Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Twistah, a Twistah!!!!

Ok, flashback to the Wizard of Oz, sorry.

Well, I thought this this would be an appropriate post for this time of year in Texas. Tornadoes. They scare the bejeebies out of me. Even the threat of tornadoes. I hear we are under a tornado watch, or the sky has that eerie gray/green color and I panik. So do my dogs. Any storm comes up with thunder and lightening and you can bet I will find a stinky pile in my den from Cooper. That kind of weather literally scares the poop out of her.
I've never actually been in a tornado. I love to watch the movie Twister. But I've been close before and I guess that just fuels my fright.
Anyone around the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex will remember back in 1994 when two F3 tornadoes struck the same part of Lancaster two nights in a row. I now live in Lancaster. I know I'm in Tornado alley. It scares me to death. This part of spring and the first part of fall is our best chance at getting weather that might turn tornadic ( is that a real word??).
the first spring we lived here, we knew that storms were likely late in the afternoon. We checked the radar and it looked like stuff was moving in so I ran to the store earlier than I had planned. The sky looked eerie but wasn't doing anything. My hubby called me and told me to hurry up there was a tornado a few towns over. I got the heck out of the store and was half way to my car when the Tornado sirens went off. I threw my bags in the car and ran back into the grocery store. I was freaking out. All these other people were walking aroudn looking normal, acting like the sirens weren't even going off. I got to the manager of the store and was totally freaked out. He was trying to calm me down. I called chris and Nicole back and there was no answer which scared me more. Finally chris called me back , told me to get in the car and get homeASAP, the sirens had stopped. I must have driven about 50 mph down a 30 mph street to race home. Just as I was turning onto my street the sirens went off again. I was shaking and scared out of my mind. Chris had the frame of mind to have the door open for me so I could just run into the bathroom and sit in the bathtub. No sooner did I get home then the sirens stopped again and the sky cleared within about 15 minutes. N o thunder, lightening, wall clouds, NOTHING.
A favorite saying in Texas is if you don't like the weather wait 15 minutes it will change.

We went through something similar yesterday. I got home from work abut 215pm. I thought I might surprise hubby and mow the grass. then I looked out at the sky and it was turning grayish. I thought no biggy since they said we were going to get scattered storms, some possibly severe. I checked the radar on the tv a little while after that and there were full blown tornado warnings popping all around us, and they were moving our way.
Thank God all we got was a bit of wind, rain, thunder /lightening and a pile of poop from Cooper.
All that had popped up within one hour. At 2pm, nothing, by 245/30opm tornado warnings and hail all over the darn place.
If you have a fear of something, like I do with tornados, share it here. Would be interesting to see what others are afraid of.
Have a great day!!

for all of you who were hoping my daughter is ok, she is, just one day of the barfies. She went back to school today.

Also , if you ae feeling blue and need a really good laugh, go check out a particular post entitled Vasectomy on Manic Mommy


Karen Deborah said...

Yep I wrote a post about a sleepless night, "big storms and little ha has" it's a good thing you didn't get in a wreck! In MS the weather changes every 10 minutes, must be that Texas is BIGGER!

Nikki said...

Know what you mean about those afternoon storms. Out here, we are usually on the back side of the dry line and everything heads east, so we can see it just on the horizon. Lots of wall clouds building up higher and higher, and we can even smell the rain and ozone of the storms, then it all heads east, towards you! Hopefully one day soon we'll get some of that rain, we need it sooooo bad! Barely an inch since Halloween! Take care of yourself and family!

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