Sunday, November 4, 2007

A (Pet) Blessing Day

Whew! Yesterday was absolutely nuts , but I also had a lot of fun. First I woke up bright and early after sleeping in an hour later than usual and started baking chocolate chip cookies from scratch ( i haven't done that in a looong time), got those all done by 9 am, then after eating a small breakfast ( I guess the cookie dough didn't really count), I started cleaning the house like a mad woman in order to get it ready for Nicole's birthday party, which is today, starting at 11am, for pizza, movies and popcorn, cake and presents. My mom is coming over today and about 5 of Nicole's friends.

Chris was such a sweetie yesterday, in order for me to do all that he got dressed and went to the store for me yesterday which I was soo thankful for and got all the stuff for the party, except we both forgot birthday candles so mymom is brining those. After all that he even took Nicole to her keyboard lessons, which gave me some free time in which I did my 10 minute power walk off my Weight watchers video, took a shower , then proceeded to bake Nicole's birthday cake from scratch too, which was a lot of fun. I didn't make the icing though since she wanted funfetti vanilla icing , but I did make the chocolate cake and it turned out pretty good looking, now we just have to see how it tastes.

After all that was said and done, we loaded up hte bird and both dogs as well as the three of us and went up to our Church for our first annual Blessing of the Pets. We had a wonderful turnout , had tons of dogs, about 3 cats and mine was the only bird, but she made enough noise to make sure she wasn't forgotten. We had a table full of treats for the humans ( thats what the chocolate chip cookies i made were for), as well as treats for the animals. Our Pastor is very involved with Pet Rescue, particularly Pomeranians, so she got her vets office to donate a bunch of little gift bags for the animals , so it went very well. We even had pooper scoopers up there just in case, and wouldn't you know it my dog Cooper was the only one we needed to clean up after, lol.. We held the service in the courtyard of our church and Cooper defiled the sidewalk leading up to the courtyard. She was just a little too excited, but we were ready for it none the less:))

Well, I have to sign off now, and since tomorrow is Nicole's actual birthday ( at 10:14am) I will put up different pictures of her on the blog , and alos the pictures from Wednesday night Halloween. I just got them back from my friend Jackie.. They are from the Trunk or Treat we did at our Church.


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