Monday, March 8, 2010

Nothing Goes as Planned

That is pretty much a given. If you plan something , any number of things could go wrong. Or right for that matter. This came to me very early yesterday morning while I was watching Father of the Bride.

I was tired, I hadn't slept well and my mind was wandering. I was laughing at Steve Martins antics in the movie, and playing on Facebook. One particular scene had me cracking up. Where he was trying on his tux from prom, and he thought it still fit. Or the one where he loses it and starts tearing apart packages of hot dog buns and gets thrown in jail.
I started thinking back to when we were planning our wedding. Chris was away on the road a lot. That left my mom, dad and soon to be mother in law to deal with my imagined catastrophes. Like when I tried to decide which flowers; or tried to find a place for the rehearsal dinner.

Do you remember the scene where he thought it would be a good idea to have a barbecue in the back yard for the wedding? The bride and groom burgers? lol My father tried to get me to order barbecue for our reception. I nixed that idea since I don't even like barbecue! ugh, what is it with men and barbecue?

Admittedly nothing really went wrong for our wedding. Granted it rained, but waited till after the wedding was over. The night before , when we got to the restaurant for the rehearsal dinner, they said they didn' t have our reservation, but that quickly got fixed.

What silly thing happened in the planning of your wedding? Did your parents freak? or try to make you do something you really didn't care for?

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Lorie Shewbridge said...

My first wedding was nothing at all like what I wanted... my younger sister had a really good job and offered to pay for it as my wedding gift (she was my maid of honor), but she was so scared of my dad that he really told her what to do! It was an awful wedding - should have realized it was going to be a fortelling of the marriage! :-)
Our second wedding was PERFECT, we did everything that WE wanted and had a mantra that was "if they don't like it, f*** them!!" :-)

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