Friday, November 2, 2007

Quick note

Good Morning all:) I'm so sorry I didn't do my little rant I had mentioned in last post and now I forget what it was going to be about anyway, lol. I do get annoyed with stories I hear on the news but I don't want to make my blog political, but every now and then I may have my say.
As everyone that reads my blog knows , I am a big fan of Dancing With the Stars, and Tuesday night the worst happened--one of our favorites got booted off ( the Cheetah Girl, Sabrina Bryan), everyone thought she was a shoe in to win the finals, but alas, with her busy schedule the judges didn't think she did good enough. But Jane Seymour and Jenny Garth are still in the running. It was funny the other day, Chris was channel surfing and actually came across reruns of Beverly Hills 90210, and we got to see a younger version of Jenny Garth and Ian Zeiring (from last season), and they look the same amazingly enough, except you can tell they've grown up.

I read Lena's contest entry for the essay, and I love it, very moving and you can actually picture it like an old family movie. If you have no clue what I'm talking about , please see her blog at, I think it was called The Perfect Day.

Well I have to go finish getting everything ready to get the kiddo off to school and me off to work, so take care everyone:))


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Lena said...

Aw- thanks for the shout-out Marcy. I would love that perfect day today! Thanks for letting my know about Barry too. I didn't get to watch it but I do like to know when he is on. He's coming to town early next year and I hope I can get away. It looks like Joseph freaks out without his parents though so we'll have to fix that...

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