Monday, March 29, 2010

No Juvie for me TYVM

I got this idea off of She has a weekly writer's workshop where she gives you prompts, and you can pick one or more to write about. After you have written your post(s), you go back there on Thursday and put the URL into Mr Linky so that your story is shared.

I saw one this morning that caught my eye. The prompt was 'write about something you stole'.

Ok, I can confess this.

When I was around 14 or 15, my parents bought me a Seasons Pass to Six Flags. My cousin had one, friends had one, but this was my first. I was excited. My bad decision was going with a girl that was a bad influence on me. My mom was never really fond of her , but she let me go anyway.
We were having a great time, window shopping, eating and riding the rides.
This girl decided to teach me to steal little stuff when I came across something in one of the many shops there that my 14 yr old self just couldn't live without. After that first success, we tried it at another shop, and another.

Now mind you, to us that day it was fun. We got away with it and figured what the hell, its just little stuff. What we didn't figure on was what to tell MY mom when we got home.

( This girls mom was hardly ever home, so she wasn't monitored very closely.) My mom however watched me like a hawk. I came up with the lame story that I had won all that stuff playing games.

Sounded plausible, right?


Like I said, my mom watched me like a hawk. She knew I hadn't gone to Six Flags to play the games, I went there boy watching and to ride rides. Even if I had played one or two little games, I couldn't have played that many to win 4 or 5 things.

Since my mom and I had a pretty good relationship and I usually told her everything, I eventually broke down and told her how we got that stuff. She couldn't do much about the other girl, but she made me throw all my little 'prizes' away and made me cut up my season pass. My FIRST season pass. EVER.

To this day, that remains my ONLY season pass. I've never owned another.

I can't remember what else was included in my punishment, but whatever it was , it set me on the straight and narrow, since I've never stolen another thing.

So, what have YOU stolen????

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back In The Swing

Well Spring Break is officially over and we have been back in the school swing for 3 days now.
We had a great spring break, and so far this first week back hasn't been bad at all.

I worked yesterday in the Special Ed department. Some subs will not agree to work there, but me? I like it. Some of them aren't sure how to communicate with those children or whatever. I think they are a very sweet bunch of kids and they usually accept me pretty well, as some of them don't like big changes in their schedules. I work this coming Friday too in elementary art - thats always fun:)

I think I forgot to mention that all of my moms cardiac tests turned out fine - she does not have to have another heart cath or any more stents at the moment. They think it might be a problem in her lungs if she continues to be tired and out of breath, so she has to get that checked by her regular doctor. She was diagnosed with mild asthma a while back and it hasn't really been a problem, but she might need a bit of extra help since this has been one hellacious allergy season already.

We found out these past couple of days that my aunt Donna ( my moms twin) has squamous cell skin cancer on her head. She is having it removed in the next couple of weeks and will probably have to go through some sort of radiation treatment, so if you could send a few prayers her way it would be appreciated.

Everyone else seems to be ok at this moment , thank goodness. I hope everyone out there in bloggy land is doing well too!

Will hopefully get to check back in tomorrow! have a great day!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break ( cont)

Well, after our exciting start to spring break, it has continued to go well. Tuesday it was kind of rainy and icky so Sue, Nicole, Carson and I went to the movies. They went to see Alice in Wonderland, while I went to see Our Family Wedding.

Alice In Wonderland was never one of my favorite children's stories, so I opted out of that one.

After that Carson came back to the house and her and Nicole played a while. When I took her home I went on a Shamrock hunt again, this time at Albertsons. We went in to get a gallon of milk. They had MDA Shamrocks all over the place, so I figured everyone was happily handing out shamrocks.

We got to the checkout and the young checker didn't ask the people in front of us, and he didn't ask us, even though we saw the shamrocks sitting there. Nicole in all her 11 yr old-ness piped up " oh what cute shamrocks, mommy look..." still the checker didn't seem to have a clue.

After he handed me my milk, I mentioned that he should have offered me a shamrock, and he would have gotten a t-shirt. He was like " huh? what shamrocks?" I picked one up off his counter and showed him - he was totally clueless. He must have missed that employee meeting...

Anyway, Wednesday we stayed around the house for the most part and did laundry and small stuff like that. Thursday Nicole and I packed a picnic lunch and went to the local park. It has a small lake full of ducks and has picnic tables around there , and a playground further down the walking trails. We took our dog Cher with us. We sat and ate lunch, then got up to walk it off. The weather was so pretty.

