Monday, October 29, 2007

Good Evening All

Well, we just got thru watching Dancing with the stars again, and our favs are still in the running, so we will see..
Our Church bazaar went great saturday. There was great food and alot of visiting from friends, it was a long day but all worth it.
We have finally planned a small bday party for Nicole, and it will be this coming Sunday, the day before her birthday. We are cleaning the house like made until saturday evening, preparing for 6 tweens to overrun my den for movies and pizza :)) But Chris and my mom will be here to help , as well as another mother of one of Nicoles friends.

Lastnight my friend Christi and I took the girls to a fall carnival they have every year at the Baptist Church. It was fun, till someone thought Nicole was a boy TWICE, granted her paige boy is growing out a bit, but nothing so drastic as to make her look like a boy. Once the lady apologized profusely and told me Nicole as so sweet,, I was like heh no dice lady, u already messed up , but we just finished the carnival game and walked away.
Oh well, I am about to go finish the book I am currently reading ( James Patterson's The Quickie), it is very good with alot of twists and turns. After that I have Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil which I've heard about but never read, so I am looking forward to that.

More later, I do have a small rant to put up tomorrow so keep an eye out:))


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Lena said...

What? She doesn't look at all like a boy! She has a beautiful sweet- girlish face! Strange people.

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