Saturday, June 28, 2008

Ehhh, What's Up Doc?

So, good morning to all out there in blogland:)) Hope everyone is doing well.
A few things to say...
First, I would like to apologize to Michelle at Semblance of Sanity. She was doing a 48 hr open order window for YOU to put in a custom order for her one of a kind Namesakes and she asked everyone that could to post it on their blogs. I had alot of other things floating around in my head and totally forgot to post it!! If you haven't checked out her blog, please do so and look at the beautiful creations that flow from her fingertips. Half the price of every namesake is donated to her pediatric cancer fundraising efforts .

Mainly what I had floating in my head was Nicole in CO. We have heard from her and she is having a wonderful time. The house is very quiet though without her but I have gotten used to it. She has been with her great aunt and uncle all this week and then they are taking her to camp tomorrow and will pick her up on the 4Th of July. The last day the camp is having a big barbecue and all the different cabins full of happy campers will be putting on a skit for the families. I soooo wish I could be there, but we have threatened Uncle Charley with physical harm if he doesn't video tape it!! We can just keep our fingers crossed that he remembers that, lol.
They took her shopping yesterday at some huge outdoor mall and when she called us last night she was so excited to tell us what she had bought. Chris said what she bought sounded great but that she could get that stuff here in Texas and she should buy something that she couldn't get here in Texas. Wanna know what she bought? A bag of marbles and a bag of rocks , and the bags had Colorado printed on them, hehe. Now in all fairness she loves looking at and searching for Geodes so I'm sure all the rocks are really shiny and stuff but still.
They were also going to take her panning for gold, and she is really looking forward to that.

I also had my yearly check-up with my neurologist Thursday and a repeat nerve conduction test yesterday. That had also been weighing on my mind. The doctor confirmed that my nerves and muscles in my legs have gotten a bit weaker, and that's why my thighs, hips, and back hurt when I walk very long distances or when I try to do some sort of strenuous activity, because my feet and ankles are getting weaker so my midbody has to compensate for that loss. She recommended doing water aerobics or a stationary bike. I am currently checking into those two activities.

My MIL is out and about traveling and will be here tomorrow for a day. My mom is also coming here tomorrow. However when she leaves I will be leaving with her for a few days to spend them visiting with her and having a bit of my own get away time. She says we will be going out to lunch and swimming and stuff so I'm looking forward to that. That way Chris can spend most of the day with his mom alone and enjoying her company.

While I'm at my moms I will be searching through some of her old photo albums to come up with some pictures of my soul sister Kristen and I so that she may be the subject of an upcoming post. She told me she got tickled to see her name mentioned on my blog the day I posted the game of Scattergories so I thought I'd tickle her some more and have her be a whole post!
Haven't heard a comment back regarding that one, lol.

Well, I am cleaning up around the house is anticipation of our company. I don't have much more to do , just a few loads of laundry and the bathrooms and vacuuming the den. If I get away from the puter here I just might be able to get all that done within the next hour or so and then have the rest of the day to crochet , read, play EQII, and just enjoy the day with Chris.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend! If you want to, go check out Hallie's blog. Her beloved son Airman Schmoopy came home for his birthday this weekend, and she is ecstatic!


Okies, after I finished posting the above blog, about an hour later and I'm STILL not done with housework. I have been visiting my other blog friends and catching up on whats been happening with them. About every couple of days or so I go to visit Maria. She is a SAHM to three boys, shes lives in San Antonio, Tx, and her husband just came back from his first tour in Iraq.
I just got thru reading her latest post and it brought a small tear to my eye. You see she has three adorable, amazing , wonderful little boys. However Matthew, her middle kiddo is known as Miracle Matthew. When he was born , she was given a poem that helps people who don't have a child with a disability understand those who do. It is beautiful and I encourage you to
click here and read it. It is absoultely beautiful , heartfelt and well I just don't know what else.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy day...Doctor's say Swimming & Water are the best excerise you can's excerise without stress on your body...which is one of the reason we put in a pool! BTW lovin the music on your site!!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are going to have a wonderful day! Now go get your chores done and enjoy the rest!

Maria said...

hola there!!! wow, you have a lot going on!! i hope that you find the excerise HELPING!! :)

thanks for the SHOUT OUT for my blog!! yep, that is such an AWESOME poem and it was PERFECT for the way i feel sometimes or EXACTLY felt when he was born!! my little MIRACLE!! ;0

ANYWAY, i am glad you enjoyed the poem!! GOD BLESS and TAKE CARE!!

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Howdy Ho!!

Just getting around to reading some blogs and wanted to say hi!

Thanks for the link. We are having so much fun with CJ but can't believe the weekend is almost over. I don't think I should have to work while he's home!!

Hallie :)

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