Friday, February 29, 2008

Tag, I'm it... A List of Firsts...

My Semblance of Sanity tagged anyone to answer to answer this list of firsts, lets see if I can remember them...

1. First Prom Date
Well, since I only went to one Prom my senior year of high school, my ONLY prom date was a guy I had been dating named Shannon Sackett.

2. First Love
A guy named Steve Champion, when I was in like 5th or 6th grade. He was also my first kiss, on the cheek, in 6th grade

3. First Alcoholic drink
Jack Daniels. I got mega sick on it and to this day I can't even smell whiskey without wanting to hurl.

4. First Job
I worked at the local pool concession stand for the summer when I was 14 or 15.

5. First car
Beige mercury capri. Don't remember the year off hand though.

6. First person to text me today
no one. Since I only learned to text this past summer and it was only to one person, and she got rid of her cell, I don't text anyone now. But at least I know how:))

7. First person I thought of this morning
That would have to be my daughter Nicole, since she was sleeping next to me , and her feet were on my side of the bed.

8. My first grade teacher
Don't remember her name. I remember my 2nd grade teacher though, Ms. O'Connor. She was mean.

9. First Ride on an airplane
That would have to be when I was 6 or 7, when my Uncle David was getting married in Arlington Texas, and we flew down here from Chicago, Il. My cousin Julie and I were flower girls.

10. My first best friend and do I still talk to them
I had alot of friends growing up, but my true best friend I met in Ms. Shores math class in 7th grade. Her name is Nikki Molder, and yes I'm still friends with her, 20+ years later. She lives about 8 hrs from me so I don't get to see her alot anymore,but thank God for email and the telephone.

11. First Sport played
I was never very athletic. Didn't belong on any teams. But I did ice skate when I was in Chicago. That and roller skating till I was in 7th grade, then I was on the volleyball team for my junior high school.

12. First Sleep Over
Don't remember first sleep over at friends house but I know the first time I stayed away from home was at my aunt Donna's house and they had to take me home in the middle of the night because I wouldn't stop crying.

13. First person I talked to today
see answer to #7

14. First Time in a wedding
see answer to #9

15. First thing I did this morning
hit the snooze bar. Twice.

16. First Concert I went to
I think it was the Cinderella/Judas Priest Concert in high school with my then boyfriend Shannon. It wasnt' fun though. I wanted to see Cinderella, but he said that was only the opening act and the real concert was Judas Priest and I didn't like them.

17. First Tattoo or piercing
I have my ears pierced twice. Nothing else. Kind of want a tattoo but am still wrestling with that idea.

18. First foreign country I've been to
Have never really been to France, Italy,Spain or Ireland. I want to go there. I did go on a cruise to the Bahamas when I was 17 , with my parents. It was a blast.

19. First run in with the law
When I was in highschool. We used to "cruise" Cooper street on Fridays and Saturday nights. long story short I called my parents just before I was supposed to be home and told them my car wouldn't start and that my friend Brian was there and he would stay with me till it ran again. I took off with him and several other friends. what my dad had said was "stay there till I get there and I'll look at your car" I said ok and left with out hearing what he had said. I showed back up about 30 minutes later with my dad and a cop sitting on my car.. Scared the bejeebies out of me. I got in alot of trouble

20. First detention
Never got detention in school. I was a good girl:)))

21. First State I lived in
Illinois. Moved to Texas in 1979

22. First person to break my heart
I'd have to say I truly was hurt when I broke up with my high school boyfriend. Found out I didn't know him as well as I thought, and it hurt a lot.

23. First roommate
My best friend Nikki

24. First Limo Ride
When I was 17, at my Grandmother Lela's funeral in Chicago.

There. That was fun remembering all that. If you want to play go to Michelles blog and link her back to your blog and answer the questions.

