Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Ok, just had to tell ya'll what happened this evening. It was just hilarious. After dinner, we ( Nicole and I ) were channel surfing to see if any good LifeTime movies were on or anything when we came across National Lampoons Vacation. The one with Chevy Chase and Beverly D'Angelo. I've seen it too many times to count, but Nicole has never seen it, so we decided to watch it. It was only like a half hour into the movie, so she didn't see the whole explanation of why they were going to Walley World AMUSEMENT park. She just kept hearing them say that they were headed to Walley World.
Now here is where the funny happened, and I just cracked up. Nicole, serious as can be, turned to look at me and asked "Mommy, why are they driving all the way across the country just to go to Walmart?"
At first I looked at her and then just absolutley lost it. We do frequent Walmart alot, its reasonable and you can get tons of stuff there, and sometimes we do call it Wally World. When I stopped laughing long enough to explain to her that it was a fictional amusement park like Disney World, she laughed too.
When I told her I was going to tell the blogosphere her little mis-understanding she got upset with me telling me I was making fun of her. I told her no, I wasn't laughing at her, I was laughing with her... and I was not making fun of her. I told her compared to what some people write about there kiddos, I'd been pretty easy on her.
Here is a few clips from the movie. I remember road trops with myparents when I was a kid, but nothing as bad as this, LOL!

So hope you enjoyed that little tid-bit. Will post another Blue Collar Video tomorrow. Probably Ron White since he is one of our favorite.


Anonymous said...

That is hilarious. But why does everyone call Walmart Wally World?

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your list additions are so good!!

And yes, I have been AXED a question!! UGH!!

What about YOUZ GUYZ?


joanne said...

That is the cutest story! Reminds me of naming our cat. I was running through other friends pets names to give the kids an idea of a name for the cat. I said "calypso" and they jumped up and down, excited as can be, and decided that was the name. A little while later I hear my daughter call for "club-soda." Yeah, we have a cat named club soda.


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