Monday, June 23, 2008

I'm A Total Loon...


I'll tell you why I have come to this conclusion.

You knnw when you dream at night, and sometimes the dream seems so real that you wake up but feel you are still in the dream?

This happened to me early this morning, around 4 am.

Because Nicole was leaving today for her two week trip to Colorado, she wanted to sleep with me lastnight, which is usually not a big deal. However, the last time she slept with me she threw up all over my bed. I joked with her before going to sleep to not snore, kick me, or throw up in my bed. We laughed and went to sleep.

Heres what I dreamed:
That she woke me up saying she didn't feel good. She ran to the bathroom saying she got so hot that she was making herself sick. Then she threw up. I took her into the living room where my mom was sleeping on the sofa hide-away bed and I woke my mom up and told her she could sleep with Nicole the rest of the night.
That was settled, so when I went to go back into my bedroom, but couldn't find it. I was lost in my old bosses house. The office manager from like 9 yrs ago, lol.
then Nicole coughed. In real life. I sat straight up in bed, wide awake, and flipped the light on to make sure she wasn't really getting sick.
It was about 4:15am, lol. I was wide awake for the rest of the morning.

Have I not completly flipped my lid? lol the dream seemed so real. Chris just laughed at me. I mean I know I don't do vomit, lol ( when she gets sick I'll help her, but Chris usually has to clean it up, so I don't add to the mess), but does that not sound like a bit of paranoia? lol

Anyway, she is now on the road with Chris' uncle Charley, and her Aunt Tammy. They will be staying overnight in Abilene with Charley's dad ( nicoles great grandfather).
Then its on to Colorado. Uncle Charley brought binoculars, bird books and foliage books and all sorts of fun stuff to let Nicole experience nature. She is excited , although a bit nervous about the plane ride home. I told her not to be nervous about that because that wasn't for about two weeks.

She will be fine. Me on the other hand I have doubts about, lol.
I have absoutely no problem sending her off with relatives, its the fact of how far away she is:)) She will be fine though. This is a first time expereice she won't forget for a very long time. She has a camera with her so I will post pictures she brings home to show you how fabulous a time she had.

Some news we got last Thursday was a bit disturbing though. Uncle Charley called the other night and told us that he had gotten a copy of his daily newspaper. In it was an article that the camp that Nicole is supposed to be going to was closed down for the rest of last week and all of this week due to alot of campers and part of the staff coming down with that Noro virus - basically a bad case of the stomach flu.
They are doing a deep cleaning of the entire camp grounds and dorms/bathrooms and such and are scheduled to reopen for the last session, which is when Nicole is due there. Pray that they get it all:)) They said that it happens when you congregate a bunch of kids from all over together. I figured its just like when school starts up in the fall. Within a few weeks kids are gettting sent home with the stomach flu.
It just happens. I will just try not to think about it:))

I'm currently trying some new crochet projects. I'm trying a small purse atm, but have learned to do cell phone cases and cases for you glasses. I'm staying busy and will post more later.
Hope ya'll have a great day!


Lolosblog said...

It is always so hard to send you "baby" so far away! I still remember when we took Katie to church camp for 4 days. I thought I was going to die! But we both made it through and a few short years later, she was on her way to Colorado hiking. No phones, no way to contact her! Again, we made it through! You will do fine, but I will be praying for you both!

Rick said...

I guess we're both a little crazy today.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Can't wait to see pics of what you're working on!!

Hallie :)

Michelle said...

Ohhh, I totally have those dreams. Except in my dreams, I don't realize that they were dreams until days later sometimes!

Karen Deborah said...

dreams can mess you up! Ugh on the flu, the stomach bug hit our vacation and a couple of the kids tossed their toenails. I felt sorry for them.
I'm so impressed that you can follow a crochet pattern, I can't do it. My girls are leaving for a mission trip tomorrow.

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