Thursday, June 26, 2008


Ok,now that I have that out of my system, did ANYONE watch the new show that aired lastnight called Baby Borrowers? OMG, it was freakin' hilarious!
They advertised it as "IT'S NOT REAL T.V. - IT'S BIRTH CONTROL" !!!
Basically I'm all for the waiting till your married till you have a baby thing, but am not hypocritical of those who had babies before getting married - hey , I mean I know life happens, and not always the way you planned, so please don't leave a comment about any of that!!
The basis of this show was 6 young, teenage couples who think they are ready to be parents ( but NOT pregnant yet), and might plan on getting married in the near future.
Each couple was put in a house, and given a mini-van. The first day they had to settle in and get familiar with the house. The next morning, the girls were given a sympathy pregnancy belly to wear to make them look 8-9 mos pregnant. Then they had to go to a class to learn how to hold a baby, rock /burp/feed a baby, bathe a baby, etc...
Then when they came home frm the class, one seperate room was filled with cribs, strollers, highchairs and essentials that they had to assemble themselves!
Then the babies came. Six couples who VOLUNTARILY handed over their babies to a young couple. ( the REAL parents were in a watching house, with six video cams set up to see everything and they are allowed to intervene if necessary...)
The babies ranged in age of 6-11 mos.
By the end of the first day, the babies were frazzled, the teens were bickering, mad, sad, frightened, or just plain flipping out. By the end of the hour long show three parents had intervened ( two moms and one dad). Only one of them acted snitty, the other two basically told the teens wheat should be happening, why the child might not be quieting down - that sort of thing.

Chris and I think its a wonderful idea. Gives them a taste of the real life, and showing them that although babies are cute, cuddly and fascinating, they can also be nerve-wracking, loud, stinky and drive you to the brink...
I'm all for this show. Here central-standard time it airs at 8 pm on Wednesday evening, channel 5 or NBC.

I know having Nicole when I did at the age of 27 was difficult, I can't imagine going thru being 17 or 18 and raising a baby. Congratulations to all who have done it.

In the next week or so I have some really great stuff to talk about, so stay tuned, and have a great day!


OOps! forgot to tell you and update on Nicoles trip.
After Uncle Charley picked her up Monday they spent monday night and Tuesday night in Abilene , Tx, with his dad ( Nicoles great grandfather). They drove the rest of the way to CO yesterday, and Chris told her to call him when she first saw the mountains. She called him around 6pm lastnight and said " wow daddy, the mountains are HUUUUGE!". Also, they stopped when the got to the 'Welcome to Colorado' sign and got pictures of her there, lol.

I just got thru talking to her and she is having an absolute blast. She says she misses Chris and I , and loves us, but you can hear the fun and excitement in her voice. I told her we miss her too, but we are so happy for her. So far we haven't heard anything else from the camp regarding them NOT going ahead with her session. The camp said they would let us know via e-mail or phone if they couldn't reopen the camp for her session and so far so good.
okies, well I don't have anything else after that update.
Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

I heard about this but did not watch. I think it's a great idea awesome! All teens should have to go through it.

Lolosblog said...

My daughter (24 & mommy to beautiful 2 yo) watched it together! We laughed so hard! It looks so easy from the outside looking in and we wish that more teenagers could be put in this same situation. I can't wait until next week.

Lena said...

I can see how it would be good for the teens but there's no WAY I would put MY little kids on their hands- even if I was right in the next room! I couldn't handle that.

So glad Nicole is having fun and yes, send the jeans if you really want to, lol. She's growing up so fast. Sarah is still as short and tiny as ever and wearing 7/8.

Michelle said...

I put that on my TIVO yesterday, but missed the first episode. It does sound entirely entertaining. I hadn't thought about where the babies would come from... I couldn't imagine turning my infant over to teenagers like that! I'd think twice (or three times) even with them being 2 and 4.

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