Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nicole's Awards

Sorry I wasn't able to post yesterday about what awards Nicole got, but we got home late in the afternoon and there was alot to do . She got:
'A' Honor Roll
No Tally award ( means she didn't get in trouble all year)
'Pays Careful Attention" Award
Silver Medal for her reading TAKS test!

We are very proud of her. This was her last day of school and she is spending the night with a friend, so I won's see her again till tomorrow evening.
Will post more later, gotta go put finishing touches on Kelly Jean's lapghan.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Relief, However Brief

Wow! Anyone that knows me knows that I do not like thunderstorms, but the one that has blown in this morning has brought temperatures down into the low 70s. Its usually well on its way to the 90s by this time of early afternoon.
I'm glad I got the front lawn mowed early this morning though. I also have my second load of laundry in the washer, have one folded, dishes done, and a light lunch eaten. I've been a busy bee, but it feels like a Monday to me. Dropped Chris off at the bus stop for work this morning, and dropped Nicole off at the carpool drivers house, cam home and got busy mowing.

After I cooled down from yard work, I got cleaned up and went up to my old Church to pick up a cookbook for my mom. We had both contributed to it, and I had been helping put them together before I left, so I got one and so did my mom. I know the Church ladies are wonderful cooks, and I want some of those recipes.

Our digital camera not working good atm, so I can't post pictures of my pretty new stove top, but will when it gets straighened out.

Since Father's Day will be here before we know it, I'm thinking ahead to what I will post. I was thinking of taking pictures of some of the stuff my father had made and showing you what nice work he did. Gotta go around and dig some stuff out of storage, but I think that would be a great post, that everyone would enjoy.

Nicole gets out of school Thursday. Her awards ceremony is tomorrow, so you may have to indulge me a bit , because I will probably brag a bit about her awards. My mom is coming with us so she is excited that Grandma will be here. Even though my mom lives like 30 minutes away we don't see each other as often as we would like because of gas prices. Currently here it is $3.79 a gln. So with an old van that guzzles fuel it isn't cost worthy, so we have to get as much out of the few visits that we can, until gas prices go down.

I hope everyone has a good day:))
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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Oh What Fun it is to ...

BOWL!!! Yes, thats right - BOWL! I know it has been several years since Chris and I have been bowling, and today the three of us did just that. We realized that we hadn't taken Nicole bowling since her Barbie Princess Bumper Bowl when she was liek 3, lol. So we had to basically teach her how to bowl. She was frustrated at first , but eventually got the hang of carrying the ball to the foul line and swinging it between her legs and letting go. Occasionally she hit some pins, and out of three games her highest score was 42:))

Chris and I were a different story though. We both knew how to bowl, but like I said , we hadn't done it in several years. Bowling isn't his favorite thing but he said it sounded like fun so what the heck. We got the beautiful red, white and blue rent -a-shoes, ( which I might add went stunning with my hot pink shorts and striped shirt), then we went to choose bowling balls. I used to bowl with my moms old ball, a 12 pound tan marble ball. I had it plugged and redrilled to fit me when I used to bowl in a league. Now I could barely lift a 12 lb ball, so I wound up bowling with like an 8 lb ball. I'm happy I didn't drop the ball though like I feared. ( Bowling sounded like great family fun, but with the MD I wasn't sure I could bowl like I used to).

Anyway, first game I did ok, got an 82 - beat Chris by 1 pt, hahaha. Second game I got 109 and the third a 103. I used to shoot somewhere in the 120-130s in league. So all in all I didn't think I did that bad. I even shot a few strikes. Chris shot well too, however he almost fell on his butt a few times because his shoes didn't slide. One shoe would stick, and he wasn't used to it, so he'd go to slide and stick and almost fall on his face. He did ok though.