Update on our cousin . She had the baby this morning. Haven't heard any other details except that mom and baby are doing good. Baby was a little bit over 5 lbs. Don't know anything more than that. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

fun typing test

53 words

Speed test

Have fun!! I first saw this on Lena's blog, and thought I'd share it with you.. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prayers Needed

I've previously mentioned our cousin that is expecting another bundle of joy. The baby blanket a few posts back is what I created for this upcoming bundle. I haven't had the chance to see her since I finished the blanket and matching hat , but she is expected to be induced tomorrow on the 28th. Her due date isn't until March 21 or 22 ( can't quite remember atm).
She hasn't been feeling very good the last few weeks, and has occasionally had trouble breathing. She went in for her last check up yesterday before the weekly ones started and they sent her to the hospital. Her blood pressure was very high.
I talked to her early today and she said they were going to let her go home if it stayed down. Apparently whenever she was in any other position but lying down , her BP went up. She said that they had just taken it and it was normal, but they wanted her to get up and take a shower and stuff then they were going to recheck it. Obviously it wasn't good. They are going to start the induction tomorrow morning . Hopefully all goes well, so please keep her and her husband in your prayers.

Will update as I hear...

Saturday, February 23, 2008

My Baby Story ( aka Who's Screaming Now???)

Ok, there's another blog contest going on and here is my entry. The contest is being run by My Semblance of Sanity. Shes got an awesome prize and the contest runs through Tuesday the 29th. The contest is for your birth/adoption stories. So hers mine...

This happened 9 years ago in Arlington, TX.
I had always wanted a baby. I thought being pregnant would be a joyous miracle and fun. I wanted to go shopping for cutsie baby clothes, strollers, all the little gadgets you need. What I experienced was indeed a joyous miracle, however that its the only thing said above that turned out true.

When Chris and I found out I was pregnant, we had only been trying for two months, so it happened pretty quick. I found out relatively early because at the time I worked at an OB/GYN office so I had access to pregnancy tests out the wazoo. When I took the pee-stick test it showed a light positive, so I had a friend draw my blood and sent it off for an HCG level. It came back that I was about 3 weeks or so. Very early pregnant. The doctor I worked for at the time took a look at the results and said it was probably a blighted ovum. I didn't think so. The nurse I worked with said she would do a quick vaginal ultrasound to see if there was actually anything there. There was. I was ecstatic. It looked like a little peanut. So there started her nickname - the Precious Peanut.
Well around 6 weeks or so, I started spotting. Doctor said if I was going to miscarry there was no way to stop it but ordered me to bed for 3-4 days.
I didn't miscarry. Everything was going fine. No morning sickness, just a touch of the queasies. I was working at the local hospital from 5am - 130 pm. At 17 weeks the spotting came back. I was ordered on bedrest for the next week or so. Now all of you who know me know that I love to read. At this exciting time in my life was no different. I read everything I could get my hands on. Therefore I had read that late term miscarriages start with spotting of pinkish red/brown dishcharge. I was spotting brown. I was scared.
The week was over, no miscarriage. I went back to work, everything was ok again. Then about 20 weeks it happened again. This time I was ordered to bed for 2 weeks.
By this time we had found out it was a girl. We had picked out her name and everything. Her nickname had grown to The Precious Princess Peanut.
Her due date was November 18th, which was my Grandmother Lela's birthday. ( She had passed away in May of 1988)
I thought Grandma had chosen her especially for me and had scheduled her to arrive on her birthday. I missed my Grandmother terribly at that time. I also must mention that at the time of my pregnancy my Uncle David was very sick with Cancer. He was always the jokester of the family and he told me he was going to live long enough to see his newest great niece. I talked to my uncle more in those 7 mos than I ever had before.
Anyway, everything went back to normal. They had taken me off my normal job in the lab at the hospital and plopped me in Medical Records so I wouldn't be on my feet so much. Fine with me.
I developed Toxemia around 28-30 weeks. They monitored me closely and I was told to cut job to half days. Then around 32 weeks or so they told me to go on bedrest till I delivered. Chris was working nights , but we only lived 5 houses down from my parents at the time, so I had plenty of people to watch over me. We also had a friend that played drums in a band and would come visit me when she got off work.
Sadly enough, my Uncle David passes away on October 19. I didn't get to say goodbye. I wasn't allowed to go to his funeral because the doctor said it would put too much stress on me and the baby. I was devastated, but took some comfort that he would meet her in Heaven before she was delivered to us.
I got through the rest of the weeks in a blur. They finally told me I was going to be induced. I was scheduled to go the night before and they would give me some stuff to try to jumpstart labor. They gave me a cervidil suppository which is supposed to soften the Cervix and sometimes it brings on labor. I had a reaction to it. Before I knew it I had the head nurse in there and they were bringing in the sonogram machine and putting me on my hands and knees with my butt in the air, which is the emergency position if the baby is in distress. I was scared. Turns out that my Uterus began to fibrillate, and it did it all night long. They gave me Breathine to try to calm it down but to no avail. This lasted all night. Chris , my mom and MIL were there in the room with me, all helping me ,and praying and I don't know what else. My water broker the next morning around 715 am or so. They started me on the Pitocin and said to get comfy, it would be awhile. My cousin Julie ( who had 2 kids of her own by then) told me to sit straight up and let gravity help me along. I did and boy did it ever. The nurse came to check me , said I was dilated about 3 1/2-4, so she would go notify the epidural dude. While she was gone, I started complaining of really bad, strong contractions. My mom and MIL were looking at the monitor and telling me to toughen up, my contractions were not registering all that hard, so why was I being so wimpy??!!! Well 25 minutes later the nurse came back in to check me and I was dilated to a 7-8. I was in transition. No drugs for me. ( What? this wasn't the plan... I wanted DRUGS!!!) . The nurse said they could shoot some stuff into my IV but it probably wouldn't help much at this point. She did and it didn't. I felt it all. I started pushing at 10:02, and she popped out at 10:14am on Thursday November 5, 1998.
She weighed in at 7lbs, 9 1/2 oz and was 19 3/4 in. long. She had a head of brown hair and my MIL yelled when she saw her " She's got my nose!!"
Her name was Honor Lela Nicole. So to this day her full nickname has emerged into ( and she will get mad at me for telling ya'll this since it embarrasses her but ) The Precious Princess Peanut Honor Lela Nicole Boo Boo Bear :)))
The doctor told me that I should never do that again. I haven't. She is the only baby I will have and I thank God for her every day.