We had not been back to this park since they redid it , so when we got to the playground , we were pleasantly surprised to see exercise equipment. They had a stair-stepper, chin up bar, push up bar, sit up bench, tai-chi wheels, as well as some other stuff there. It was really nice.
We kept walking and got the dog some water, rechecked out a library book for Nicole and decided to walk the trail again. this time we stopped at the equipment and tried some of it out - I will definitely be going back there.

Not sure what we will be doing today, but tonight we are invited to a friends house for a midnight viewing of New Moon, then Korie has her 2nd day of obedience school Saturday.

I hope everyone has been having a good week:)

** I've always said I'd put a picture of my MIL Sue up, but she doesn't like her picture taken, but here is the one of my whole tiny family taken January 31 at the MDA Stride and Ride.
L-R is my mom, Nicole, Chris, Sue and me**

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

(Obedience) School In Session

You read that right folks. Nicole's school is on Spring Break, but Korie's isn't.

Korie, our 45 lb lab mix. She has issues. I guess we didn't socialize her enough as a puppy. She doesn't like strangers in our house, and that includes family she hasn't seen in a while. It makes it hard to have company over due to her incessant barking and fear that she might fright bite, meaning if shes nervous she will nip out.

She will be in school for 8 weeks and will hopefully get her diploma on May 1st. My mom does not care for Korie a whole lot, as she nipped at her at Christmas. My mom says shes sure Korie will receive the dunce cap instead of a diploma though.

I'd have to say that Saturday was interesting. The class consisted of Korie and a timid little terrier mix. Korie barked, then barked some more. The louder she got, the louder the trainer had to talk. She ignored Korie's barking , and eventually she settled down. Until some shopper decided to look at the training going on, and Korie was all over that wall/window like white on rice, and barking again, lol.

I've heard from past graduates that this training program is good and works, so we will have to see. On the up side, she did not potty in the store:) When the trainer brought a pail of water for them to drink out of, Korie tried to swim in the bucket and kept splashing water out of bucket all over the floor; the trainer used that as an opportunity to see if Korie would go after her hand and she did. She did not hurt the trainer because the trainer knew what she was doing, paying attention to the dog.

The classes will last an hour a week, so we will just have to see how it goes. Will keep you posted and hopefully we will have a well behaved puppy on our hands very soon.

* Korie is scared of the vacuum. Has been since she was tiny puppy. Sue got the dust buster out yesterday and she attacked Sue's hand, so that is definitely one issue we have to work on!*

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Very Interesting

Well, we are now in official Spring Break mode.

Spring in Texas usually means a butt load of rain, and Mother Nature sure is doing her part.

Due to Mother Natures hilarity, we will probably go see a movie today.

We did however , have a very interesting start to this Spring Break.

Friday I totally enjoyed my day alone. Sue was at my mom's for a few days, Chris was at work and Nicole was at school. In the afternoon I went to pick her up like normal, we came home and POOF, we have no electricity. It was on when I left, had been gone about an hour or so, so I didn't know when it had gone off.

I went and checked with one of our neighbors and it hadn't been off too long. He had already called the electric company and they said it would be back on around 6.


Can't cook dinner with no electricity, so I called Chris at work and he said he would give me money so Nicole and I could go out to eat, since he had plans that night. Nicole and I wound up going to Chili's , which is one of our fave restaurants. We had a great time, we talked, people watched and at some really good food. We came home and when we turned on our block realized that there was still no power. Although it was a very clear night, there was barely enough moonlight to see. The entire block was pitch black.

We made our way in , calmed down three very nervous dogs, ( apparently they thought we were burglars until they heard our voices). I let Chris know and he told us to pack up and go to a hotel if we wanted.

** SIDE NOTE** With the CMT I'm very unsteady in the dark. With a pitch black house, 3 dogs and a child, it was an accident looking for a place to happen.

So in the ensuing darkness, we packed one huge bag, Nicole's DS, books, cards and assorted stuff and headed to a fairly nice hotel about 15 mins from our house where we found a reasonable room and made camp. We both slept well and in the morning went to Waffle House for more good food. Luckily Chris had sent me a text msg when he got home and apparently all the electricity was back on, so we came home and took Korie to her first obedience class, which is a whole other post:)

If you are on Spring Break right now, how is it going?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


A six year old goes to the hospital with her grandmother to visit her Grandpa.

