Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Very Interesting

Well, we are now in official Spring Break mode.

Spring in Texas usually means a butt load of rain, and Mother Nature sure is doing her part.

Due to Mother Natures hilarity, we will probably go see a movie today.

We did however , have a very interesting start to this Spring Break.

Friday I totally enjoyed my day alone. Sue was at my mom's for a few days, Chris was at work and Nicole was at school. In the afternoon I went to pick her up like normal, we came home and POOF, we have no electricity. It was on when I left, had been gone about an hour or so, so I didn't know when it had gone off.

I went and checked with one of our neighbors and it hadn't been off too long. He had already called the electric company and they said it would be back on around 6.


Can't cook dinner with no electricity, so I called Chris at work and he said he would give me money so Nicole and I could go out to eat, since he had plans that night. Nicole and I wound up going to Chili's , which is one of our fave restaurants. We had a great time, we talked, people watched and at some really good food. We came home and when we turned on our block realized that there was still no power. Although it was a very clear night, there was barely enough moonlight to see. The entire block was pitch black.

We made our way in , calmed down three very nervous dogs, ( apparently they thought we were burglars until they heard our voices). I let Chris know and he told us to pack up and go to a hotel if we wanted.

** SIDE NOTE** With the CMT I'm very unsteady in the dark. With a pitch black house, 3 dogs and a child, it was an accident looking for a place to happen.

So in the ensuing darkness, we packed one huge bag, Nicole's DS, books, cards and assorted stuff and headed to a fairly nice hotel about 15 mins from our house where we found a reasonable room and made camp. We both slept well and in the morning went to Waffle House for more good food. Luckily Chris had sent me a text msg when he got home and apparently all the electricity was back on, so we came home and took Korie to her first obedience class, which is a whole other post:)

If you are on Spring Break right now, how is it going?


Chris H said...

Wow you went to a hotel? I would have stayed home with candles and put the BBQ on to cook with!
EAch to their own of course... I hope the hotel was lovely.

Christina - Rant Rave Roll said...

It sucks when the power is out. I haven't accomplished near as much as I've planned over Spring Break.

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