 degrees - again
- the day my hubby has to go to work in deplorable conditions - AGAIN
- the day I'm NOT going to get to just sit on my ass and read my two new books from the library
- the day I wish school was already back in session
- nutso ( that word again? )
- the day where I'm giving all three dogs a bath ( hence the nutso part?)
- the day I got an ant bite on my toe while trying to adjust the hose in the yard
- nutso.....

Hope YOU have a good day:)))
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