Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Honey

Ok, got this cute meme off my friend Lena's blog. She invited anyone to do it, so here goes.

Since ya'll know alot about me, here is the skinny on my hubby... enjoy.. If you wish to do this, just let meknow in comments section and I will come read them!

This picture is from Christmas 06/07. He has lost alot of weight , by choice, and looks terific. Will try to get a more recent picture of him posted :)) Ok, heres the info...

Name? Chris

How long have you been together? together for 14 yrs, married for 12 this August

How did you meet? I was dating his friend. It wasn't sreious and we all went out dancing one night and I thought he was very good looking:))

How long did you date? two years

Who eats more? Depends, we both have a love of food

Where do you like to eat together? We love to go to this little Italian restaurant named Roma's, or The Hickory House

Who said I Love you first? he did

Who does laundry? me, most of the time, but he will pitch in if I ask him

Who does dishes? since we don't have an auto dishwasher, we both do it, but absolutely hate it:))

Who sleeps on the right? he does

Who pays the bills? He pays the bills with his check and I buy groceries with my check

Who cooks dinner? I do usually, but again, he will pitch in if I ask him

Whos more stubborn? depends, we are both only children, and only have one child, so we all have a good streak of stubborness in us

Who kissed who first? I think it was mutual, not one more han the other. He is a great kisser!

Who proposed? He did, but we had lived together for awhile, and had tlaked about getting married, but I was still very surprised

Who has more siblings? we both have the same amount - NONE

Who wears the pants in the family? depends on the subject...

Where do you fitin the birth order? again, we were both only children so no birth order

Who is older? he is... by 3 years and 2 months

What does he do for a living? he sells police equipment ( hes a great salesmen)

Where is he from? He was born in the next town over in Waxahachie, Texas, but he has lived in Kansas, Wyoming and Colorado. Now we are back where he grew up in Lancaster, TX

What does he like to do? read, play Everquest II, listen to music, play games with us on family night

What do you like about him? hmm, theres alot to like and love about him. He is not only my best friend, lover, and a great father to our daughter, he is passionate, loyal, handsome, funny, and smart.


Anonymous said...

Very sweet, I love this meme, I've seen it around.

Lena said...

Great! I think I knew most of that except for what his job is. One thing I love about you two is that you always seem very in love! That's wonderful!

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