( Thats the end, sorry if I was a bit long winded. I've never written that down before, and doing so brought back a swirl of emotion)
Thanks for allowing me to share it.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

This Past Weekend

Nicole had her best friend Carson spend the weekend with us. The girls had a blast , and here are the pictures from that time. We had taken the girls ice skating at the Dallas Stars Dr Pepper Rink in Duncanville.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Smart Bird

I actually saw this on Animal Planet the morning it aired and just found the video on YouTube. I love birds and have always wanted an African Grey. This ones name is Einstein. Enjoy the video, shes adorable!!

Am I getting old?

Ok, I thought I was keeping up with all the latest tween/teen music. Nicole is only 9, but developing what kind of music she likes and all that. I know who Hannah Montana is, as well as the Jonas Brothers, and Jesse McCartney to name a few. I've seen High School Musical one and two. I watch That's So Raven, Cory in the House, and all that with Nicole. They are cute and nothing bad is in them. But when she had her friend Carson spend the weekend with us I found out I'm not up with their kind of music.
Nicole had been telling me that they dance in gym every Friday now at school. They are learning new dances like the Cupid Shuffle and Soljia (sp?) Boy. Then she said that they were also learning a fun dance called the Macarena. I told her that wasn't new... Before she was born we were doing that in clubs and I got up and did that with the girls, it was pretty funny.
But just so you are as up with the music as I thought I was, here are the videos for the Cupid Shuffle and the Soljia Boy.

Hmm, can't upload the Soulja Boy video. But you can check it out on


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

More Fun from Kelly Jean...

Howdy All!!