After we left the bowling alley we went by Lowe's Home Improvement Store. Now I have to back track here a bit and let you know that the stove I have been cooking on was old. Very old. About a year ago I was cooking dinner , using 3 burners and one blew! I got scared and so for the last year have only been cooking on 1 burner. Needless to say that took a while. Today my sweetie bought me a brand spanking new stovetop. He installed it and I made sloppy joes for dinner on my new stove top. ( I will take a picture of it and post it tomorrow). I was so happy, I can actually use all four burners now:))

Well, thats all the entertainment I have for now. Tomorrow I think I'm going to work more on Kelly Jean's lapghan, read and do laundry. I should have a picture of the lapghan posted sometime later this week since I am almost done with it.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Stuff , A Movie and A Good Memory

Good Morning to all! This past Friday I finished the camo colored baby blanket and hat that I was making for my friends shower. She loved it. Here is the blanket, and the hat. The hat is modeled by Nicoles beloved doll Marsha.


This weekend we went to see Prince Caspian. It has been so long since I read the books that I remembered it slightly, so the movie was all new to me. The three of us LOVED IT! Definitely something to take the family to. The effects in the movie were pretty cool, imagery beautiful.

We went to the Waffle house for dinner after the movie , which was alot of fun also. Just spending time with the family and talking, joking and laughing is always a good thing.


When I went shopping the other day I happened to used some of my birthday money. I found the 20th anniversary edition of Dirty Dancing. I remember going to the movie to see that with my cousin. As you may remember I LOVE LOVE LOVE any movie that has dancing in it!!:)))

So for all of you Patrick Swayze fans Here is a clip from the past...


Well here is hoping all is well with everyone. Tell me what kind of movies you like, or what movie you watch that reminds you of the past...
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

It's here! It's Fabulous! It's 4 The Kids!!!!!

That's right folks, the 4 The Kids website is now up and running, new artists ( including me) are being added to this wonderful site benefitting Pediatric Cancer Research!
Click here to check it out!
I think Michelle said there are about 6 - 8 artists already sending her info to get up on the site to sell there wares to raise money.
Right now, I'm busy making hats for kids to wear while going through treatment. They can be funky color, plain, or whatever... and here is the best part... you can just buy one, OR you can buy two for just a tad bit more money and the second hat will be donated to a local pedi cancer ward here in my hometown!! Isn't that wonderful?? Half the proceeds from any sale will be donated toward pediatric cancer research!!
You don't have to know a child who has cancer to help a child who has cancer...heck, buy a hat for you! I also make adult hats, and will post pictures of those too! I can do the same thing with the adult hats that I do with the kid hats! Buy two adult hats and I will donate the other one to a cancer ward here for adults!
So go over , check it out, sign our guest book!!
Hope everyone has a great day!
My day got off to a great start! WOOHOO!!!!!

If you have questions, or want to place an order you can go to the website here OR you can e-mail me at!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Good Afternoon Blog Reader!!

A big HOWDY to all today. I just got home from helping with Nicoles field day at school. I am verrry hot and tired:)) I have a few things to mention, then I'm going to go watch tv and crochet a bit.

First of all, I received my bracelet that I won from Michelle. Click here to see this fabulous, wonderful, beautiful jewelry. After finishing some other projects, I am now ready to start Coffee Bean's lapghan. She has mentioned to me the colors she wants, and I will be starting that today.
Also, I just e-mailed Michelle the info to put up on the 4 The Kids site that is her brain child, but that I am happy to participate in. When its all up and ready to run I will definitely post the link on my side bar. If you haven't been keeping up, she is very passionate about raising funds for pediatric cancer research. She is donating half the proceeds from stuff she makes toward that research. I will be making chemo caps, prayer shawls and blankets to sell on the 4 The Kids website and part of the proceeds from those sales will also go toward pediatric cancer research.
We are VERY excitied about this. I also have some other crochet ideas in mind that I have to try out but it is all FOR THE KIDS, so it is all worth it!

I am now a SAHM, at least for the summer. I will enjoy it and hope to get a position as a substitute teacher when school starts back up for the 08/09 school year.

Well, I hope all of you had a great weekend. Stay in touch for the launch of the 4 The Kids website!!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Musings on Underwear...

