Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Stuff , A Movie and A Good Memory

Good Morning to all! This past Friday I finished the camo colored baby blanket and hat that I was making for my friends shower. She loved it. Here is the blanket, and the hat. The hat is modeled by Nicoles beloved doll Marsha.


This weekend we went to see Prince Caspian. It has been so long since I read the books that I remembered it slightly, so the movie was all new to me. The three of us LOVED IT! Definitely something to take the family to. The effects in the movie were pretty cool, imagery beautiful.

We went to the Waffle house for dinner after the movie , which was alot of fun also. Just spending time with the family and talking, joking and laughing is always a good thing.


When I went shopping the other day I happened to used some of my birthday money. I found the 20th anniversary edition of Dirty Dancing. I remember going to the movie to see that with my cousin. As you may remember I LOVE LOVE LOVE any movie that has dancing in it!!:)))

So for all of you Patrick Swayze fans Here is a clip from the past...


Well here is hoping all is well with everyone. Tell me what kind of movies you like, or what movie you watch that reminds you of the past...
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Michelle said...

I think the crocheting is so cool. I can't just conceptualize how yarn becomes so many cool shapes. Good luck with it all!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mabunny,
We're trying to get out see Caspian this weekend (hubby and me.) Thanks for the good feedback on it. I've heard good things.

It's not dancing, but we saw Ironman a few weeks back. That is a good movie, too. For his problems being splashed in the tabloids, Robert Downey Jr. is fabulous in this movie. I've read that you really can't picture putting anyone else in this role. I think they are right. It was excellent.

I like the hat and blanket, btw.

Karen Deborah said...

yep that's some pretty sexy dancing, ole Pat is sick now with cancer which is a bummer.
Way to go with the blanket and hat, so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hey MaBunny! Thanks for stopping by! Glad to have a friend in Texas! Stop by anytime, and Ill add you to my blog, so I remember to drop by and visit!!!!

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