I've mentioned Kelly Jean's blog previously, when she had a contest up and going, well now she is tagging everyone to put a video on their blog of a favorite song from High school. Hers was "Shout" by Tears for Fears. I'd have to say since I listened to alot of Rock and Roll, some Metal bands ( remember the 80's hair bands?) and such one of my favorite all time songs, that I still have on CD today is from Def Leopard " Pour Some Sugar on Me"... so here it is

There were alot of others but this is one of the best. I could not find a video on YOuTube for Def Leopard's song Pyromania, but did find Rock of Ages and others. I just thought of another if I can find it... let me see if I can find it first...
nope sorry found it but not posting it to my blog... it was "Heaven's on Fire" by KISS. I love alot of their stuff too but not posting that video here. Let's see if I can find the one for their song " Beth"

There, I put two up... hope you enjoy. This is one of the greatest songs of all time, I love it and so does Chris. I'll have to explain his connection to music in a near future post.

Take care all. I will probably do another post tonight or tomorrow from when Nicole had her friend Carson spend the weekend with us. Got some great pics!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bye Bye Hubby!!

No I'm not leaving Chris and vice-versa. Just thought I'd share a funny story that happened on our honeymoon several years ago.
You know the old adage that opposites attract? Well I guess its true in our case, although we do like a lot of the same things. The one case where we differ however is outdoor activities. I've never been much of a fan of outdoor activities. At the time of our wedding, I had ridden a horse once ( that was plenty for me!!), had never been canoing/kayaking, mountain climbing, or hiking. Chris had done all that and more, including being a certified rescuer in mountain climbing when he lived in Estes Park, CO. I've never been to CO, even to this day.
Anyway, for our honeymoon, we went to stay in Gruene, TX down near New Braunfels, just off the Guadalupe River. We stayed at a beautiful little bed and breakfast called the Gruene Mansion Inn. Well we were determined to hit all the little touristy shops, antique malls,and go swimming and dancing. Chris decided that we should also try to go canoing down the Guadalupe. I was all for it, since I never had done it, I didn't quite know what I was in for.
But here is where the title of this post comes from , since I wound up dumping him out of the canoe...
It all started out in fun, but the guy at the canoe rental place warned Chris that it was pretty easy rapids, but there was one spot where there was a drop and it was a bit rough. He said to make sure we went over straight due to the rocks below the drop. Chris taught me how to paddle the canoe, but silly me just wasn't getting the hang of it so he told me to stop paddling and he would do it. Then the drop was coming up, I saw it getting a bit rougher and I panicked... I started paddling and the canoe started turning ( remember we were supposed to go over straight), well Chris jumped out of the canoe, cutting his feet on the rocks and sent me over by myself, but I was straight so I didn't crash below the drop. Then all of a sudden , miracle of all miracles, I started paddling straight down the middle of the river. I wasn't having any problems at all, except that Chris was getting farther and farther away. I guess it started me to realize I was leaving him far behind, when I heard him yelling for me to stop and get to the side. Well I did and he hobbled to me on cut feet, and needless to say he wasn't happy. He was however proud of me for finally learning to paddle, but not for leaving him behind.

Well we are both doing fine, but that was our only outdoor adventure on our honeymoon. We did wind up going to the Natural Bridge Caverns and the Wildlife Park, where a Llama spit on our car. We had a great time, but to this day Chris will tell anyone how I tried to off him on our honeymoon, lol.

We've never gone canoing again.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Lost Sleep

/YAWN!! Good Morning all. I'm yawning because we had a storm roll through about 330 this morning. Now the storm itself would not have bothered me, however two petrified dogs did. Chris had fallen asleep on the couch and Tipper, my moms dog, had decided to stay with him, along with our dog Cher. Cooper was in bed with me. That first crack of thunder was a bit distant and didn't immediately scare the crap out of Tipper and Cooper, but the next one did. I'm sitting up in bed now, watching the weather on the TV cuddling a shivering Cooper, who is trying to get as close to me as she can without actually crawling in my skin.
About 4-415am I hear the jangling collar that was announcing the arrival of Tipper. This was followed by Cher, and Chris chasing after the two of them. He said they had had him up since about 315. Mind you, Cher wasn't scared of the storm , she just likes to be in the middle of everyone elses business. We tried to lock Tipper in our middle bathroom because my mom has said during a storm he usually goes into her closet. That lasted all of about 2 minutes, so I dragged him into bed with me,and Cooper went back on the couch with Chris and Cher. We got about and hours more sleep before my alarm went off at 545am.
Of course Nicole slept through all of this and was hard to get up this morning because she just didn't want to, lol. Chris is off work today, and decided to doze a bit more. I didn't ge that luxury, but he was sweet enough to take the dogs for their morning walk and he said he would do dishes and stuff around the house today.