Ok, let me start off by saying I think I've gone off the deep end when innocently shopping and I see something and automatically think "wow, I could blog about that". Come on, don't lie, its happened to ya'll too, right??RIGHT????
I was just minding my own business , shopping in the lingerie section of the store with some of my birthday money when I see something out of the corner of my eye as I walk by, so I had to go back and glance just to make sure I'd seen right. Yuppers, I had, and so wanted to poke my eyes out, lol.
Now I know women who wear thongs. I don't. I just don't find them comfortable, but some women do and thats fine. I have no problem with them. However, I just don't want to see them.
I really don't care what type of underwear you are wearing, if any at all.
Picture if you will what I saw earlier this morning. I'm not nasty enough to have whipped out my camera phone and ask the lady if I could take a picture of her butt to post on my blog, but it would have made a great DON'T picture for Glamour magazines DO'S & DON'Ts section...

I probably wouldn't have noticed her at all, except that she had her back to me, looking at something hanging up.
She was of about average size. Didn't look too heavy, or skinny. But her jeans were at least 2 sizes to small. Again ok, if she had maybe had a long enough t-shirt to cover the ill fitted jeans.
She got the jeans about halfway past her hips when getting dressed this morning and guess she thought they could stay there. That made the lower half of her butt flat as a pancake- but pushed the top half up over the waist of her jeans, which wasn't at her natural waist. Then her flowery shirt didn't come all the way to meet the top of her jeans, so in between all this you see a blue striped thong sticking out the top of the jeans.

Sorry but that was just wrong. I'm not that critical of people, but I don't like seeing peoples underwear. I also live in a town where the cool thing is for guys to wear their pants about 5 sizes to big, and for some reason they constantly have to hold their crotch to keep them up...( the jeans that is) Go figure.

Anyway, had to get that off of my mind. Hope you enjoyed that little image burned into your brain. Feel free to tell me of any fashion faux pas you've noticed and have a great day!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Honey

Ok, got this cute meme off my friend Lena's blog. She invited anyone to do it, so here goes.

Since ya'll know alot about me, here is the skinny on my hubby... enjoy.. If you wish to do this, just let meknow in comments section and I will come read them!

This picture is from Christmas 06/07. He has lost alot of weight , by choice, and looks terific. Will try to get a more recent picture of him posted :)) Ok, heres the info...

Name? Chris

How long have you been together? together for 14 yrs, married for 12 this August

How did you meet? I was dating his friend. It wasn't sreious and we all went out dancing one night and I thought he was very good looking:))

How long did you date? two years

Who eats more? Depends, we both have a love of food

Where do you like to eat together? We love to go to this little Italian restaurant named Roma's, or The Hickory House

Who said I Love you first? he did

Who does laundry? me, most of the time, but he will pitch in if I ask him

Who does dishes? since we don't have an auto dishwasher, we both do it, but absolutely hate it:))

Who sleeps on the right? he does

Who pays the bills? He pays the bills with his check and I buy groceries with my check

Who cooks dinner? I do usually, but again, he will pitch in if I ask him

Whos more stubborn? depends, we are both only children, and only have one child, so we all have a good streak of stubborness in us

Who kissed who first? I think it was mutual, not one more han the other. He is a great kisser!

Who proposed? He did, but we had lived together for awhile, and had tlaked about getting married, but I was still very surprised

Who has more siblings? we both have the same amount - NONE

Who wears the pants in the family? depends on the subject...

Where do you fitin the birth order? again, we were both only children so no birth order

Who is older? he is... by 3 years and 2 months

What does he do for a living? he sells police equipment ( hes a great salesmen)

Where is he from? He was born in the next town over in Waxahachie, Texas, but he has lived in Kansas, Wyoming and Colorado. Now we are back where he grew up in Lancaster, TX

What does he like to do? read, play Everquest II, listen to music, play games with us on family night

What do you like about him? hmm, theres alot to like and love about him. He is not only my best friend, lover, and a great father to our daughter, he is passionate, loyal, handsome, funny, and smart.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sorry, Just Had to Share This...

