Friday, June 6, 2008

Quick Hello

Good Morning to all. I've got a busy day ahead of me , having to finish packing for the weekend. Not just apacking clothes either. I'm currently working on a new crochet project pattern that I've never done before, so I'm pakcing that, hoping my new Glamour magazine comes in the mail, ( I know my Better Homes and Gardens won't come till next week), and making sure Nicole packs colorng books, crayons, cards and the assorted Hannah Montana CDs to entertain her and Carson. I'm sure Carson will have her own bag of stuff too.

Thankfully when we decided to go out of town, we have some friends who we trust to watch our other babies, aka the schmutzes and the bird:)) Cooper and Cher adore my friends Jackie and Nannett, and they both know Judy, but shes not that social, I know she will hiss and sqwack at them when they change her food dish.

Not much else going on here. There are a few contests running thru the blogosphere atm, I think one ends tonight ( WWoW), and the other ends Saturday ( Coffee Bean). Pleae go by and enter if you have not.
Also, Im still crocheting hats to raise money for pediatric cancer awareness. Check out the site here. If you have any questions about a crochet project , or want to know if I can make something for you, please email me at Half the proceeds from ANY crocheted project I sell will go toward pediatric cancer awareness!

Have a great day ya'll:))

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Have a lovely time!

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