Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Prayers Needed

I've previously mentioned our cousin that is expecting another bundle of joy. The baby blanket a few posts back is what I created for this upcoming bundle. I haven't had the chance to see her since I finished the blanket and matching hat , but she is expected to be induced tomorrow on the 28th. Her due date isn't until March 21 or 22 ( can't quite remember atm).
She hasn't been feeling very good the last few weeks, and has occasionally had trouble breathing. She went in for her last check up yesterday before the weekly ones started and they sent her to the hospital. Her blood pressure was very high.
I talked to her early today and she said they were going to let her go home if it stayed down. Apparently whenever she was in any other position but lying down , her BP went up. She said that they had just taken it and it was normal, but they wanted her to get up and take a shower and stuff then they were going to recheck it. Obviously it wasn't good. They are going to start the induction tomorrow morning . Hopefully all goes well, so please keep her and her husband in your prayers.

Will update as I hear...


Beth said...

They are certainly in our prayers that everything is going smoothly (and hopefully quickly for her) today!!!

Lena said...

So how did it go? I hate hearing about poor mama's having a hard time at the end. Brings back terrible memories! I hope mom and baby are doing well today.

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