Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Catch - Up

Well, Nicole is halfway through her second week of 5th grade and so far she is LOVING IT!!
She really likes all her teachers and is slowly making new friends. She is very friendly and sweet so she shouldn't have any trouble in that area.
I'm horrible though, I didn't take a picture of her on her first day, so I took this one this past Monday - isn't she a cutie? and for her to have that big a smile that early in the morning , well, for her , that is just downright amazing!

I subbed a half day on Monday and all day yesterday. I loved being back , and seeing alot of the kiddos that I worked with last year. Most of them recognize me which is a good thing. I have like 7 more days scheduled already, so there should be plenty of work for my MIL when she moves up here , which is only like 5 weeks away!

A couple of things have happened over the last week or two , and some people needs thoughts and prayers if you please:
Laura aka Peach lost her beloved pooch Squirt the other day. Seems she went to sleep and passed peacefully, but for anyone of you that has ever lost a beloved pet - it is hard, since they quickly become family.

I had previously asked that you keep my friend Christina and her family in your thoughts and prayers as her MIL got seriously ill on a recent vacation and was hospitalized. They are back home and her MIL is now in a local hospital there , being taken care of by her own doctors. Anyway, after numerous tests it was found that her MIL has a brain tumor on her frontal lobe, and will need surgery.

My husbands cousin passed away early yesterday morning. He had not seen this cousin in a long time but they had been very close a long time ago. Since my hubby is so wonderful with words he was asked to write the obituary and eulogy. He will be leaving for Abilene Friday afternoon with some other family members. Nicole and I had never met this particular cousin, so we are staying home this weekend.

and last but certainly not least, my younger cousin Mollie , the Volleyball champ ( 17yrs ol, 6'2", being sought after by tons of colleges, played VB in Junior Olympics, kicks major VB butt), anyway, she hurt her shoulder this past weekend at some games they went to in another city. She can't play this week, so hopefully she won't be out of commission to long ,as it is her senior year of HS, and she made the Varsity team!

I yanked these photos off of FB from my Cousin Julies page - ( she is their mom):

( These are their Volleyball pics )
This is Mollie - isn't she a beaut? She has a very weet smile, but watch out if you are on the opposing VB team as she will whip your butt!

This is my other cousin Kimberly. She too plays VB, in a different position then Mollie, but wow, she too will kick your hiney if you are not on her team! She isn't old enough to be on the Varsity VB team, but she made the starting team!

And the very last picture is of our puppy Korie - and just how big she has gotten - she is now close to 30 lbs, and loves to play keep away with her rope bone or ball, stick, your fingers, whatever ... she is starting to lose her puppy teeth, so she is chewing more than ever, but she still has yet to ruin any shoes - she just chewed a hole in the corner of a couch cushion...

Anyway, hope everyone has a great day!


Flea said...

OMG! Look how big Korie is! And Nicole's smile is so bright. :) Beginning of school is the best.

Karen Deborah said...

wow ya'll have great teeth!! I didn't know about Peach, that is awful. glad things are going good at your house!

Chris H said...

Lovely photos.

joanne said...

Oh my goodness, look at Nicole, she is growing up so fast. What a beautiful girl and an even better smile!!!
Thinking good thoughts for you and the list of fam/friends you have there...take care.

Mary Ellen said...

You certainly are blessed with beauty in your family! Gorgeous, every single one of them.

Prayers for all of you!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

thanks marcy :) love nicoles pic she is so adorable love that hugs smile and korrie have mercy shes growing so fast! prayers for your friends and family always:)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

thanks marcy :) love nicoles pic she is so adorable love that hugs smile and korrie have mercy shes growing so fast! prayers for your friends and family always:)

Dive Boracay said...

That girl Nicole is very cute. She has this sweet smile on her face. Your family is full of beautiful and gorgeous ladies.

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