Friday, February 12, 2010

Writers Workshop

This is something I haven't ever participated in, but am giving it a whirl. My bloggy friend Hallie usually does this on Thursdays , and I too thought of something to write after seeing it. It is a writers challenge from Mama Kat at Mamas Losin' It. I'm going to try to do this from now on , since it is a challenge...
( heres the button , if you want to go check her out:

Mama's Losin' It

One of the challenges you could choose, was to make up a Do's and Don't list. This one I thought I could handle pretty well since I just happened to be talking about this to someone the other day.

so here are the Do's and Don'ts of Pregnancy Bedrest:

( This also comes from personal experience)

DO take your doctors advice and keep your ass in bed/ on the couch or whatever he/she says. It is not only for your health, but your unborn baby's as well.

DON'T decide there is one more load of laundry to do, or you just HAVE to vacuum the furniture because you saw a crumb. STAY IN BED!

If you are a friend of a pregnant bed-ridden woman, DO call her, visit her as often as possible, bring her things she might enjoy reading. If you accidentally wake her up, so what - she was probably sleeping due to boredom! She would be delighted if you called!

If you are that friend DON'T tell her anymore pregnancy horror stories - she's probably heard enough by now to give her nightmares!

DO catch up on watching movies you have missed, or books you haven't had time to read.

DON'T read all the horror stories on the internet, or books about what can happen to your unborn baby if the person in the story had your diagnosis, ( like pre-eclampsia)

DO at least read enough to be informed of your condition, and the warning signs of something 'not quite right'.

DON'T get mad at your significant other if he doesn't fold the laundry exactly the way you do, or if the dishes don't sparkle quite right. At least he's doing them, right?

DO thank him for doing the best job he can, both at work and at home.

DO try to positive during this time and DON'T become depressed

and in the end, when all is said and done, DO enjoy your baby. After all, most of that bedtime is going to be between you and him/her. Talk to your baby, they will hear you! Listen to music together, make plans for when they are finally here. Tell them all the things you will teach them.

DON'T lose your mind:)
( That will come AFTER they are here!)

Ok, thats my say on that matter. Any thoughts? or things you would add to this list?

( I know I haven't been around lately, and I'm sorry, I miss everyone, I miss posting. I've caught up on ya'lls blogs, and I promise to blog more in the coming days! )


Flea said...

Aww. I like your list! Too bad I'm not having any more babies. But it's great advice for soon-to-be moms!

Chris H said...

What a good list. I was never put on bedrest! Considering I had 6 babies in 10 years, it would have been nice! lol

MaBunny said...

wow Chris, I bet it would have been nice for a bit of rest wouldn't it? I knew you had a big family, just didn't realize that big:)

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