Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Break ( cont)

Well, after our exciting start to spring break, it has continued to go well. Tuesday it was kind of rainy and icky so Sue, Nicole, Carson and I went to the movies. They went to see Alice in Wonderland, while I went to see Our Family Wedding.

Alice In Wonderland was never one of my favorite children's stories, so I opted out of that one.

After that Carson came back to the house and her and Nicole played a while. When I took her home I went on a Shamrock hunt again, this time at Albertsons. We went in to get a gallon of milk. They had MDA Shamrocks all over the place, so I figured everyone was happily handing out shamrocks.

We got to the checkout and the young checker didn't ask the people in front of us, and he didn't ask us, even though we saw the shamrocks sitting there. Nicole in all her 11 yr old-ness piped up " oh what cute shamrocks, mommy look..." still the checker didn't seem to have a clue.

After he handed me my milk, I mentioned that he should have offered me a shamrock, and he would have gotten a t-shirt. He was like " huh? what shamrocks?" I picked one up off his counter and showed him - he was totally clueless. He must have missed that employee meeting...

Anyway, Wednesday we stayed around the house for the most part and did laundry and small stuff like that. Thursday Nicole and I packed a picnic lunch and went to the local park. It has a small lake full of ducks and has picnic tables around there , and a playground further down the walking trails. We took our dog Cher with us. We sat and ate lunch, then got up to walk it off. The weather was so pretty.

We had not been back to this park since they redid it , so when we got to the playground , we were pleasantly surprised to see exercise equipment. They had a stair-stepper, chin up bar, push up bar, sit up bench, tai-chi wheels, as well as some other stuff there. It was really nice.
We kept walking and got the dog some water, rechecked out a library book for Nicole and decided to walk the trail again. this time we stopped at the equipment and tried some of it out - I will definitely be going back there.

Not sure what we will be doing today, but tonight we are invited to a friends house for a midnight viewing of New Moon, then Korie has her 2nd day of obedience school Saturday.

I hope everyone has been having a good week:)

** I've always said I'd put a picture of my MIL Sue up, but she doesn't like her picture taken, but here is the one of my whole tiny family taken January 31 at the MDA Stride and Ride.
L-R is my mom, Nicole, Chris, Sue and me**


Laura ~Peach~ said...

great looking bunch there SUE have your pic taken you look great!~
your moms eyes look fantastic too... the did a good job

Michelle said...

Wow you've been busy so far during spring break. I'm jealous that you can walk outside - we're still melting snow.

And the MDA shamrocks? Well, let's just say I always enjoyed being a mystery shopper and actually catching people doing what they were supposed to be doing. The number of people who retained nothing though? Always a shock to me.

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