Friday, April 18, 2008

Stupid Drivers Part Deux

Ok, ya'll read my ranting about stupid drivers yesterday. I have more:)) Lastnight Chris wasn't able to ride home with the friend he usually does so he took the bus home. No biggy. The bus stop is at the local college about 2-3 miles down the main road. However when Chris got home he was limping. He was not limping when he left for work, and didn't mention that he had gotten hurt at work so I was curious. He announced when he got home that he had been hit by a car.
He said it was a dumbass driver going only about 3-4 miles an hour making a turn, talking on his cell phone. Chris was in the middle of the street crossing, and when he had stepped into it there were no cars coming, then all of a sudden this care bumped him. If the guy had been going any faster Chris would have been seriously hurt or killed. I don't even want to think about it.
He didn't get the license number and was pretty sore this morning.
I'm making a minor plea. If you have a cell phone and need to use it while driving PULL OVER or get a handsfree bluetooth set or whatever, that way both hands stay on the wheel.

Ok, enough of that now. Here is a fun tag I found this morning on Coffee Bean's blog.
All you have to do is find a book with at least 123 pages in it. Turn to page 123, find the 5th sentence down and post the next three sentences, lol.

Should be interesting to see what our fellow bloggers are reading. I'm currently reading a bodice ripper, or as my mom calls them, historical slut novels, lmao.

Here is mine:
It became necessary for Patrick to remain in London and see the plans completed.
Meg chose to return home to Glenkirk. She had seen enough of London.

Hmm, wasnt' a very juicy part of the novel. Oh well:)) It was from Love Wild and Fair by Bertrice Small.

There is still time to enter my Funniest Wedding story contest. Thanks to all that have already entered.

I'll tell a shortened version of what happened at my wedding. It was on a hot August night, in the town we are currently living in. Storms come to hot August nights in Dallas Texas.
In some of my wedding photos you can see the gray/green clouds building behind the gazebo where we were married. We no sooner got through saying "I do", then the sky opened up. Luckinly most people were already on their way to the reception a few blocks away. Needless to say we didn't get alot of pictures right after the wedding.

The reception went well , althouh I didn't get to eat alot. Tons of well wishers and pictures.
Plus the champagne toast. It was also my best friends birthday that day and my dad's two days later so I had baked each of them a birthday cake to be given to them before we cut our wedding cake. The whole reception sang happy birthday to them. It was fun.
I still hadnt' eaten alot, and had already had 2 champagne toasts. Keep in mind I don't drink alot. Don't drink at all now. After this reception we took the wedding party and went to the local dance/bar that we always frequented the Crystal Chandelier. (We had not been allowed to dance at the hall where we had the food reception ). So, more drinks, no food, lots of dancing. I was getting drunk. Didn't realize it. Was having way to much fun.
Finally all that was over and Chris and I went to our hotel room. We had our wedding night:)) however, by this time we were starving and our wedding party had snuck off and left us some food, cake and more champagne. Along with a bottle of Champagne bubble bath. So we decided to get in the huge jacuzzi style tub in our bedroom with lots of hot bubbles. The heat and the champagne didn't mix. I got sooooo sick , I barely made it out of the tub. Was sick the rest of the night. when our friends started pounding on the door very early the next morning, Chris was up and dresssed. I however was laying in bed with a pair of dark sunglasses on due to the brightness of the flourescent room bulbs, lol.
I did get up and all of us went out to eat breakfast. The smell of all the food at the restaurant did little to calm my stomach though so I didnt' eat much.
After that we went back to the hotel room to get ready to go to my moms. She was having a brunch with all the family and we were supposed to open our wedding presents and such before leaving for our honeymoon.
We finally got to our honeymoon destination, New Braunfels, Texas about 6 that evening.

I guess nothing real bad happened but it was funny. Chris still likes to remind me of that.


Michelle said...

I almost couldn't comment about stupid drivers because I know I'd get up on a very large soap box and not get down anytime soon.

I have the same issue with turn signals and the like. And my husband tends to just slow down or roll through stop signs. (Don't ask about his turn signal usage -- although he generally uses it to signal a lane change, it is at most two clicks.) I keep explaining that what he's doing is what our kids will learn to do, and at 15 or 16, they don't have the judgement to make things ok the way he drives. As with many kid-like things, he just doesn't get it. Nor, apparently, do 90% of the other drivers out there...

Here's hoping that your husband feels better soon. Did the driver even notice that he hit someone?

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your poor husband!

The Drunken Bride, huh?

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You are TOTALLY allowed to cast your vote for your Judy!! John secretly hopes she wins!! He adores her!

Maybe someday you can send him a pic of her - and you could have her autograph it?

Hallie :)

Karen Deborah said...

Last time I checked that was called a "hit and run" a very serious offense. what the heck?

RANGER said...

I still can't eat crab cakes because I got sick from them on our honeymoon (almost 50 years ago). When we went to San Francisco years later, I could not even look at Dungeness Crab. And the restaurants are are so proud of it, there.

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