Wednesday, March 17, 2010

(Obedience) School In Session

You read that right folks. Nicole's school is on Spring Break, but Korie's isn't.

Korie, our 45 lb lab mix. She has issues. I guess we didn't socialize her enough as a puppy. She doesn't like strangers in our house, and that includes family she hasn't seen in a while. It makes it hard to have company over due to her incessant barking and fear that she might fright bite, meaning if shes nervous she will nip out.

She will be in school for 8 weeks and will hopefully get her diploma on May 1st. My mom does not care for Korie a whole lot, as she nipped at her at Christmas. My mom says shes sure Korie will receive the dunce cap instead of a diploma though.

I'd have to say that Saturday was interesting. The class consisted of Korie and a timid little terrier mix. Korie barked, then barked some more. The louder she got, the louder the trainer had to talk. She ignored Korie's barking , and eventually she settled down. Until some shopper decided to look at the training going on, and Korie was all over that wall/window like white on rice, and barking again, lol.

I've heard from past graduates that this training program is good and works, so we will have to see. On the up side, she did not potty in the store:) When the trainer brought a pail of water for them to drink out of, Korie tried to swim in the bucket and kept splashing water out of bucket all over the floor; the trainer used that as an opportunity to see if Korie would go after her hand and she did. She did not hurt the trainer because the trainer knew what she was doing, paying attention to the dog.

The classes will last an hour a week, so we will just have to see how it goes. Will keep you posted and hopefully we will have a well behaved puppy on our hands very soon.

* Korie is scared of the vacuum. Has been since she was tiny puppy. Sue got the dust buster out yesterday and she attacked Sue's hand, so that is definitely one issue we have to work on!*


Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

Wow! Sounds like you all have got your work cut out for you. Keep us posted.

Flea said...

You're only beginning to have fun! :) I'm glad y'all are taking lessons. Will Nicole take them with you?

Karen Deborah said...

Obedience school is just the ticket for dog issues.

Michelle said...

Obedience training is always crucial - especially when you run into issues like this. Fingers crossed the trainer is effective and you can use the techniques at home well, too. Aggression like that is tough, especially for the littler dogs. Good luck!

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