After I did the previous post, I checked my e-mail and my friend Kristen sent this to me. I just had to share this , enjoy it! It's everything a mother says in a day, condensed to 2 + minutes to the William Tell Overture!

Mother's Day and My Birthday

Wow! Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day weekend, I know I sure did!

First of all, Chris called me when he got off work Friday and asked if I was already cooking dinner. I wasn't so he asked me if I wanted to go out to dinner for my birthday instead of on Monday. I'm all up for not cooking all the time so I said yes and we went to Roma's Italian Restaurant. I did fairly well with ordering, I only had one thing of bread ( a mini loaf they give you) and I ordered Eggplant Parmesan. Topped that off with 3 mozzarella sticks and a half a slice of chocolate cheesecake. Normally the cheese cake would have been demolished, but I have realized that when you don't eat alot of sugar , then you go to eat something like cake it is exceptionally sweet.

Then after dinner Chris and Nicole dropped me off at the house and proceeded to go shopping for my birthday present. I will stop right here and whole heartedly admit to being a snoop. I think I have gotten a little better about not snooping as I got older, but Chris still knows I have the potential. Kind of like a person who has overcome drugs or alcohol. They avoid those things because they know those things can get them into trouble. Same here. My family buys presents last minute because I have the potential to snoop:))

So they got home about 2-3 hours later and asked me if I wanted my presents right then, or did I want to wait till Sunday or Monday. I opted to get them right then:)) I'm so glad I did. I was soo happy.

First of all, Nicole told me to close my eyes. She then put these in my hand:

Aren't they pretty? They were closed but by the time I took this picture they were full blown. They smell Heavenly.

Then they gave me the present that was from them plus my MIL-- two books that I was wanting ( The Hollow by Nora Roberts and The Memory Keeper's Daughter). I also got a very beautiful journal. Then I got another bag and in it was an outfit. I have to give major kudos to my hubby here, because as long as we've been together he has been able to pick out clothes for me without me being there and have them fit! It is uncanny I tell you.

I know he used to do a bar trick where his buddies would pick out ANY girl in a country club and they would make a bet of what size Rockies that girl was wearing. ( Rockies are very nice jeans-- they make a girls butt look good, even if it normally doesn't! lol) He was usually right 9 times out of 10 and often won those types of bets, lol.

(After I had Nicole we were invited to a Christmas party and I had nothing to wear that wasn't maternity and he bought me an outfit for me to wear to this party and it was only like a month after I'd had her, and it fit great.)

Anyway, sorry got off track. Then Saturday I cleaned all day, and we worked onNicoles Science project.

Yesterday my mom came out and we all went out to eat at Chili's Grill and Bar. They thought it woudl be funny when I went to the bathroom if they told the waitress it was birthday and have them sing to me. Thank the Lord above they were toobusy with allthe mother's day customers to come sing to me but I did get a free chocolate shake. It was good, but again only dank half of it. Nicole got the other half and then had a major sugar crashabout 2 hous later, lol.

My mom also brought me a mini cake ( sorry forgot to get a picture and my camera is acting weird), but she did call me this morning and sang Happy Birthday to me, lol.

So I hope all is well with everyone and I will post more later:))

