Saturday, October 20, 2007

Its Been a Busy Busy Week

Howdy to all:)) Gosh I would love to blog a few days a week, but this week was not conducive to that. I worked my normal hours then did tons or running around on my two days off. I'm helping the other ladies of our church get ready for our Fall bazaar that is this coming Saturday , the 27th.
I took a ton of crafting supplies from the church storeroom last Saturday and have been making Christmas wreathes to sell at our bazaar, plus selling raffle tickets to whoever I can, lol.
Also tomorrow is Minister Appreciation at our church, so I've had to write a small something to say about my minister and boss , the Rev. Melissa Bitting. Nicole and I also baked brownies today for the reception tomorrow after service. Next week shouldn't be as crazy, but then again, if it has to do with the upcoming fall season and holidays i"m all for it.
What I'm not up for is the coming weather. Mind you I don't like it when its 100 degrees in the shade, and I like cooler temps, but when its 90 one day and then drops 30 degrees for the high the next day, and is 60 degrees, thats a bit drastic, add to that rain, and northerly winds and its yucky, hehe.
Reminds me of when Nicole was born, which btw , her birthday is November 5. Inside the hospital room I was happy, tired and wxcited all at once, while outside the wind howled, rain poured and everyone walked in to visit the new bundle of joy dressed in heavy jackets and such, but I would have none of that , I was hot ( blame the hormones), I didn't understand just how cold it was out until the day we had to take her home from the hospital and it hadn't changed much . I was scared that she would get sick just going form the car into our house but she didn't (Thank GOD).
Since I honored my parent anniversary with their picture and such I will do the same on Nicoles birthday.

More later, gotta run her to her first keyboard lesson:))

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