Monday, March 29, 2010

No Juvie for me TYVM

I got this idea off of She has a weekly writer's workshop where she gives you prompts, and you can pick one or more to write about. After you have written your post(s), you go back there on Thursday and put the URL into Mr Linky so that your story is shared.

I saw one this morning that caught my eye. The prompt was 'write about something you stole'.

Ok, I can confess this.

When I was around 14 or 15, my parents bought me a Seasons Pass to Six Flags. My cousin had one, friends had one, but this was my first. I was excited. My bad decision was going with a girl that was a bad influence on me. My mom was never really fond of her , but she let me go anyway.
We were having a great time, window shopping, eating and riding the rides.
This girl decided to teach me to steal little stuff when I came across something in one of the many shops there that my 14 yr old self just couldn't live without. After that first success, we tried it at another shop, and another.

Now mind you, to us that day it was fun. We got away with it and figured what the hell, its just little stuff. What we didn't figure on was what to tell MY mom when we got home.

( This girls mom was hardly ever home, so she wasn't monitored very closely.) My mom however watched me like a hawk. I came up with the lame story that I had won all that stuff playing games.

Sounded plausible, right?


Like I said, my mom watched me like a hawk. She knew I hadn't gone to Six Flags to play the games, I went there boy watching and to ride rides. Even if I had played one or two little games, I couldn't have played that many to win 4 or 5 things.

Since my mom and I had a pretty good relationship and I usually told her everything, I eventually broke down and told her how we got that stuff. She couldn't do much about the other girl, but she made me throw all my little 'prizes' away and made me cut up my season pass. My FIRST season pass. EVER.

To this day, that remains my ONLY season pass. I've never owned another.

I can't remember what else was included in my punishment, but whatever it was , it set me on the straight and narrow, since I've never stolen another thing.

So, what have YOU stolen????


Michelle said...

I like your mom. That's a pretty appropriate punishment (although I probably also would have insisted on an apology letter to Six Flags). I once stole a little rocket ship charm that went on those plastic chain link like necklaces that were popular forever ago. I felt guilty though and walked back into the store and returned it. Sad, no?

Unknown said...

I stole a candy bar when I was about 8 ... now the only thing I steel is $$ from my kids piggy banks so I can go to Starbucks- just kidding :-)I'm following you now- stop by my place when you can.

Llama Mama said...

When I was 16, I stole earrings from the place I worked, a clothing store. I got away with it, and I did it again. Again, no big deal.
I did it several times, but then IT happened. No, I didn't get caught stealing...I got ACCUSED of stealing. Not the earrings, but money from the cash register I worked the day before.
For some strange reason, until then, I didn't link the earrings to theft like stealing actual money. I was devastated that they accused me of taking money! I knew immediately what had happened, I was giving change to a man and handed him several new, crisp bills. It felt funny to me, like two were stuck together, but he pocketed the money, and I was young and too timid to ask to check the bills again. They took me off working the registers for a few weeks, then I had to have someone watch me. I was mortified and ashamed. I was innocent...this time. Guess it's true- what goes around, comes around.
Needless to say, I didn't steal again!

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