Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Drum Roll Please...

It's here! It's Fabulous! It's 4 The Kids!!!!!

That's right folks, the 4 The Kids website is now up and running, new artists ( including me) are being added to this wonderful site benefitting Pediatric Cancer Research!
Click here to check it out!
I think Michelle said there are about 6 - 8 artists already sending her info to get up on the site to sell there wares to raise money.
Right now, I'm busy making hats for kids to wear while going through treatment. They can be funky color, plain, or whatever... and here is the best part... you can just buy one, OR you can buy two for just a tad bit more money and the second hat will be donated to a local pedi cancer ward here in my hometown!! Isn't that wonderful?? Half the proceeds from any sale will be donated toward pediatric cancer research!!
You don't have to know a child who has cancer to help a child who has cancer...heck, buy a hat for you! I also make adult hats, and will post pictures of those too! I can do the same thing with the adult hats that I do with the kid hats! Buy two adult hats and I will donate the other one to a cancer ward here for adults!
So go over , check it out, sign our guest book!!
Hope everyone has a great day!
My day got off to a great start! WOOHOO!!!!!

If you have questions, or want to place an order you can go to the website here OR you can e-mail me at!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful, congrats on the new site.

Flea said...

The site is GORGEOUS! Karen did a fine job. :)

Thanks for popping by my blog!

Once upon a time I made knit hats for cancer patients. And padded bras for women waiting for prosthetics. Do you happen to know of a hospital which accepts preemie clothes for stillborns, by chance?

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