Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thanks Honey!!

I'm not good at riddles, or mysteries. I guess I don't 'get' the clues provided. When Chris and I watch murder mysteries together, or I read a book where someone got offed and I have to figure out who did it, I'm usually surprised at the end, as should be the case.
Thanks to my honey's keen sense of awareness, he helped me give the correct guess for Semblance of Sanity's recent contest. She had a surprise, and she was giving very vague clues, but I had Chris read what Michelle had written and had him look at her clue pictures. He guessed it and I found out this morning that I won, or rather he did, a very beautiful bracelet called The Circle of Hope.
Michelle does drawings and cards and such for sale, with half the proceeds going to pediatric cancer research, which is just so awesome. So far she has raised over $200.
Chris said he will give me the bracelet he won for my birthday, said it would save him having to goshopping formy present, haha. He is not getting off that easy. I will wear that bracelet proudly, in memory of all the little angels taken from this Earth way before their time.

I'm glad Monday is over. Tuesday is a new day, and I have many more tolook forward to:))

Take care to all, and I hope you have a great day!

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