Friday, April 11, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

To that tune I was singing a bit more of tornado tornado go away. I've mentioned previously how scared I am of tornadoes or the threat of them. Wednesday night I awoke about 4:00 am to thunder. I turned on the news and saw this tremendous line of red / purple and signs of rotation on the radar. The weather guy says "This just in, at 4:01am the Nat'l Weather Service in Fort Worth has issued a tornado warning for northern Dallas County. "
I thought cool, we are in southern Dallas Cnty. That thought no sooner entered my brain then the tornado sirens started going off. I ran into the kitchen and screamed at my husband that the tornado sirens were going off and to wake nicole up. The he grabbed a dog , i grabbed one and we headed into the middle bathroom to cower in the tub. He then brought my bird in there too.
So for half an hour we sat listening to the storm outside and the weather on the TV.
It was scary. It all passed within a half hour. The storm was moving very fast. However yesterday we did find out that an F1 tornado had touched down in the next town over from us.
Whole ISDs were closed yesterday due to no power. It was a nasty storm. Even though our town didn't get hit with a tornado, they said we were having winds up to 80-mph.

Needless to say I"m glad I didn't have to work yesterday since I only got back to sleep 30 mins before my alarm went off anyway to start my day.

Hope everyone is doing well. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't forget to enter my CONTEST two posts down celebrating my 100th post! It is easy , open to everyone and off to a hilarious start!!


Lolosblog said...

Don't you just love living in tornado alley? Those storms past over us a couple of hours before they got to you. I can never hear the hail hitting the roof, but I did that night. We are west on I-20 about 144 miles from Ft. Worth. Scary stuff! Glad all is ok with you.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Connor squished the screen - threw the phone on his bed then flopped onto the bed. I thought John was going to kill him. 2 weeks....only 2 weeks! UGH!!!

He still claims that he didnt do it.

That's the frustrating part!


Lolosblog said...

Morning! We live in Abilene, straight up I-20. Can't miss us. Nice little town, come see us sometime!

Karen Deborah said...

we had 5 tornados touch down in that last bad storm and what a mess. we are fine here at home but some streets are still full of trees and roofers will be making big money for awhile.

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