Nicole is counting down the days till her friend Carson can stay with us this weekend. We are taking my moms dog back this Saturday when she leaves my aunts house,and goes back to her own home.

More later!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Saturday Night Update

Hiyas all!! Well Nicole LOVED the Hannah Montana concert movie--even Chris came home talking about it. Nicole didn't figure out where Chris was taking her till they got to the movie theater. She started getting suspicious, but her AHA! moment came when they went up the stairs and she saw a hundred other girls dressed just like I had dressed her. She had on her Hannah Montana shirt, Hannah Montana jeans and her black boots. I also had put blue streaks and gold spray glitter in her hair. She looked adorable ( forgetful me forgot to take a picture), and she said there were girls that had long blond wigs on and everything, which is what she now wants so she can play dressup as Hannah Montana.
the movie didn't start till 7:30 pm, but about 6:50 I got a call from her and sh said "Thank you so much mommy!! I love You!!" of course my heart turned into a big puddle of goo at that sentiment. Thats all she said , then she hung up cause the noise in the background was deafening.
Chris said she fell asleep on the way home, but I coudn't tell , cause when she got home , the more she talked about the movie, the more wound up she got, so she didn't get to bed till around 1115 or so. ( getting her up yesterday morning for church was NOT FUN!!)

This week is going to be busy. Our Lenten study at church starts tonight , so i'll be there from 630 till about 8 or so. Then there is a parenting night at her school tomorrow, and I have to help with her Valentines party Thursday. She finished her Valentine robot for her science project. I will take a picture of it and post it later in the week.

Take Care

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Baking, A contest, and Hannah Montana

Sorry I haven't posted all week, its just been nuts around here. Kiddo got an ear infection, but is now doing better. I found a new blog that I'm putting a link to here.
Her name is Kelly Jean and she is a hoot. She currently has a contest going , about the greatest poo story you have. I think the prize is a bag of Starbucks coffee, since she is addicted to it, and her poo story deals with coffee ( you have to check it out).

Anyway, I also have to do a bunch of baking today because I'm in charge of the Blessing box Bake Sale tomorrow at Church. I'm making brownies and a loaf of cranberry bread. We did well with the one at Thanksgiving, so hopefully we will do just as well if not better.

Also, Nicole is doing so good at school ( 3- six weeks into the school year and she is STILL on the 'A' honor roll, and on her progress report, 3 weeks into the new semester has straight A's still. So tonight her dad is taking her to the Parks Mall AMC theater to see the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus concert. She has no idea, although I told her to wear her Hannah Montana shirt today along her matching jeans, her cute black boots, and I'm going to put glitter 9leftover from Halloween) in her hair along with blue hair streak paint. NOt as scary as it sounds, if you know about Hannah Montana, she usually has a streak or two for blue, pink or purple in her hair.
Will let you know how it goes!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Baby Blanket is finished , and other pics...

Well the baby blanket I was crocheting for Breon's baby is finally finished!! I am extremely proud of it since I have never made a baby blanket before and I didn't need help with the pattern at all. I finished it Friday night, and Chris took pictures of me holding it. We tried to take some close ups of the stitches and such, but they didn't turn out real well.

And I promised pictures of my moms dog, Tipper. He is a min-pin. He's a really sweet dog, very loyal and he has a very cute bark. I will probably give him back to my mom this Thursday or Saturday, depending on when Chris can go with me since he just got a job--WOOHOO!! more about that later. Enjoy the pics. Nicole got in them too!

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