Saturday, May 10, 2008

Project In The Works

There are several blogs I read daily. It amuses me. I feel I get to know these women. They in turn come to my blog. A few I actually converse with via e-mail. One in particular I have been talking to flashing some ideas bck and forth is Michelle .
If you click on Michelles sight and read, and listen to her Gabbin Momma videos you will learn that she is a very passionate person. I have mentioned before that she is selling namesakes and cards and that half of the proceeds go toward Pediatric Cancer Research. She alone has raised over $300 to date. WAY COOL!!!!
I offered to make baby hats, adult hats, and blankets that I currently know how to crochet for us to sell on her soon to be developed site and have half of those proceeds go toward pediatric cancer research. Iwas passionate about MDS, and still am, but have taken up a new cause:)) I , personally have never been affected by this, but am slowly learning about all the kids that are.
I know many adults that have/have had cancer and the treatments they endure and how hard it is for them. I can't even begin to imagine a child having to go through that , and have their parents watch their child slowly die if that is the case.
one in particualr that I became familiar with was King Julian Avery. He was given the title King I suspect because he was an awesome child. What little I learned about him he fought his battle for almost a year and succombed earlier this year to Medullablastoma. I also found out that I shared a birthday with this awesome little man. I'm excited that my birthday is coming up, but this coming Monday I'm sure will be very difficult for Mimi, his mother. Please check out her blog, stop by, say hello, all thoughts and prayers willbe appreiciated, I'm sure.
I feel honored to bedcome part of the force raising money for kids! I thank Michelle for her brainstorming with Mimi ( Julien's mom), who I hope to meet one day since she lives in Fort Worth, and I in Dallas. Her moto is Cancer Sucks, and boy does it ever.
I will post more information as the site gets up and running. Please check out Michelles and Mimis blogs. You can also get to Michelles blog by clicking on the little ad I have that says 4 the Kids! and flashes Juliens picture and examples of Michelles drawings.
So go on, click away:)))


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links!

Michelle said...

You're certainly spreading the love with worthy causes, aren't you? I just have to hope that someday parents will be spared pain of going through this.

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