Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Back In The Swing

Well Spring Break is officially over and we have been back in the school swing for 3 days now.
We had a great spring break, and so far this first week back hasn't been bad at all.

I worked yesterday in the Special Ed department. Some subs will not agree to work there, but me? I like it. Some of them aren't sure how to communicate with those children or whatever. I think they are a very sweet bunch of kids and they usually accept me pretty well, as some of them don't like big changes in their schedules. I work this coming Friday too in elementary art - thats always fun:)

I think I forgot to mention that all of my moms cardiac tests turned out fine - she does not have to have another heart cath or any more stents at the moment. They think it might be a problem in her lungs if she continues to be tired and out of breath, so she has to get that checked by her regular doctor. She was diagnosed with mild asthma a while back and it hasn't really been a problem, but she might need a bit of extra help since this has been one hellacious allergy season already.

We found out these past couple of days that my aunt Donna ( my moms twin) has squamous cell skin cancer on her head. She is having it removed in the next couple of weeks and will probably have to go through some sort of radiation treatment, so if you could send a few prayers her way it would be appreciated.

Everyone else seems to be ok at this moment , thank goodness. I hope everyone out there in bloggy land is doing well too!

Will hopefully get to check back in tomorrow! have a great day!


Queenie Jeannie said...

Bella's break is next week. I made Thomas take leave so I wouldn't have to deal with her all by myself, lol!

So glad your Mom is ok!! YAY!!

Hugs and prayers for your Aunt!

Can't wait to hear about art class!

Michelle said...

I'm glad you don't shun the special ed kids. They definitely need happy, positive people - and they are more often the most fun kids!

Yay to your mom's testing. Fingers crossed that her twin has some positive news soon, as well.

Flea said...

Hey! So glad your mom's ticker is going strong! And sad to hear about your aunt. I'll pray for her. Hoping it's routine and routinely taken care of.

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