Monday, February 11, 2008

Saturday Night Update

Hiyas all!! Well Nicole LOVED the Hannah Montana concert movie--even Chris came home talking about it. Nicole didn't figure out where Chris was taking her till they got to the movie theater. She started getting suspicious, but her AHA! moment came when they went up the stairs and she saw a hundred other girls dressed just like I had dressed her. She had on her Hannah Montana shirt, Hannah Montana jeans and her black boots. I also had put blue streaks and gold spray glitter in her hair. She looked adorable ( forgetful me forgot to take a picture), and she said there were girls that had long blond wigs on and everything, which is what she now wants so she can play dressup as Hannah Montana.
the movie didn't start till 7:30 pm, but about 6:50 I got a call from her and sh said "Thank you so much mommy!! I love You!!" of course my heart turned into a big puddle of goo at that sentiment. Thats all she said , then she hung up cause the noise in the background was deafening.
Chris said she fell asleep on the way home, but I coudn't tell , cause when she got home , the more she talked about the movie, the more wound up she got, so she didn't get to bed till around 1115 or so. ( getting her up yesterday morning for church was NOT FUN!!)

This week is going to be busy. Our Lenten study at church starts tonight , so i'll be there from 630 till about 8 or so. Then there is a parenting night at her school tomorrow, and I have to help with her Valentines party Thursday. She finished her Valentine robot for her science project. I will take a picture of it and post it later in the week.

Take Care

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