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Project In The Works

There are several blogs I read daily. It amuses me. I feel I get to know these women. They in turn come to my blog. A few I actually converse with via e-mail. One in particular I have been talking to flashing some ideas bck and forth is Michelle .
If you click on Michelles sight and read, and listen to her Gabbin Momma videos you will learn that she is a very passionate person. I have mentioned before that she is selling namesakes and cards and that half of the proceeds go toward Pediatric Cancer Research. She alone has raised over $300 to date. WAY COOL!!!!
I offered to make baby hats, adult hats, and blankets that I currently know how to crochet for us to sell on her soon to be developed site and have half of those proceeds go toward pediatric cancer research. Iwas passionate about MDS, and still am, but have taken up a new cause:)) I , personally have never been affected by this, but am slowly learning about all the kids that are.
I know many adults that have/have had cancer and the treatments they endure and how hard it is for them. I can't even begin to imagine a child having to go through that , and have their parents watch their child slowly die if that is the case.
one in particualr that I became familiar with was King Julian Avery. He was given the title King I suspect because he was an awesome child. What little I learned about him he fought his battle for almost a year and succombed earlier this year to Medullablastoma. I also found out that I shared a birthday with this awesome little man. I'm excited that my birthday is coming up, but this coming Monday I'm sure will be very difficult for Mimi, his mother. Please check out her blog, stop by, say hello, all thoughts and prayers willbe appreiciated, I'm sure.
I feel honored to bedcome part of the force raising money for kids! I thank Michelle for her brainstorming with Mimi ( Julien's mom), who I hope to meet one day since she lives in Fort Worth, and I in Dallas. Her moto is Cancer Sucks, and boy does it ever.
I will post more information as the site gets up and running. Please check out Michelles and Mimis blogs. You can also get to Michelles blog by clicking on the little ad I have that says 4 the Kids! and flashes Juliens picture and examples of Michelles drawings.
So go on, click away:)))

Friday, May 9, 2008


If you see a fireman, holding out his boot at street corners, please put MONEY in it!!! He is NOT looking for handouts to help him, he is collecting for the MDA ( Muscular Dystrophy Association).
The MDA LaborDay Telethon will be here before you know it. I am very passionate about this. For those of you that don't know , my mother and I both have a form of Muscular Dystrophy.
If you are not familiar with, or don't actually listen to the stories told during the telethon thats ok. I will enlighten you a bit.
( Please keep in mind I am not looking for sympathy, just a better awareness)

Before my mother and I were diagnosed back in 2003 we didn't know much about MDA. We watched the telethon yearly along with hundreds of others and always donated a little something. All that changed whenthey thought my mom had had a stroke and went to a neurologist for an assesment.
Turns out she did not have a stroke. The doctor who did her assesment asked her if she had ever beent tested for CMT. She had never heard of it so of course the answer was no. Thank Heaven above that thisdoctor had worked in an MDA clinic and knew enough about CMT to think my mom might have it.
When she got home that night, she called me and we looked it up on the computer. It explained so much. Basically what it is , is a progressive degenerative peripheral neuropathy. Meaning we lose strength in our arms and legs. She was seen by an MDA clinic and diagnosed on March 31. I was diagnosed on April 30, after I was doing some research on the disease and found out I had some of the symptoms listed too. I thought my feet had beenacting weird but thisconfirmed it was CMT. There are several forms of it. My mothers showed up in late childhood, and mine inmy late 20's. If I think back, it seems my pregnancy with Nicole exacerbated the beginning symptoms.
My mother and I are in leg braces, and she walks with a cane. I use a cane too occasionally, like whenIknow I'm going somewhere withuneven terrain or I'm going to be doing a lot of walking.
The form we have is called Charcot-Marie-Tooth. It is the only form , out of 40 or so different types of Muscular Dystrophy that I know of , that is not life threatening. Ours does not attack our heart or lungs, but attackes the nerve cells aroudn our leg and arm muscles.
Thank God Ihave a strong husband. If I fall, which happens alot with CMT, if I can't crawl over to some piece of furniture to help me up, he gets me up.
You know those little ketchup and condiment packets you get at fast food places? I don't have enough strength inmy fingers to tear one of those open. Jar lids? forget it.
I can still run a little bit, but look so stupid doing it that I rarely run. I can't walk up a flight of stairs like a normal person. If I have my braces on I can do it slowly.. no braces? slight snowballs chance in Hell that I would really feel the need to get up those stairs, lol.

It really doesn't seem to slow my mom or I down. We know our limitations. My mom is on her own since my father passed away in 2004, and she is doing ok. Her twin sister doesn't live too far from her, and she gets aroudn slowly but able.

