Monday, November 5, 2007

Nicole's 9th birthday today

Wow, today my baby urns 9!! I can't believe it. Seems like it was just yesterday that we were brinign her home from the hospital. She is so smart, funny and bright. She is a friend to everyone she meets, and currently wants to be veterinarian or a doctor, which is fine by us, then she can support us when we are old and feeble:)) (just kidding).

Yesterday was her birthday party and we had a blast. She got everything she wanted including new pajamas, a new doll, and a Hanna Montana microphone. She and her friends watched videos, ate pizza and my homemade chocolate cake which everyone seemed to enjoy.

As for the above pictures, the first where she is sitting down was from pre-k, then the next was her first day of kindergarten, then the next two were first grade, in the one her and her freind were dressed as clowns at school. I will get some more pictures of her up here today or tomorrow, but I also have some that I forgot about. I have pictures of my friend Lena and her daughter Sarah. Thats when we all originally met, when Nicole and Sarah were in pre-k together. Betcha Lena has forgotten some of them, but I will show them for fun, but none of the embarrassing ones where we were dancing with the kids (especially not when we were leading the Chicken dance, lol).

more later


Lena said...

Ack! Actually I'd love to see those pictures! I don't think I ever did. You'll have to email me if they are that bad!

Lena said...

Oh- and Happy Birthday Nicole!! Sarah says happy birthday too!

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