Thursday, October 11, 2007


Sorry to not have kept up this past week, it has been very hectic.
We are currently trying to work out driving schedules between my work, Chris' new job and nicoles school so I'm learning how to juggle:)) ( we only have one vehicle atm). Sorry to not have gotten my mom and dads wedding picture up yet. With Chris' new schedule he hasn't had time to scan it, but he promised me he would gt it done today. This is my day off and so far I've gone over to a friends house to help her pack to move, and painted 5 boxes for our church. Our pastor is also chaplain at Baylor Hospital and we make bereavement boxes for the Labor and Delivery Wing in the unfortunate instances that a baby does not make it. They are medium heart shaped boxes painted in pastel baby colors and trimmed in lace and have little baby like trinkets glued to them..
The grieving parents seem to take some comfort in these that someone cares enough to have put the time and thought into personally making them.
I'm also selling raffle tickets for our upcoing CWF bazaar on october 27. We have 3 quilts up for raffle and one hand made clock. There will also be a stew luncheon with pie and a drink, (usually the pies are homemade and yummy), and we also have a trunk or treat for the kids on Halloween night.

Alos, amidst all that I am trying to figure out what to do for Nicole. Her birthday is November 5, and she hasnt' really giving me any idea of what she wants done. So I may just take her and a few friends to a movie and pizza. That , along with having family over should be ok..
Well lunch is ready and when Chris gets my parnest picture up I will work on that post ..
Till Then.

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