So please please please, if you see a fireman standing on the corner, collecting money in his boot, please donate! Or if you are asked to purchase a shamrock in a grocery store , please do so. $ 60 is ONE MINUTE of research and $600 sends one child to MDA summer camp. It all goes to a good cause, and helps my mom and I get the care we need.

Thank you so much for allowing me to get the information out. You can click on my MDA link to the right of my posts and find out more about this.

Thanks and hope everyone has a great weekend!
My mom is coming out here on Sunday so we can do a duel celebration for mothers day and my birthday.

This video is from our MDA 2008 Stride and Ride. It is held at our local Grapevine Mills Mall. All that is required is to wither stride or ride one lap aroudn the first floorof the mall. We congregateinthe food court, party then stride or ride. It is awesome to see how many people come out and help each year. Usually ourMC is our local Channel 5 meteorologist Rebeccah Miller.
Check it out... its kind of cool...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Race For Education Day

Wow! I have had a great morning. Today, at Nicole's school was their Race for Education. This was the first year for them to do this, and they had no idea the money it was going to generate for the school!! WOOHOO, all the money is going toward the library and the other special things the school does. I stayed out there to help for a few hours and had almost as much fun as the kids. After the actual race, they had bounce gyms, bungee races, and a petting zoo to name a few activities.

The kids getting ready for the race

Race sign on the bus:))

Ms.Chapman, Nicole's teacher , going for the gold on bounce gym climb!!! GO MS. CHAPMAN!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a great day! Will post more later this week. My birthday is coming up the day after moms day, so woohoo for me:))

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thanks Honey!!

I'm not good at riddles, or mysteries. I guess I don't 'get' the clues provided. When Chris and I watch murder mysteries together, or I read a book where someone got offed and I have to figure out who did it, I'm usually surprised at the end, as should be the case.
Thanks to my honey's keen sense of awareness, he helped me give the correct guess for Semblance of Sanity's recent contest. She had a surprise, and she was giving very vague clues, but I had Chris read what Michelle had written and had him look at her clue pictures. He guessed it and I found out this morning that I won, or rather he did, a very beautiful bracelet called The Circle of Hope.
Michelle does drawings and cards and such for sale, with half the proceeds going to pediatric cancer research, which is just so awesome. So far she has raised over $200.
Chris said he will give me the bracelet he won for my birthday, said it would save him having to goshopping formy present, haha. He is not getting off that easy. I will wear that bracelet proudly, in memory of all the little angels taken from this Earth way before their time.

I'm glad Monday is over. Tuesday is a new day, and I have many more tolook forward to:))

Take care to all, and I hope you have a great day!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Silly Grandma...

Ok, first , before I get into my funny Grandma story, a few comments. You may know that I love Dancing with the Stars. I had previously mentioned that Def Leopard was going to be on this past Tuesday. I hoped they would sing "Pour Some Sugar On Me", I thought that would heat up the dance floor a bit. They did perform it and it was some great dancing that went along with it:))

At the moment I am crocehting a baby blanket for a freind of mine, who is having her shower on May 18th. She knows she is having a boy, and is decorating the nursery in camo... so in keeping with the camo theme I'm making her a hunter green and tan blanket. So far it looks pretty neat. I will take a picture of it when its done and post it to see what ya'll think...
Whatever happened to traditional baby blue?? oh well, should be interesting and cute...

I will soon be starting on Coffee Bean's lapghan she won on my contest. She has told me she wants the colors in cardinal red,royal blue andgray, her son's school colors. Will post pics of that when it is done.

Ok, here is my funny story. I've noticed lately some blogger freinds are posting stories that happened to them a while back. Here is a doozy ( at least my family thinks so):

This happened when my Grandma came down to Texas from Chicago to visit us not too long after we had been here. So this was probably 1980-1981 somewhere in there...