When they get to the hospital, she runs ahead of her Grandma and bursts into her Grandpa's room .

"Grandpa,Grandpa," she says excitedly, "As soon as Grandma comes into the room, make a noise like a frog!"

"What?" said her Grandpa.

"Make a noise like a frog please, please, please- because Grandma said that as soon as you croak, we're all going to Disney Land!

Don't ya think that will make all Grandpas have a warm and fuzzy feeling?

Monday, March 8, 2010

Nothing Goes as Planned

That is pretty much a given. If you plan something , any number of things could go wrong. Or right for that matter. This came to me very early yesterday morning while I was watching Father of the Bride.

I was tired, I hadn't slept well and my mind was wandering. I was laughing at Steve Martins antics in the movie, and playing on Facebook. One particular scene had me cracking up. Where he was trying on his tux from prom, and he thought it still fit. Or the one where he loses it and starts tearing apart packages of hot dog buns and gets thrown in jail.
I started thinking back to when we were planning our wedding. Chris was away on the road a lot. That left my mom, dad and soon to be mother in law to deal with my imagined catastrophes. Like when I tried to decide which flowers; or tried to find a place for the rehearsal dinner.

Do you remember the scene where he thought it would be a good idea to have a barbecue in the back yard for the wedding? The bride and groom burgers? lol My father tried to get me to order barbecue for our reception. I nixed that idea since I don't even like barbecue! ugh, what is it with men and barbecue?

Admittedly nothing really went wrong for our wedding. Granted it rained, but waited till after the wedding was over. The night before , when we got to the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner, they said they didn' t have our reservation, but that quickly got fixed.

What silly thing happened in the planning of your wedding? Did your parents freak? or try to make you do something you really didn't care for?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Oh What a Beautiful Day!

Wow, today the weather was so pretty! We all got to sleep in a bit, but I was still the first one really up. I felt so good because I cleaned out my closet. I hung all my purses/bags up on their hooks, hung up all my clothes and got rid of a huge box of stuff that I haven't worn, or won't wear again.

While I was doing all this Chris woke up, and announced that he and his mom were going to a baseball game this afternoon. Huh? what baseball game. Turns out that Sue's cousin's grandson was playing in the next town over so we all decided to go to the game. With the fresh air, light wind, family, baseball and all that jazz we had a blast. We also all pigged out on a variety of frito pie, popcorn, hotdogs, hotlinks and nachoes, lol. The game was a tie 6 to 6 but was still a lot of fun watching.

Afterwards we went on to Lowe's to get a few things we needed and I also wanted to see if they offered me an MDA shamrock. I'm currently a secret shopper for certain stores and if they offer me a shamrock , then I introduce myself as an MDA client, thank them for raising money and hand them a t-shirt. The cashier did indeed offer me one, so I in turn did my thing and gave her a t-shirt. She was surprised and happy:) Now I just have to go check in my other stores later this week.

When all that was said and done, we decided we didn't want to eat dinner at home so we went to a local cafe here in the town square. Can't say much else about that except that it was good! We wound up bringing some home though, since our eyes were bigger than our stomachs. Guess we ate too much at the game.

It was a great day. It is actually supposed to stay pretty nice, in the low to mid 60s till around Wednesday. So until then we can soak up as much sun time as possible.

Heres to hoping everyone is having a great weekend too!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, my moms heart is at it again. Making her short of breath and extremely tired. My mom has a large, generous and loving heart, but when it turns on her watch out.
She has an EKG scheduled for tomorrow, and a stress test for the 10th. Usually when this kind of thing happens she needs another heart cath and stent. If the tests show anything lets just hope that is all she needs.
She is currently staying with my aunt ( her twin), and has her dog Tipper in a kennel. She is looking for someone from a loving home to take him. It is just getting too difficult to care for him. She too has CMT and it is getting more and more difficult for her to walk him. She has a few people that she has in mind, she just has to ask them if they would take care of him for her.

Heres to hoping everyones week got off to a good start! I worked yesterday and I'm scheduled for this Thursday, but so far thats it. I can't believe that Spring Break is right around the corner. For Nicole's school it is the week of the 15-20th. Not sure what we are going to do yet, but will think of some fun stuff. I'm sure she will want to spend some of that time with her BFF Carson.

Bye for now:)
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