Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm A Morning Bird

I am. I can't help it. Rarely do I fall off the wrong side of the bed and get up cranky. Now I know when I run into NON morning birds I know to expect a bit of grumpiness and or downright nastiness. Usually this can be cured with a bit of java. Obviously this was not the case this morning when I did a quick jaunt to 7-11.

I wanted some apple juice and we were out. I was craving apple juice and you know how some of those cravings go - I HAD to have apple juice this morning. Anyway, I drove up there in our new Volvo, and nothing bad happened. I pulled into the parking lot , noticed a prime spot righ in front of the door and go to pull in when I noticed the car in the next spot ( a big ass SUV) still had their door open while they fiddled with their wallet, coffee and or makeup. There was another car in the other space on the other side of me, and I still had enough room to squeeze my little car in there.
Open door realized it and shut her door. Ok.

Then as I go to open my door and the two occupants of the black truck come out of the store and instead of waiting for me to get out of the car ( ladies first), the non morning person just walks to his door totally oblivious to me with my door partially open. I had to close it so HE could get to his door. Then after he gets in and I go to get out of my car, two pidgens ( aka two guys who have NOTHING better to do in the morning but stand outside , people watch and smoke) say " hey baby ( talking to me) he's getting ready to back out" - um DUH and NO he wasn't - his truck wasn't even running yet. I mumbled I know and continued into the store.

I was reaching for the handle of the door and if I hadn't been paying attention I would have been knocked on my butt. Yet another non morning person came busting out of the door, not even seeing me, as he never looked in my direction, cell phone to his ear and xtra large java juice in his hand. He was looking toward his vehicle parked at the gas pump but was totally unaware there MIGHT BE someone coming in the door he was busting out of.

HOW RUDE!!! I swear that was the most unpleasant way for a morning bird like me to be greeted in a whole maybe 5 minutes. OMG!

People need to get a grip....



Lora said...

In all fairness, I want to punch the glee off a morning person's face.

I am one of the most even tempered and happy go lucky people you will meet, after 9.30 but there are times when I will do everything in my power to make the rest of the world as angry as I am before then.

Or I just don't pay attention.

It's a terrible way to live and I'm sorry that my brethren have ruined your day!

Chris H said...

It takes all sorts mate.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I too, am a morning person. I wake up totally happy!!

Hallie :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

Sorry hun! It's contagious I'm afraid and the virus is spread via cell phones!!!

Since everyone seems to be talking on them 24/7, no one is safe because these people are living in their own bubble worlds, oblivious to anyone and anything else!!!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a morning person..That I will admit..BUT..Im far from RUDE!
I can't stand RUDE people, people who talk on their cell phones in a resturant..I hate to be eating supper and hear a phone ring...NOT EVERYTHING IS IMPORTANT WHILE EATING SUPPER!

I HATE you had a bad morning..Maybe tomorrow morning will be better! Lovin the new volvo!

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