My grandma loved to shop. At the time, in Arlington Texas the Six Flags Mall was the place to be. It had some really nice stores in it and was a pretty nice mall. We took here there one Saturday so she could buy souveniers for her friends since it was her first time to Texas.
She wanted to go into a Department store, Sanger Harris (sp?) I believe it was at the time. Dad and I wanted to go down to the food court to get something to eat or drink. My mom said she would sit on the fountain edge right outside the store and wait for grandma since she was tired of all the walking we had done.
We found out grandma had to go to the second floor to get what she wanted . We told her that when she comes down the escalator , to go back around it and come out into the mall , and we would be waiting right there on the fountain. Dad and I got back from the food court, no grandma. Mom says she hadn't seen her come down the escaltor yet. We waited. And waited. And waited somemore. Finally after about 30 or so minutes we were getting a bit worried.
We went into Sangers to look for her, thinking she got sidetracked. No grandma. We asked around, still no grandma. Eventually we got Mall security in on this too. Still no grandma.

After a very long time, mom and I decided to go home in case she tried to call us. Dad stayed at the mall with the cops.
We get home, and our neighbor says that my grandma had been there asking what time it was and then she left again.. WHAT????? she wasn't in our house.. she wasn't at another neighbors house... she wasn't in our front yard. Grandma was getting this disappearing act down pretty good.
Finally, here comes a cop car pulling up in front of our house. With my grandma. All of our neighbors were outside with us. Good ol' grandma gets out of the cop car MAD AT US!!! BECAUSE WE LEFT HER AT THE MALL?!?!?!?!? HUH????? WE NEVER SAW HER LEAVE THE MALL!!!!!!

After much bickering back and forth we determined what had happened. She had finished her shopping not long after she had gone up to the 2nd floor. She got on the down escalator , rode down, and marched straight out the door of the store, into the parking lot. She was supposed to turn right or left and go back around the escalator and back out into the mall.
She then proceeded to hail a taxi, and was dropped off at our house. Shehad gone to our neighbors to find out the time. Then she had to go to the bathroom. Did she ask the neighbor if she could use her bathroom? NOPE! she walked to a restaurant many many blocks from our house to use their restroom. The cops picked her up on the way back because she fit the description we hadgiven them. She was madder than all get out. It took us a long time to get over losin' grandma at the mall. Now its just plain funny.

Grandma is gone now. She passed away shortly before her 94th birthday in 2006. I know she is in Heaven,and for God's sake, I hope there are very clear direction signs there:)))

Hope ya'll had a good laugh:))
Have a pretty busy weekend as usual,so will try to post again soon!
Have a great weekend

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just Chillin

Good Morning to all! I soo enjoyed my day off yesterday. It truly was a day off up until aroudn 430 whenI came back to reality and did dishes, cooked dinner, etc...
Afer I got the kiddo and hubby off to respective school/bus station I had to go to work because I forgot something , soI wasn't up there very long. Then I ran tothe post office. When I got home, it was still about an hour before lunchtime, so I played onthe computer for a bit, and came up with the brilliant realization that I didn'twanttoeat anything we had aroudn the house for lunch. I haven't been going out much for take out, I've been doing really good on W.W.( haven't gained in 7 weeks), so I called the local really good Italian restaurant and ordered Eggplant parmesan, came with a salad and a little loaf of garlic bread. I just about licked the pan clean.. it was soooo good.

Then I decided to give myself a bubbling foot bath. Turned on the heat, the bubbling jets, and the vibration, got my good book I"mm reading , and sat my butt down in front of the TV. I didn't fall asleep. I was just happy.

Today, I went and cashed my paycheck, went grocery shopping andam now blogging, wating peanuts and drinking a BIG glass of water. I plan on doing a load of laundry, making dinner, and thats about it. oh yeah, I have W.W tonight too. so wish me luck that Imake it 8 weeks in a row with out a gain:)) WOOHOO for me:)))

Oh , btw, if you have a good kissing story, whether it be and awesomekiss, amazing kiss. truly want toforget it kiss, or whatever, go by Manic's blog, she has a book giveaway going and you have to tell yourkissing story. I think it is still going on. Read some of theentries , they are pretty funny.

Take Care,Stay Safe and have a great day ya'll!!
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