Thursday, May 1, 2008

Just Chillin

Good Morning to all! I soo enjoyed my day off yesterday. It truly was a day off up until aroudn 430 whenI came back to reality and did dishes, cooked dinner, etc...
Afer I got the kiddo and hubby off to respective school/bus station I had to go to work because I forgot something , soI wasn't up there very long. Then I ran tothe post office. When I got home, it was still about an hour before lunchtime, so I played onthe computer for a bit, and came up with the brilliant realization that I didn'twanttoeat anything we had aroudn the house for lunch. I haven't been going out much for take out, I've been doing really good on W.W.( haven't gained in 7 weeks), so I called the local really good Italian restaurant and ordered Eggplant parmesan, came with a salad and a little loaf of garlic bread. I just about licked the pan clean.. it was soooo good.

Then I decided to give myself a bubbling foot bath. Turned on the heat, the bubbling jets, and the vibration, got my good book I"mm reading , and sat my butt down in front of the TV. I didn't fall asleep. I was just happy.

Today, I went and cashed my paycheck, went grocery shopping andam now blogging, wating peanuts and drinking a BIG glass of water. I plan on doing a load of laundry, making dinner, and thats about it. oh yeah, I have W.W tonight too. so wish me luck that Imake it 8 weeks in a row with out a gain:)) WOOHOO for me:)))

Oh , btw, if you have a good kissing story, whether it be and awesomekiss, amazing kiss. truly want toforget it kiss, or whatever, go by Manic's blog, she has a book giveaway going and you have to tell yourkissing story. I think it is still going on. Read some of theentries , they are pretty funny.

Take Care,Stay Safe and have a great day ya'll!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Maybe ass gas is what makes roses smell so good!!

Hallie :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a great day of pampering!

Goof luck at WW, your efforts will show I'm sure!

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